Who is Zaid Hamid?

Posted by sepoy on November 25, 2009 · 1 min read

So, I turn to you, my collective hive brain. Who is this "Dr." "Prof." Zaid Hamid? He has, from most accounts, secured a niche similar to Glenn Beck in Pakistani media - combining ultra-nationalism with a taste for finding Zionist or Hindu involvement in the Pakistani sphere. Here he explains, for example, what truths lie behind "conspiracy theories":

"We are against the Zionist politics of the Brahmanical elite". Alrighty then. Some other hair-raising stuff here with Ali Azmat.

He is also, through his privately produced program Brass Tacks, engaged in producing historical narratives - from Khalid b. Walid to 1857 - the "War of Independence". ("More Indians were killed by the British between 1757 and 1857 than at any time in the previous 5000 years"). Naturally, this makes me very, very interested in him, professionally speaking.

The cursory searches on the internets reveal all kind of contestations - he is an agent of ISPR, he is a true Muslim, he is a former acolyte of a claimant to the Prophethood, he is a true Muslim, etc. What I am really interested in, is figuring out his audiences, his appeals to them, and his theories of media (and mediation). His wiki page is no more than a stub. Can we fill this profile up? Can we place him on a scale of Glenn Beck to Yusuf al-Qaradawi?


Conrad Barwa | November 25, 2009

"Zionist politics of the Brahmminical elite"!! LOL, that was classic, damn those Hinjews!

Nostalgic | November 25, 2009

His fans would be well advised to do what the man says: read, research. If they do, they will find that the whole third tower theory has been debunked. His fan following appears to have been lulled into complacency, confident that listening to what he says makes up for any research they could have done. He does mix some facts into his fiction, which helps with the complacency. One thing several people have told me is that they are attracted to him because of his "personality". This usually translates to the green eyes, light skin, red cap covering up the receding hair that nevertheless hangs fashionably long at the back, and command of English. This should not be underestimated. We Pakistanis are suckers for these things.

Qalandar | November 25, 2009

I might also add that he appears to piggyback off of some of Niall Ferguson's writings on financial history -- adding a "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"-type cocktail, of course.

Nostalgic | November 25, 2009

It must be said, however, that he is tapping into a deep wellspring of despair and disillusionment... I arrived in the US three years ago, and haven't had to encounter the 12-hour load shedding and the inflation and governmental ineptitude and bombings, and can sort of see why the youth are flocking to his banner in droves... in their desperation for an alternative, a lot of people have taken his bait... The Ali Azmat video should serve as a wakeup call... people like him and Imran Khan and Ahmed Qureshi will only win more converts like Azmat if the government continues to shoot itself in the foot... Hamid and Qureshi and Khan kept going on about the lavish lifestyles of the ruling elite, the load shedding, the shady defense deals, the corruption, the creaking judicial system, and it is hard to disagree that all this needs to change, and fast... what is needed is a charismatic, populist alternative from the liberal/left side of the spectrum, who can highlight the ridiculousness and bigotry of some of Hamid's arguments on the one hand and speak out for reform (not revolution), something that has been ceded to the likes of Hamid and Khan... But who could serve that role? NFP has mellowed significantly, and he and the likes of Fasi Zaka speak only to a tiny audience that continues to shrink, as the NYT video showed... the level-headed writers in Dawn and Daily Times suffer from the same problem... Pervez Hoodbhoy, for all his erudition, lacks the populist charm and charisma that Hamid possesses... Aitzaz Ahsan, perhaps?

A. | November 25, 2009

What a coincidence. I am planning to give a presentation on conspiracy theories in Pakistan. The lal topi will of course be a major highlight. Here are some of the satire works on him: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zaid-Hamid/51469458372?ref=ts

Anon. | November 25, 2009

An intell. source confirmed that he is sponsored by the Invisible Soldiers Incorporated. A simple analysis of his work shows who the main beneficiaries of his talk are.

sepoy | November 25, 2009

Say more, Anon. Where is this presentation on conspiracy theories? Sounds mucho interesting since I, too, am thinking on those lines recently: twitter.com/sepoy

A. | November 25, 2009

I am currently collecting literature for it. A lot of columnists have tried to debunk his claims. I will be presenting it at my university for a course.

Salman | November 25, 2009

More ZaidHamidisms: What Balochi rights? They say that Balochi land is their mother; well they sold their mother to Oman. What gas? Punjab provides grain and agriculture products to all of the country. Should Punjab say, no, this is my resource and not the country's? Why did Balochis celebrate Independence on 15th August? (Suggesting that their 15th August celebration was a celebration of India's Independence). This insinuation came at the heels of "India is funding BLA Terrorists." There was no mention of Kalat's declaration of Independence. In fact there was no mention of Kalat at all or what was Balochistan pre-Pakistan or what is contemporary Balochistan other than part of the acronym BLA. If I recall correctly, he asserted that CIA had something to do with the lawyer's movement. Qardawi, from what I have read about him, has some religious credentials in terms of training and following. Zaid Hamid seems to be peddling some blend of Pakistani religious nationalism, with a pan-Islamic political focus vis-à-vis foreign policy. He also wishes to ignite a spirit of self confidence and spiritual quest in Pakistanis, by claiming to have found a hadith that says the army that conquers Hind will also conquer the Holy land. Someone said, well that has already happened. He replied that that army conquered the Holy land first and later turned their attention towards Hind and his interpretation is that the Hadith is about the army that will conquer Hind first and then go to the Holy land. This assertion came at the back of the story about Zaid Hamid being on Hajj/Umra and meeting a Palestinian family. The Palestinian family was very pleased that he is from Pakistan, and according to him, said that they know that it would eventually be Pakistani forces that will liberate Palestine. He also managed to keep Zia's role in Black September out of his narrative and his "concern" for Palestinians and any mention of Palestinians was through the Zaid Hamid lens of what Zionists and Free Masons were doing to Palestinians. In that narrative Palestinians don't exist in any role other than faceless and nameless victims of "evil ideology". This ignorance of Palestinian society or politics is convenient both for his audience and for him, because no one needs to do any reading or make an effort towards getting to know any aspect of Palestinian nationalism/politics/society. Also by not portraying Palestinians as a unique/distinct people or discussing what makes them a distinct nation, the Palestinian becomes yet another example of an under-assault/oppressed Muslim with that being his only attribute. In the same manner Kashmiris, Chechens, Iraqis, Afghanis etc are added to the list of Zaid hamid's indifferentiable homogenous oppressed Muslims. His discussion of Dagestan was hilarious as well. Mountain people of Dagestan are so "haseen," tall, broad, and handsome, that you would think that they are Devs(giants). His episode on Imam Shamil also had an action sequence in it where Imam Shamil jumps over some Russian soldiers after being stabbed in his abdomen with a sword. So the style of presentation is that of an old grand parent telling stories about a bygone era with mythic heros, sort of an Amir Hamza saga (a childhood fav of mine - Muqbil Wafadar the archer, Amir Hamza, Umru Ayar, Lindhoor etc.) Oh, and I think he also collaborates with Harun Yahya and might be claiming a pie in the creationist crowd as well.

