Posted by sepoy on February 16, 2006 · 1 min read

I am off to Berkeley for the next few days and the weekend. I am on a panel with some soon-to-be-illustrious names of South Asia studies. My intention is to keep the conversation to the plebian level. I also intend on finishing the paper. Ahem.

Also next week, our own conference at Chicago, begins. And I am lax there as well.

So, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. And someone had the temerity to say, ⁄Øÿ±ÿ™€í ەيں شاە ÿ“Ÿàÿßÿ± ەي، ميدانِ جنگ ŸÖŸä⁄∫

yeah, right. I surrender now. In other words, gentle readers, amuse yourselves. If anything noteworthy happens at the conference, I will tell.


not-so-gentle reader | February 16, 2006

whatever happened to the i [heart] pk shirts? any plans on putting them back up?

Quizman | February 16, 2006

:-) Seopy wrote: ⁄Øÿ±ÿ™€í ەيں شاە ÿ“Ÿàÿßÿ± ەي، ميدانِ جنگ ŸÖŸä⁄∫ Well, the alternative is to "gutnoan pe bal chalna." Not a good idea in the Bay Area. :-)

prachi | February 19, 2006

I've heard that while the conference itself could do with some improvement, the after-panel celebrating is incomparable. Is that true?

sepoy | February 19, 2006

the memory is a bit hazy...which for panelits speaking of memory and history, is just plain sad.

prachi | February 20, 2006

ah, but it is in this liminal space that representations (and our bread and butter, dare i say) are generated..