Yaum ul Furqaan

Posted by sepoy on May 28, 2004 · 3 mins read

I have been following this story for the past few days. Gen. Musharraf told GeoTV in an interview yesterday that "junior PAF and Army officers" were behind the assassination attempts in December. He further intimidated that the mastermind of the plot was a Pakistani al-Qaeda member who was still at-large.
There is little doubt that Musharraf's policies have earned him a lot of enmity. The December attacks are the only ones revealed to the public. There is evidence that many more attempts have been made on his life. Who is behind these attempts? During the Afghanistan War a coalition of 5 hate-parties banded together to form Brigade 313 to fight Musharraf. The organizations are Jaish-i Mohammad, Lashkar-i Taiyba, Harkat-ul Mujahideen al-Almi, Lashkar-i Jhangavi and Harkat-i Jihad-i Islami [they chose 313 because it is the number of Muslim army arrayed against the 1000-strong Quraishis in the Battle of Badr (c. 624)]. While the individual organizations have been declared terrorist organizations and their offices etc. seized, it is unclear what, if any, action has been taken against Brigade 313. The leaders of the organizations, esp. Lashkar-i Taiyba and Harkat-i Jihad, have publicly called for Musharraf's assassination and YET they are free to roam the streets.
Brigade 313 is bad news. Very bad news. Acting as a supra-organization [something that al-Qaeda has morphed into post-Afghanistan War], it is able to exist sans "offices" and "fronts". Musharraf has cracked on opposition to his military rule [see Javaid Hashmi], but he is yet to strike hard against the jihadist organizations.
Looks pretty clear that it is Brigade 313 behind these "young officers". Musharraf needs to take Brigade 313 out. Or he will fall. Because, you simply cannot protect against the type of suicidal attacks that are in vogue in these organization. And for all my dislike of dictators, Pakistan needs Musharraf around. So, Mr. President, act like a dictator and take them out ruthlessly. Jail the leaders, expedite them to US or UK for trials. Board up the mosques and madrasas that are associated with these organizations. Put your state owned PTV and media empire to denounce the hatred of these organizations. Find some clear headed, moderate 'ulama and push them in the limelight. Declare a Jihad against jihadi Islam.
Yaum ul Furqaan means Day of Criterion (between right and wrong) which is the name given in the Qur'an to the Day of Battle of Badr. A day of judgement Pakistan faces now.
update: Dawn reports that it is 30 year old Pakistani Amjad Farooqi, connected as well to the Daniel Pearl murder, behind these assassination attemps.


s¯nee | May 28, 2004

I dont think Musarraf can get rid of this 'Brigade 313', WHY? because all of them (mostly) are based on the issue of (ongoing) JIHAD in Kashmir & Afghanistan. So Mullah's & their associated Madrasas claim/publicize that they are doing something 'all-muslims-should-do' i.e. Jihad and potray them as religion 'saving' warriors. Moreover the very term 'JIHAD' is a senstive word/issue for the people of Pakistan, and all these organizations have full fledge 'people' support and sympathies. This is how they generate money, in the name of 'JIHAD'... Like discussed earlier in the CM post on 'madrasas', the problem lies with the uneducated MULLAH! we need to educate them, perhaps like IRAN & KSA, Mussarraf need to devise a minimum qualification for them, if they want to lead the mosques or madrasas.

sepoy | May 28, 2004

The contention that these organization and their leaders (mullahs or otherwise) claim "full-fledged support" is dubious and misinformed. I am willing to bet that they have very little support outside of the rural and urban slums and the disenfranchised community of young, unemployed men. The Islamic Right has never been able to seduce the Pakistani "people" and with the benefits of being a favored nation rolling in, I seriously doubt they can start now. About the Jihad/Kashmir: that dead horse does not need any more beating.

Shakir | June 03, 2004

It is very important to do Jihad against these Jihadi Brigade 313, but Musarraf cant handle them Alone. He needs support, the public support. The Damn US is responsible for all this mess anyways, they strengthened and made all these organizations , in early 1980's during afghan-russian war to beat russia. later these org. were difficult to handle , so US turned their faces towards Kashmir. They had money , power, and lot of guns, but little education and now everything is a 'JIHAD' for them..they have literally destroyed the peaceful face of Islam. I think we need a bloody revolution like Khameni--

Hassanali | February 01, 2006

Gen Musharraf, puppet to western countries and just for lust of the wealth of this world and believing in the fake superpowers authorities in the world and on top recognizing Israel has made the true muslims all over the world sick and all are asking His Almighty Allah (SWT) to give us protection from these evil Head of Islamic States including Gulf. Elah-e-Ameen

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