Salman | November 25, 2009

"Can we place him on a scale of Glenn Beck to Yusuf al-Qaradawi?" May be a cross between David Gaubatz (who "claimed that he found Saddam's long-lost WMDs while in Iraq and has labeled Obama "Muslim" " http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/10/man_behind_intern_spy_wars_muslim_mafia_author_david_gaubatz.php ) and Glenn Beck (teary eyes etc.) with a touch of Iqbalesque immitation in terms of 'Khudi ko kar buland Itna.' Btw, does anyone know why he endorses Ron Paul? Is Ron Paul guilty by association?

sepoy | November 25, 2009

V. interesting Salman. Can you point me to the place where he uses the hadith about al-hind and jerusalem? Also, where/how is he funded? These programs are produced by him, yes? ISPR/ISI, really?

Akbar | November 25, 2009

Also, where/how is he funded? That is the question!

Salman | November 25, 2009

Darn it, I shouldn't have taken out the disclaimer from my comment, i.e. I'll have to be paid to watch his videos :) I'll try to find the video where he mentions the Hadith, but I think it was titled something to the tune of "spiritual forces" aired in 2008, and unlike his usual cute chick asking pre-drafted questions, this video had some audience as well. If I remember correctly, he talked about the need to develop a spiritual underpinning of politics/foreign policy on the lines of/like "God gave Israel to Jews" and then unveils the so-called "Ghazva-e-Hind" hadith. Don't know about who's funding him or if he has anything to do with ISI/ISPR, but if I remember correctly he claims to be a veteran "volunteer" of Afghan-Soviet war. Watch his Afghanistan video, and if I remember correctly he seemed to be claiming to have played a role in trying to open up a channel between Ahmed Shah Masood and Pakistan Army/government with the help of M.M Alam (the famed fighter pilot) suggesting contact between him and ISI. It is my understanding that he produced the brass tack programs himself. Although, I recall seeing his picture with Harun Yahya ( http://tabsir.net/?p=979 ) on his website once, and wondering who the heck is that. Is there a link between him and Yahya? It might be that he is modelling himself and his "scholarship", and thus his enterprise on Harun Yahya's.

Salman | November 25, 2009

Oh and Muhammad Bin Qasim was sent to India because Paleet hindu ne musmil women ki izzat per hath daala tha. I know that there was a rape (Dogs of God: http://books.google.com/books?id=ZYaCgnU44t4C&printsec=frontcover&dq=dogs+of+god&ei=NKINS7j4L5DczQS374T1Ag#v=onepage&q=cava&f=false) in the Tariq Bin Ziyad story, but this assertion about Qassim sounds too (L)Bollywoodish.

Salman | November 25, 2009

"seeing his picture with Harun Yahya". should read "his picture alongside Yahya's."

AHR | November 26, 2009

So the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) beneficiaries list comes out. The media is happy that those persons who enjoyed taking advantage of the NRO have light casted upon them, while the government is trying to push forward the argument of how they have respected the Supreme Court's judgment and have publicized the list. It seems to be a win-win situation for all parties. But is it really? Calls for the resignation of ministries and portfolios have echoed from all corners. How has this zero-sum game turned into a finger-pointing-name-calling battle? http://ahraza.wordpress.com/2009/11/25/so-what-its-just-the-nro/

Amber | November 26, 2009

I think I can sum up Mr. Lal-topi's view of the world in a sentence: Reality is a liberal conspiracy

Salman | November 26, 2009

Sepoy, here you go. Skip to 3:30 if you don't want to put yourself through it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuwRjQ9dnMM&feature=related

Hamara Pakistan | November 26, 2009

Zaid Hamid is not any where close to Sheikh Yusuf Al Qardawi. Z.H. is nothing in front of him based on knowledge. None of us know where he got his education from, where he was born, who were his parents, where had he lived through out his life. His life is shady and as such our Pakistani nation is, they would just ride on a Bandwagon into a hole of catastrophe. Until we know his past, I, my self, will remain super extra critical to what he says, check it from other sources dozens of times and then accept it if it has sound basing. but his popularity is alarming.

Salman | November 26, 2009

@Akbar George Saliba on his book Islamic Science and the Making of the European Renaissance http://www.rorotoko.com/index.php/article/george_saliba_book_interview_islamic_science_making_european_renaissance/

noway | November 26, 2009

@Salman, Now, now, Islamic science was just knowledge that was collected from the Hindus and Greeks. You can quibble about whether Muslims put anything new into it. If Islam was such a great force then why did the region die when new route was established by passing the middle man status. It died because there was nothing their to begin with. Anything interesting happening in middle east happen long before the jews.

Salman | November 26, 2009

May be relevant to this discussion http://www.rorotoko.com/index.php/article/ron_fritze_invented_knowledge_false_history_fake_science_pseudo-religions/

Qalandar | November 26, 2009

Re: "He replied that that army conquered the Holy land first and later turned their attention towards Hind and his interpretation is that the Hadith is about the army that will conquer Hind first and then go to the Holy land." But isn't that already true of the Brits?!

bilal | November 26, 2009

gents, if you're in the mood for some entertainment with zaid trackeriya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Rssf65F7M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smHmFfWZO5M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvAb30sxa2Y

Rudi | November 27, 2009

I ve followed Mr. Zaid Hamid on TV for sometime. I ve never been a conspiracy theorist, however most of the stuff he speaks makes sense. Those of my friends who prefer to criticize Mr. Hamid do it while sitting outside Pakistan and without having to feel what the realities are on ground in Pakistan. If u ask a person on the street who has never even heard of Hamid, he would also give you similar feelings about US, Zionists and India. Its because so much mess has been created in Pakistan for last 30 years that the thought process invariably leads of conspiracies. As for my Indian friends, i only ask one thing. just look at two very unusual events in last decade, attack on Indian parliament in 2001 and Mumbai attacks in 2008, just see who benefited from these events, surely its India, Pakistan lost a lot. Agencies or Government in Pakistan could not have been so naive to shoot themselves in the foot. So? does it lead to a conspiracy theory? surely it does. If mr. Hamid is an ultra nationalist, thats great. Ultra nationalism is exactly what we require.

