World Exclusive: Lost Verses of Iqbal

Posted by sepoy on April 23, 2010 · 1 min read

C.M Naim sends along a world exclusive to the CM audience about a copy ad written by none other than the Muhammad Iqbal. This is big, folks. If Walt Whitman had endorsed a New England Clam Chowder company, it wouldn't be as big:

While looking around in a forgotten public library at Shimla I came upon a file of an equally forgotten Urdu magazine called Nairang-i-Khayal for the year 1929. That is nine years before Iqbal passed away. One of the issues had an advertisement for green tea. I reproduce it below:

کيا فرماتے ەيں ملک الشعرا

جناب علامە ڈاکٹر سر محمد اقبال صاحب اسکي تعريف ميں

چاے سبز است کيمياے شباب پير صد سالە را جواں سازد

مشتهر: حاجي محمد دين فيروز دين ، چاينە ەاوس ، ڈبي بازار ، لاهور


See how it is praised by the Poet Laureate

Janab Allama Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal:

"Green tea is the Elixir of Youth + It makes a hundred year old man young again."

Advertiser: Haji Muhammad Din Feroz Din, China House, Dabi Bazaar, Lahore.

A rejuvenation of Mashriqi Mard into Mard-e Kamil via Sabz Chai. Brilliant. My thanks to Naim Sahib. (Dabi Bazaar is in Old Lahore, Rang Mahal. )


bilalt | April 23, 2010


Metameat | April 23, 2010

Sepoy, are there any good Englishings of Iqbal out there?

Quizman | April 23, 2010

Good lord. The original Tea Party endorsement.

sepoy | April 23, 2010

Metameat: Try these two:

Nikolai | April 23, 2010

BEST POEM EVER from now on, advertisements should only be written by poet laureates