Posted by sepoy on August 15, 2005 · 1 min read

Happy Independence Day, homistans. I wanted to write a long post about how much I abhor The General and how I wish there would be a uprising against these cookie-cutter dictators that shadow my nation's every step....but, I am tired and, really, what is the point? Let's just remind these midnight children of their trysts with destiny.

We went to The Rising. Short review...kick ass. Some nitpicks but I ain't complaining too much. Long review, sometimes tomorrowish.


Umar | August 15, 2005

But did you recite Faiz's Subh-e-Azadi at the crack of dawn? Waiting eagerly for the review...

sammie | August 21, 2005

My question to the group is why Nehru and Sardar Patel rejected Cripps commissions recommendation. Autonomy for the provices and central control over defence, treasury and Foriegn policy. Both Hindus and and Muslims would have been better off. A powerful country that would have stretch from Persian Gulf to Central Asia, Far east (China) and Burma and Thailand. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks. Sammie