Salman | November 27, 2009

Qalandar, i guess the Brits were doing God's work then :)

Conrad Barwa | November 27, 2009

As for my Indian friends, i only ask one thing. just look at two very unusual events in last decade, attack on Indian parliament in 2001 and Mumbai attacks in 2008, just see who benefited from these events, surely its India, Pakistan lost a lot. Don't think India benefited from the 2001 attacks, it actually showed the weakness of Indian strategic thinking with the problems of Operation Parakaram that followed. I don't see much of benefits that flowed from the 2008 attacks either. If you think these were some how designed by an agency to benefit India, then that is indeed a conspiracy theory.

khalid mir | November 27, 2009

Dear chapati/roti, we invited z. hamid to our university (don't ask..still trying to figure out why). He seems to appeal to the semi-literate and half-baked eduacated urban classes. But that's only my two cents. I know a few people who are doing academic work on the al-hoda/farhat hashmi phenomenon. Wonder if there's an overlap in their fan base? oh well, guess it's back to that genius zakir naik for me. best wishes, K.

Salman | November 27, 2009

"Qalandar, i guess the Brits were doing God's work then :)" shouls have added LOL to it. The link that I posted for Akbar, relates to a prioir conversation on "Paleo-Talibothra Found" here at CM. Even if India did benefit from the attacks, that points to the political savvy of Indian officials. That Inida (supposedly) benefitted in the aftermath, doesn't mean that they caused it. It will be somewhat akin to saying that catastrophes are caused to elicit aid etc. Conspiracy Theory Indeed.

Qalandar | November 27, 2009

Re: "I ve followed Mr. Zaid Hamid on TV for sometime. I ve never been a conspiracy theorist, however most of the stuff he speaks makes sense." I first came across "Brass Tacks" when someone sent me youtube links to a series he did on the world financial system etc. (one of the upshots was that the decision to leave the gold standard was a Jewish conspiracy). And that's just one aspect of it. Most of it certainly made no sense to me. I believe these were the episodes I saw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MikFYbcJMg Re: "Its because so much mess has been created in Pakistan for last 30 years that the thought process invariably leads of conspiracies. " It's the inevitability that one questions. By this yardstick only conspiracies could explain Africa's Great lakes region. The sad truth is that, as Arendt wisely observed in "The Origins of Totalitarianism", conspiracy theories are in fact re-assuring -- because they testify to a world where the old categories of good/evil, personal agency, etc. matter. One matters in a world where the dominant system is geared toward crushing one. The truly disorienting recognition is of a world where one is being crushed by a pitiless machine that just does not care.

Qalandar | November 27, 2009

Sorry, meant to include this Part 2 as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erQ48Pr7ax0

Qalandar | November 27, 2009

Re: "...just see who benefited from these events, surely its India, Pakistan lost a lot." A number of people told me in March that India stood to benefit from the attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, and hence that it must have been behind the attack. I remember saying at the time that India would only be hurt by the attack -- confirmed by the IPL's relocation to South Africa (that it would coincide with the Indian elections was always known; it was only after the Lahore attacks that that became an issue; and after the New Zealand board made noises to the effect that it might not clear its players to play in India that season), and subsequent (lower-profile) cancellations such as the Australian Davis Cup team's tie in Chennai, or the English team pulling out of the world badminton championships in Hyderabad. While I don't set all that much store by rationality (as Conrad noted on another thread, the rationality of a particular actor/group of actors might be different from our rationality; i.e. something is or is not rational depending on one's aims, worldview, agenda, etc.), the notion of "who benefited" is itself hardly self-evident (I personally think the Mumbai attacks damaged India, clearly demonstrating the ineptitude and creakiness of the state (which shouldn't have come as a surprise, but hey) to the very social groups/classes who had most invested in the self-image of a "rising India"; and to the world at large. The Congress government certainly was skillful in the AFTERMATH (far more so than the NDA was in 2001), not least (on the domestic front) in "de-communalizing" the aftermath, and admittedly (on the international front) aided by mind-boggling clumsiness by the Pakistani establishment, bordering on amateurishness -- but all the skillfulness in the world after the fact could not make up for the spectacle -- televised worldwide for three days -- of complete and utter Indian impotence in the face of a handful of armed gunmen. I find the notion that these attacks benefited India to be ridiculous -- IMO, what people really mean when they say this is that because the Mumbai attacks harmed Pakistan's international standing and its civilian leadership (they certainly did), they MUST HAVE benefited India.

Yawn | November 27, 2009

We all wanna feel special - Zaid Hamid Feels special too naaa! I think I will diagnose him as histrionic with delusional tendencies. He also has some unresolved trauma issues. But what the hell do I know. I am just a social worker. :D

Akbar | November 28, 2009

George Saliba on his book Islamic Science and the Making of the European Renaissance Salman Thanks for the link

Nikolai | November 29, 2009

LOL “We are against the Zionist politics of the Brahmanical elite”. that's the most ridiculous comment i've ever heard. well, maybe other than this: "Al Gore's not going to be rounding up Jews and exterminating them. It is the same tactic, however. The goal is different. The goal is globalization...And you must silence all dissenting voices. That's what Hitler did. That's what Al Gore, the U.N., and everybody on the global warming bandwagon [are doing]." - Glenn Beck Yes, Glenn Beck. That's the perfect analogy.

Nikolai | November 29, 2009

This also reminds me of the time an imam told my friend that Coca-Cola is owned by a Jewish company and, if you look inside a Coca-Cola bottle and read the writing backwards, it says "Allah is not God and the Prophet Muhammad is not God's messenger." Needless to say we found this ridiculous.

