Zungu Notes

Posted by sepoy on September 17, 2008 · 1 min read

CM friend zunguzungu has three must-reads up, on Bush Doctrine, McCain, Obama, and all things considered.

Bush Doctrine is about lynching,
Lynching, Shock & Awe and other violent spectacles,
Death and American Spectacles, Take three


nightingale | September 17, 2008

And it makes me imbue this upcoming election with a symbolism that raises the stakes so far above and beyond their already frighteningly high level that it makes me wonder if the gods are just fucking with us. Seriously, are we living in a didactic morality play? Are we really presented with the choice between a person whose identity is defined by his time as a bomber in an American war of imperial aggression and a guy with a “Muslim” name who wears centuries of America's violent racial oppression on his skin? Are you fucking serious? Love it.