Zabardast Ashk

Posted by lapata on January 14, 2013 · 1 min read

Hats and Doctors

About seventeen years ago, I started a project translating a collection of the Hindi author Upendranath Ashk's short stories. The project has had a checkered career but is finally coming to fruition in March 2013 from Penguin India. The collection will be called Hats and Doctors, and two excerpts are now available online, one from Caravan, and one from Pratilipi. (the image is a brilliant illustration for the short story "Hats and Doctors," published in Caravan


Surjit Kohli | January 16, 2013

I am extremely happy that finally Ashk would be read in English through your long commitment and hard work. Depending upon the success of the collection of his short stories, it would be quite appropriate to bring out an English translation of his best known novel “Garam Raakh”. It has all the ingredient of a story well told in the background of pre-independent Lahore — the centre of literary activities of northern India and of the people who ran and manipulated the cultural activities and their idiosyncrasies.

RAKESH K. MISHRA | January 24, 2013

you have done a very beautiful job. i was always a hindi literature student and from my school days i love to read ashk writings....i have recently read his story CHARA KATNE KI MASHIN....a lovely writer who talks in a simple language and give deep sense of indian life....and you have done a balance translation......bravo....