Salman | November 29, 2009

"If you hold up a Coke can to the mirror, the writing says 'No Allah'," Mr Ream said. "Or maybe 'No Mohammad'. I can't remember which." http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2005/jul/05/iraq.rorycarroll

NicePaki | November 30, 2009

Alaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ALaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh BISMILAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Salman | December 01, 2009

I guess Zaid Hamid is not the only one peddling scary kooky stuff. "Others told of being draped in Israeli flags during interrogation, a claim corroborated by the FBI, while one interrogator explicitly told al-Dossari that 'a holy war was occurring, between the Cross and the Star of David on the one hand, and the Crescent on the other.' " http://www.commonwealmagazine.org/article.php3?id_article=2390

YS_1 | December 02, 2009

This guy is definitely Pakistan's answer to Glenn Beck. But mind you, on the Indian side some people are seeing visions of an ISI sponsored global jihad as well. I am sorry to say that this website is where I first heard of the Ghazwat-ul-Hind trope/idea. This Indian blogger reported it in a fairly breathless manner. Now considering the economic downturn thats gone on, don't you think its sort of expected that we have a global trend of people like Glenn Beck, the BNP, the Swiss voters and this Zaid Hamid character (and God knows who they have in India) coming to the fore? I have to mention that the BNP have some whopper conspiracy theories amongst themselves too. Will this hard right trend continue?

YS_1 | December 02, 2009

Oh yeah, The Officers and Soldiers of Pakistan are Listening to Zaid Hamid To Pump Themselves Up To Fight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk2vae0OI5Y Listen from 0:23. The SSG came who took part in the Peochar operation. And they said that they were inspired by his program to carry on the fight. THIS IS SERIOUS If he is from the ISI, then its not only to push the ISI viewpoint; as it is to motivate Pakistan Army soldiers to fight. Seymour Hersh called Zaid Hamid a preacher in his article and said that he is the voice listened to inside the army.

sepoy | December 02, 2009

YS_1: Thanks for this. Very, very Interesting.

Conrad Barwa | December 02, 2009

But mind you, on the Indian side some people are seeing visions of an ISI sponsored global jihad as well. I am sorry to say that this website is where I first heard of the Ghazwat-ul-Hind trope/idea. This Indian blogger reported it in a fairly breathless manner. Hmmm, I don't see anything Beck-like about Raman's 'rebuttal' it is a typical rightwing criticism about US policy and Pakistan. There isn't anything much by the way of a 'conspiracy' theory, as he certainly doesn't say that ISI is sponsoring a 'global jihad' but that elements of Al Qaeda are being 'sheltered' in the NWFP - an arguable point but one hardly just raised by conspiracy theorists or extremists. There is of course no dearth of conspiracy theorists and theories in India either; the problem is that many people have been tired of hearing them since the days of Indira Gandhi the old excuse of the 'foreign hand' whether it was meant to be the CIA, KGB, ISI blah, blah,blah. I remember one of my uncles, who was an activist as well as a professor at Calcutta university recounting how he was arrested twice in the space of a month - the first time on allegations of being a PAkistani spy and the second time for being a Chinese spy! The more ardent saffronist crown in the metropolitan regions would be susceptible to this kind of rhetoric, it receives less credence elsewhere. IMO anyway.

Ranger_right | December 02, 2009

What Mr Zaid Hamid says is not something that he is saying by himself, but it is something which has been said before by Philosophers/Intellectuals/religion/ullimah. he just compiles them together and present it in such a way that a common man can understand. He also uses analogy,events and psychological mind setup etc, stated in Quran and Sunnah, to analyse geo politics and situations within Pakistan. Also,he gives solutions based on Quran and Sunnah and the wisdom of our elders. People who are aware of them can easily understand what Mr Zaid Hamid is saying, However, those who are not, might find him absurd.Though, one thing I have noticed is that, Hindus take more interest in what Mr Zaid Hamid has to say than the actual foreign policies of Pakistan, also our well wisher neighbor advises us how dangerous he is for Paksitan. hmmm...interesting.

Conrad Barwa | December 03, 2009

Hindus take more interest in what Mr Zaid Hamid has to say than the actual foreign policies of Pakistan, also our well wisher neighbor advises us how dangerous he is for Paksitan. Doubt most across the border would know of him really.

Neena | December 03, 2009

You really wanna know who is Zahid Hamid then take a look at this website. PS. Don't know how credible the writer is because he seems to be bitten by anti Zardari bug too and his supporting points are quite irrational. On another note, I would love hear your theories about democracy in Pakistan and why TV anchors hate democratic leaders. I know they're corrupt and all but not as corrupt as our supreme Army, Nawaz and junta. Why noone blaming them for all the faults afterall they ruled Pakistan moren than any other entity. Is Jamat-e-Islami again aligning with Army to over throw popular party since they can't be bought?

Neena | December 03, 2009

He is surely funded by the Army's political wing aka Jamat e Islami just like all other TV anchors.

Neena | December 03, 2009

Try this website http://teeth.com.pk/blog/2008/10/07/who-is-zaid-zaman-hamid

Neena | December 03, 2009

We Pakistanis blame everyone except the ones who are actually doing the killing. Last I check Afghanistan is the Heroine capital of the world and most of it eventually make it to the west. Wonder it has something to do with terrorism in Pak Afghan border area? PS. I'm trying to post a link but somehow my comment isn't showing up. So I have linked it with my profile, click it to learn about Zahid Hamid.

Bozo Reeks | December 03, 2009

This guy is NO glenn beck. Your perception is backwards. Beck works for the rich. This guys is trying to find justice. Beck doesnt give a fuck for justice. He's a propagandist. To control the minds of stupid, mid-age, white men in the USA. He is controlled and censored for effect. OK, maybe he made some mistakes in analysis. Or is using the language he thinks people will hear. This guy is a critical thinker. Despite his errors. Beck is a idiot who uses poetry to destroy critical thinking.

