Posted by sepoy on July 10, 2006 · 1 min read

France was my pick for a while - for all the non-soccer reasons like diversity and for soccer reasons like Zidane. Pdcs penned a wonderful ballad to Zizou, even, to hype the finals.

And then. Watch the beginning closely and Materazzi's hand in particular.

Well, I am staying with Zidane. And, if there is any truth to this than I will be playing this for a while [via jkottke].

ps. Did you see the Soxfest? 19 freakin' innings worth of baseball goodness? I even had a chant going [go, go, whitesox] in my living room.


Jeff Mather | July 10, 2006

The 14th inning stretch was brilliant. I thought (in the 12th) that I'd try to wait 'til it was over to make dinner. But the Wife and I got hungry, so we paused the game for a bit and came back for what hopefully be a quick Ortiz or Manny homer. But no. And then TiVo buffer caught up with real time, and we had to sit through the commercials, and it just kept going and going. We had a chant, too. "Go Cubs!" But anyway . . . We almost invited you to a Cubs game in mid-June, but the tickets I thought I had bought for that game of our Midwest baseball tour turned out to be for April. By the time I figured out my mistake, it was impossible to get even two seats together. The Cell was nice enough for a bastion of evil. I had actually expected more rowdies given the neighborhood and lifelong Cubbies prejudices. But no, just the same suburban families as every other park I've visited. Well, except, Anaheim; there's a true slice of the community.

tsk | July 11, 2006

a) it may have been a race-fueled momma crack. b) speaking of chants...

NDR | July 11, 2006

Soccer/Football has not been known for its tolerance at all levels: France was probably one of the most diverse teams in the competition.