Posted by sepoy on June 08, 2004 · 1 min read

I am stuck today in database training hell. I always wonder about the differences between humanities teaching, sciences teaching and then application/technical teaching. The goals are so very different. The instructor has to simply walk through a manual while anticipating dumb question. A CDROM should be able to do this. Our instructor is nice enough, but how can she remain sane doing the same 200 page manual every day of her life? And sven asking questions all the time? I don't know what I am doing here.
Anyways, behold the object of my new lust: AirPort Express.
I have at home an Airport Extreme set up but the signal is kinda weak in the living room [probably, 'cause of my 2.4Ghz phone] and I also have a iPod that I cannot enjoy on my surround-sound. Well, from my mouth to Jobs' ears - he done gone made the sexiest thing - a device that will act as both a bridge for my Airport and stream my iPod to my iStereo for my iHome to be iPerfect. iSigh.