Bozo Reeks | December 03, 2009

You might want to see the difference: http://www.youtube.com/user/mediamatters4america#p/u/5/5VSwvt778rY

Salman | December 04, 2009

"Anne Patterson's Blackwater-gate" by Fasi Zaka http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=211432 "When people would obsess over the supposed clandestine take-over of Pakistan by the security firm formerly known as Blackwater (now Xe), I often wished that they be that animated over the problem of drinking water in our country. I now feel that my dismissiveness was entirely wrong. It looked like a conspiracy theorist's dream to me initially, a private army outside the remit of the law doing the bidding of the Americans in Pakistan. Well, the definitive truth is now out; it is present in Pakistan. It may not be doing some of the more ridiculous assertions attributed to its operations in the country by an opportunistic Taliban, like carrying out suicide bombings, but Blackwater is here. It shouldn't be. "

Akbar | December 04, 2009

Well, the definitive truth is now out; it is present in Pakistan Now that truth is out, let us also learn about the story of its founder Erik Prince http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2010/01/blackwater-201001 Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy

Salman | December 04, 2009

Huma Yusuf http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/pakistan/12-blackwater+another+aspect--bi-04 "Rather than conflate condemnations of Blackwater operations with a more general anti-Americanism, Pakistanis should specifically reject the practice of extrajudicial killings. Such focused opposition to mercenary activity will also put pressure on the Pakistani government to wage a clean war against terrorism, one that can win this ideological battle rather than generate more sympathy for the militant cause. Public condemnations of Blackwater in this context will also give fillip to investigations into unconfirmed reports of extrajudicial killings (whether by army officers or local lashkars, it remains to be investigated) in Malakand in the wake of Operation Rah-i-Rast. " ... "In the absence of a robust legal framework that can deal justly and proportionately with terrorists, extrajudicial killings will remain an attractive option for stakeholders in the war against terrorism. In that event, Blackwater operatives, or the employees of other private security firms, working with the US and/or Pakistani militaries and intelligence agencies, will have cause to launch secret programmes in Pakistan. And as long as that happens, Taliban spokesmen will continue to find a scapegoat for their heinous attacks, winning public sympathy while pinning their crimes on other 'non-state actors'. "

Salman | December 09, 2009

" Mercenaries such as those trained by Blackwater/Xe, DynCorp's and Triple Canopy all mobilise with money instead of ideology. Like transnational terrorists produced by Al Qaeda, these mercenaries are bound by nothing other than the mission defined and the sum paid. By not being tied formally to a military fighting force, they are unconstrained by the laws of war and by operating as a corporation they do not have to undergo the hassle of being accountable to or funded by elected bodies. Furthermore, when governments subcontract their dirtiest tasks to them, they retain the option of denying ties or assuming responsibility — a win-win situation for carrying out politically unpopular actions without incurring the costs. " http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/world/19-rich-mans-terrorist-hh-01

khan | December 11, 2009

those who dont blv in Mr. Zaid Hamid's talks, go to Qur'an & Hadith compare it with his sayings & i'm 99% sure u wud find him relevent. As our prophet PBAH said: if u hear something compare it with Qur'an & Sunnah/ Hadeeth if u find a clash REJECT it and if u dont' ACCEPT IT :)

Rizwan | December 13, 2009

Im not into politics or upto date about what is happening around yet every other day on my FB account i keep hearing negative comments about zaid hamid. what is that all about?

nmt2025 | December 13, 2009

i have done a lot of research on zaid hamid saying and his lectures.and it is very true.specially what he says about the jews and Zionists.i know he is very emotional but he is true.i think one should research on him before any comment.he is also very popular in India as well.

omar ali | December 13, 2009

Is he popular among Indian Muslims or among Hindus and other religions as well? If there are Hindus who find him attractive then that would be further proof that if you hate America enough, you can love anyone who hates America. btw, as far as "lot of research" is concerned, does your research support his contention that there will be a very violent war in India within the next few years (I think he also has some specific dates he has calculated using advanced esoteric knowledge) and at the end of this war the Pakistani flag will fly on Kolkata and Bangladesh and Pakistan will Unite to rule the new Muslim Empire in India? That probably sounds very attractive to some people, but I would point out that its only attractive if one believes that we and our friends and families will all be among the survivors (and remember he talks of millions to be killed)? Just curious.

sozo | December 21, 2009

U all should plz read this research on zaid hamid's past and present.. it is really shocking and convincing http://www.scribd.com/doc/23672211/Zaid-Hamid-s-past-present-a-research-work

Jawaan Khan | December 27, 2009

Well well well, I believe the owner is this BLOG must be residing OUT OF PAKISTAN. Not strange, plus must be a part of 5 % privilege class (so called elites) - in urdu "Parhay Likhay BUT unfortunately JAHIL). And what the hell how much you know about GLEN BECK (right wing conservative NUT BAG), amazing. Are you really a Muslim (I don't mean MULLA) and if you are a PARSI or AGHA KHANI thats fine with me too. The BOTTOM LINE is if ZAID HAMID is trying to revive the youth of a country what the hell is your problem...this always happens when we solely base our knowledge on western media (which always give one sided view of the muslim world). I think before confronting anyone else, THINK what you want to be the best for PAKISTAN, don't you want the current corrupt politicians to dragged out of Pakistan political scene, don't you want justice, don't you want someone to head Pakistan in true leadership (i am not trying to say he should be Zaid Hamid), see the current depressed minds of our youth and general population need someone who can at very least provide some hope (you will be dreaming if you bet on your current political system and culture where few families had been ruling Pakistan for quite a while now). And I don't know why don't provide hope instead of debating OK provide solution to the current Problems we as a nation is facing??? People like you (owner of CM) like to instigate debates and points fingers. At this point in time we need a revolution which will free our mind and bring about the hope to achieve the greater good for our homeland. And it will be through the youth (NO MULLAH's NO Politicians) but youth of the country. And its started already. I am not cynical at all but sometimes you need to read between the lines, try to understand how and why historic events occurred in the way they occurred...(by the way I am NOT againts PARSI's nor AGHA KHANI's nor even our MEMON Bradiri not to mention out SECULAR minded elite). I just want you all to be patriotic to the country and spend time in spreading hope among all. Zaid Hamid is just REMINDING us all how we can revive the nation (really in need) and how we can connect the current events unfolding geo-politically around us will affect us all in the long run. It might be a picture from a different angle you may argue the presentation but Not the intention. If someone says follow your Prophet sunnah (P.B.U.H) whats wrong with that, if someone says follow the high ideals set forth by our leaders you made Pakistan whats wrong with that, if someone says WAKEUP look around and analyze whats going on around outside our borders whats wrong with that. So think and respond to Zaid Hamid's imperfections by providing an alternative (NOT TANQEED BARA-E-TANQEED)

omar ali | December 28, 2009

This is not tanqeed barai tanqeed. The man is an ass and his views about the world are completely illogical and nonsensical. And his prescription for "revolution" leads to full scale war with India and the rest of the world. He has said on many occasions that he sees the Pakistani flag flying over Calcutta next year or 2012. Ditto for Delhi. Well, how do you think that flag will get there without a war? Is that the sensible and desirable future we are supposed to get after we get rid of "corrupt leadership"? He also claims that a massive international Jewish free-mason conspiracy is trying to destroy Pakistan and on various occasions he has labeled most politicians and the leaders of the lawyers movement as agents of this conspiracy. And what is his plan for getting rid of these agents and their satanic system? If you think that is the way forward to peace and progress, you need to think again. btw, who IS going to be the leader of this new movement being created by Zaid Hamid and company? and what is the organization that will work for this leader?

Triple | January 02, 2010

"He has said on many occasions that he sees the Pakistani flag flying over Calcutta next year or 2012. Ditto for Delhi." This is essentially the reason of his popularity, he is selling dreams of gradeuour and greatness, of one's superiority over others, of an inferior race destined to be ruled by a superior one. all this is so attractive to a depressed people that its selling like drugs, its addictive, makes one feel good and euphoric. Nobody in India had even heard of him until his videos appreared everywhere after 26-11 claiming the 'hindu faced' ajmal kasab is a sikh called amar singh, all wrapped in the blatant but attractive lie that some dalits and christians in the indian intelligence community had told him so :) some indians have developed a morbid curiocity, a perverse sense of humor for this guy. popular in india? huh! we think he is a bigot of the first order and we hope he takes his followers where he's taking them and where they deserve to be. Any reasonable pakistani knows what he and his ilk in the media are doing and who is their master.

Absar | January 05, 2010

Zaid hamid is guiding people of Pakistan and he is speaking truth but those who hate pakistan are not able to accept it and for my fellow brother ... If u are unsure about Zaid Hamid..Dont Follow him but Follow what is said in Quran and Sunnah If what he said is aginst that reject it else accept it..so that discussion that who is zaid hamid and what are his ideas are pointless..To me he is my Leader... a good Muslim...a Patriot..He may be better than many of us..and if u r living in pakistan and that too in a middle class than your heart knows what truth is...WE just need a leader and patriots like him..Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!

Paglot | January 06, 2010

Please Check this out: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24857701/Zaid-Hamid-s-Plans-in-2010

Xani | January 08, 2010

well recently i happened to attend one of his lectures in my university , all i concluded is that Zaid Hamid is doing a greatd job ,inspiring the nation and giving the youth of pakistan a plate form to manipulate their feelings and implying them ! he is not ( in no mean) emotionally black mailing any one of his followers nor is he waging war against any of the world nation . All of his facts and figures are baised upon ground realities all that he is doing is to bring forward the truth . if anyone has a problem with his ideas then better not listen ! it is easy to criticise than to do the actuall work !!!

Qalandar | January 09, 2010

I hope the lecture you attended was something other than this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn4XL1DGv-Y The Zaid Hamid phenomenon is scarier from my perspective than anything the Taliban are doing.

Salman | January 10, 2010

It is almost like deifying Pakistan. Pakistani Muslim Zionism? He accuses India of having an expansionist agenda of Akhand Bharat while preaching that Pakistan follow the same agenda (Of course, it's always Ok when "we" do it). Hindustan ka Matlab kya, bhar mein jaye hum ko kya. Ummm Yea! What does this alleged Iqbal-admirer have to say about Saare jahan se acha Hindustan hamara? Speaking of Hindustan, "Hindustani" families refer to themselves as "Urdu-speaking." Listening to this guy makes me think about whether Pakistani nationalism has something to do with the use of the term Urdu-speaking for people who migrated to Pakistan, not necessarily because of nationalism, but rather a response to it in not wanting to identify oneself as an "outsider." Am I reading too much into it? My folks use the two terms alternatively without a thought. Muhajir, though is one term that I have never used or heard my folks use to refer to our family. People who migrated to Karachi during partition, at least those that I have met, do identify themselves as Muhajirs.

Qalandar | January 10, 2010

Salman: in my experience (and somewhat tangentially), "Hindustani" is a term used by Punjabis for Muhajirs (i.e. every person I've ever heard use this term was a Punjabi; don't of course mean to suggest that Punjabis in general use this term for Urdu-speakers); equally, I don't think "Muhajir" was much (if at all) in use prior to the 1980s.

Salman | January 10, 2010

Come to think of it, that is consistent with my experience as well, but then most of my experience is of Punjab and Punjabis. I meant more of a self identification term. As in what do people who migrated from the now India to Pakistan, call themselves (when they need to)? "When they need to" and where they are might dictate, to some extent, how they identify themselves.

Qalandar | January 10, 2010

Re: "As in what do people who migrated from the now India to Pakistan, call themselves (when they need to)?" I think they do use "Muhajir" or "Urdu-speaking", and my (no more than anecdotal) experience is that older folks use the latter term, but that younger ones use the former. And this isn't necessarily correlated with any sympathy for the MQM or for "Muhajir politics", but almost as a straight "ethnic" term, analogous to "Sindhi" or "Punjabi". As you note, the "when they need to" is always an implicit issue (hence people who migrated from East Punjab to West Punjab aren't ever called "Muhajirs", they are indistinguishable from Punjabis-in-general -- this only becomes an issue because the "native" and the "outsider" in the case of Urdu-speaking migrants mapped to different group identities (Sindhi and Urdu-speaking), and hence demography became an issue (if I'm not mistaken, there hasn't been a census of Sindh since 1981)...

omar ali | January 10, 2010

Qalandar, I agree with you about Zaid Hamid type thinking (not the individual person, who is a buffoon whose time will soon be up) being a bigger threat than the taliban. A good friend who is far more sagacious than me recently wrote: "I think that the jihadis are a self-limiting phenomenon for various reasons, and have reached their limit. However, that is not the case for two other less violent but just as regressive groups in the population: The religious fundamentalists and the India-haters. These groups, I fear, will grow unless they are opposed with pro-active positive strategies." My worst fear is that this way of thinking (Zaid Hamid as well as milder versions of anti-Indian Pakistani nationalism) MAY develop a momentum of its own, causing real decision makers (not just students and academics with zero influence) to get carried away, initially just going along because they are cynical and dont take the nonsense too seriously and regard it as useful propaganda, and end up in a real war with India. I am sure most readers of this august blog will find this a very silly fear and I too do not regard it as the LIKELY scenario, just a possible one...but its a very scary one. ..and its not our of the question because Pakistan is in the midst of a serious crisis (whether you wish to assign the blame on evil imperialists or anyone else is not the issue for this discussion, whatever the cause, the crisis is real) and populations in crisis are not always known to make the rational choice....

Akhtar iqbal | January 11, 2010

Reapected Sir zaid hamid there is no dobut that you are proud of pakistan/pakistanis even for the muslim world. I have great desire that Allah keep you under his special supervision every moment and give you long healthy life, we have to need your idealogy and your spirt. of course you are giving caurage and dignity to pakistanis in the all world , by the grace of Allah, if pakistani leadership be come like you there is no power in this earth which distroy to pakistan. we still have hope to Allah ,he will give us leadership as we requred at the moment. your best wisher. from spain

bushra | January 16, 2010

Really Pakistan will become SUPER POWER one DAY

Tilsim | January 19, 2010

To the folks who think Zaid Hamid is a saviour for Pakistan and the Ummah, I would humbly suggest that you reflect again on your religion and that of your forefathers. Zaid Hamid is a manifestation of extreme bigotry and hatred. He is playing on people's disillusion and frustrations that has built up over the last several decades. In no way does he represent Pakistanis or muslims in general. However he is beginning to fool enough people that he should be taken as seriously as Hizb e Tahrir. More extremism will just increase our troubles no end. Gaza, Venezuela, North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran are not good role models for Pakistan. Look at the state of their people. I know that there is a lot of frustration and things are bad but I don't think Pakistanis are prepared to lose their senses. And also, we can't but help hearing Zaid Hamid's rants courtesy of AagTV etc so please don't say people don't know what he is talking about.

Raza | January 19, 2010

I was a great fan of Mr Zaid, I was hypnotized by his speeches. The way he speaks, about islam and Pakistan is so lovely to hear. Some times I used to get a sense of doubt on his history lectures because the way he narrates as if he was present at the scene. And when he was talking about Mumbai attacks….. saying it's a conspiracy, the terrorist was an Indian and his name was like amar singh…. The way he said I thought it may be true. But when the truth is revealed, I said goodbye to him… It seems he is not a Pakistani, may be some other country is funding him to spoil the image of Pakistan and misguide the youth, so that they can wage a war with other countries so that Pakistan is ruined.

Raza | January 19, 2010

Does any one knows the origin and childhood of mr Zaid Hamid, he doesn't seems to be a Pakistani, there is something fishy. He is not fighting for Pakistanis, infact he is simply making baseless fictional stories and misguiding the youth. Any educated Pakistani can understand, his love for Pakistan is just a drama, his mission is something else…. He is ruining Pakistan

Nikolai | January 19, 2010

"It is almost like deifying Pakistan. Pakistani Muslim Zionism?" Great point Salman. I find all this "Allah blesses our country and will make it a superpower" thinking childish. Really? So when something bad happens, like in Haiti, they must have made God mad for some reason and so God destroyed their country? That's where that logic leads to. Of course than you can argue what Allah even means, but anyway... I mean, is being a superpower really more important than having health and education provided for all citizens? The US could learn that lesson too. Talking about martial power when people need more basic rights ensured is petty and shortsighted.

Ajit | January 20, 2010

Does any one knows the origin and childhood of mr Zaid Hamid, he doesn't seems to be a Pakistani Good point. He could be an agent planted by Indian/Israeli/American agencies designed to make people exposing conspiracies against Pakistan look bad. Just as the Taliban are I/I/A agents designed to make Jihad look bad. ;-)

farzana | January 20, 2010

Zaid Sir I love you. You look very handsome and dynamic. You look like a Hollywood hero, you look so attractive, marvellous in your blue suite and red cap, Tom cruze is nothing infornt of you. We girls fantasize about you, I bought all of your posters and pasted in my bed room. I don't know how to contact you. Hey friends, does anyone got Zaid Sir's number. “ Sir, I want to marry you”.

omar | January 20, 2010

A good friend who is executive vice president at a major bank lives and dreams Zaid Hamid now. In some ways, I think this simply reflects the crisis of orthodox shariah based Islam, not specific to Pakistan. We tend to forget that there are many people who take the whole notion of Islamic state and its "mission" rather seriously...

Akbar | January 21, 2010

Hey friends, does anyone got Zaid Sir's number. “ Sir, I want to marry you”. As for as I can tell this is first time someone has used Chapati Mystery as a forum to propose some one. Kudos to sepoy for this first one.

Salman | January 21, 2010

Not the first time :) {{site.baseurl}}archives/imperial_watch/dear_mr_friedman.html#comment-4276

Salman | January 21, 2010

"Can we place him on a scale of Glenn Beck to Yusuf al-Qaradawi?" I hope one can't judge Pakistani public opinion by a ZaidHamid Index. The Qaradawi Index: http://lynch.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2010/01/21/the_qaradawi_index "His finely-tuned finger to the wind remains one of the most useful barometers of Arab public opinion."

Akbar | January 21, 2010

Not the first time :) I stand corrected. Thanks Salman.

zara dra dra saa | January 25, 2010

Ohoo brothers and sisters this has to be Indian blog. I cant expect much good from this. why ? yaar we Pakistanis call it Roti and chapati is quite funny and indian.

h r shad | January 29, 2010

The views of zaid hamid reflect the situation which are going to face. He is doing marvelous job by reminding our youth the past of muslim history. he is inciting the youth towards the tru spirit of islam and exposing the conspiracy hatched by zionists and hindues. We all should want islamic ecnomic system not the riba based system. i am proud of his efforts. some people are criticising him because they do not want that ismalic system prevail in our country.

motalamba | January 30, 2010

Pakistanis should concentrate on how to solve their problems. How war with India will make Pakistan progressive and prosper? How Zaid is going to win war with India? What will happen to those Pakistani soldiers, without arms and legs after war, who will feed them and their families? How he is going to build pakistan after war with India? India has more chances to survive after nuclear war with Pakistan due to large territory. Why India should attack Pakistan, what India will gain from it? Pakistanis should work harder to make their country economically strong and last thing Pakistan needs is a war. Living with stone age ideas will lead Pakistan into destruction. Take a lesson from Turkey and some Gulf countries, they know how to develop economy. Pakistan is living in fools paradise, thinking that they are the leader of the islamic world when arabs think Pakistanis as third class citizens. Arabs take Ghazwa-e-Hind as history when converted muslims (Pakistanis) think it as real.

Qalandar | January 30, 2010

I see another "The Secret Lives of Internet Cafes" in the making...now sepoy will have to write two books.

NAMAT KHAN | January 30, 2010

In my opinion, Zaid Hamid got some inspiration from SYED JAMALUDDIN, writer of "DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM" who advocates disintegration of Pakistan on the basis of his own arguments which deal with brain-washing of youth by the religious forces in Pakistan and the discriminatory attitude of Pakistan´s army towards Balochs, Pathans, Urdu speaking people and Sindhis. SYED JAMALUDDIN has proposed disintegration of Pakistan and making of 6 states in place of Pakistan. I feel that Zaid Hamid has tried to counter the arguments of SYED JAMALUDDIN by advocating Pakistan´s ideology under the banner of WAKE UP PAKISTAN. Zaid Hamid has now tried to confront Syed Jamaluddin because CNN had aired advertisement of Syed Jamaluddin´s book for two months in 2007. Most prominent Indian newspaper TIMES OF INDIA first reported about this CNN advertisement which also opened eyes of people like Zaid Hamid. I guess, Zaid Hamid has not yet responded to the arguments of Syed Jamaluddin and has relied on the rhetorics of nationalism without actually mentioning the reason about making of Bangladesh. Zaid Hamid calls making of Bangladesh as "breaking of Pakistan´s one hand". He does not say more than this. The question is "Is Bangladesh not a Muslim country"? If yes, how can Zaid Hamid establish that Pakistan´s disintegration was a zionist conspiracy. There are so many other contradictions in Zaid Hamid´s arguments. In simple words, Zaid Hamid can impress a crowd of less educated students but cannot match a guy like SYED JAMALUDDIN who is known by the whole world as a political analyst. Zaid Hamid is out there to compete with Syed Jamaluddin and nothing else. Zaid Hamid is suffering from certain "complex".

Asher | February 01, 2010

"Syed" Jamaluddin is a defector of Pakistan. According to Pakistan's constitution any schemes of defection, disintegration is punishable by death. Pakistan is not alone in this regard. US routinely executes her own defectors. I simply don't understand why someone has the need to shoot themselves in the foot. To talk of the disintegration of Pakistan instead of improving it. Why all these outclass "leaders" talk of separation right of the bat instead of giving unity of Pakistan a chance? Defectors like Mujib, Bugti and others talk of balkanizing Pakistan. After years and years of hopelessness, Allah(swt) has gifted Pakistan another opportunity. This opportunity is brought in the form of Zaid Hamid. By following his vision of Pakistan (which was the originally intended vision), we can reclaim our destiny which was envisioned by our respectable founder, MA Jinnah. Why do you guys choose to put a blindfold on your eyes? You reject Zaid and Ahmed Quraishi when they work hard in exposing those actions that these "actors" are doing their very best to hide. You reject them as conspiracy theorists. But you don't, for a moment, sit back and think about where the world is heading. Haven't you heard about the involvement of CIA in toppling ELECTED and POPULAR governments of the world? Haven't you heard how eventually CIA was able to murder Che Guivara (a popular latin American leader)? Haven't you seen how USA has been skillfully removing all her possible opponents out of her way towards the total global control. First it was Communism, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cuba, Suez Canal, Panama Canal, and now China and Islam. Pakistani System NEEDS revolution. You CAN NOT have a PROPERLY functioning democracy as well as you have a corrupt system and political base. Any amount of reform can be undone by these power hungary politicians when they use this system to gain power back. Ahmed Quraishi writes impressively. He has the pleasantly astonishing creativity, flair and right connection for investigative reporting. He is doing a great job at that. Not only this, he has taken stance that should have been taken by the ruling parties. Zaid Hamid's appeal rests in his blunt expose, in his ability to revive the respect and patriotism which was long lost among Pakistanis. Finally, somebody honest loyal and debonair, has come to reculcate and revive Allah's, Jinnah's and Iqbal's Pakistan

Mohammad Shoaib | February 03, 2010

wah wah Nostaligic..............our Youth has really gone so far .........i am amused to see the comments made. some are par excellence.............shows how strong thinkers we have. Allah say dua karnee chahiyay keh WOH hum sub ko sirat e mustaqeem par chalnay kee taufeeq ataa farmaay. aur fitnoo say bachaay Ameen a man should talk balance, when he favors Army......its not right.......they have done so so bad things too and still doing........anyway he has the charisma and thats what people dyeingf or.

Yahoo-da | February 03, 2010

Dear Sir Zaid hamid We are grateful that you have really exposed be-Yahoo-di, Yahoo-di zionist and all zionists (US, Israel, Hindu, non-muslim, muslim, European) plans to destroy Pakistan. You have given us new identity that Pakistan was not created 60 years ago but existed even before Islam came to this world. How could all these paleet Zionists made us to believe that Pakistan was part of India, it was the way around. Pakistanis have nothing to do with India, Pakistanis were always muslims even before Islam. You have made us proud reminding us that Ghazni, Ghauri were Pakistanis and prophet was born in Lahore than he moved to Arabia later. You have done great job to Islam by exposing these bastard zionists agenda. Youth in Pakistan and all over muslim world is looking for your leadership, we appreciate your efforts to bring Prophet's birth place to Pakistan where it belongs. You are not afraid of all CIA, Massad and RAW agents who are trying to stop you to fulfil Ghazwa-a-Hind. If US, India, Israel and rest of the world don't have courage to start war with Pakistan, then Pakistan should attack these countries to teach them lesson. We are sure that attacking India will solve Pakistan's problems. We wish you to become Pak President, may be not, but Pak Prime Minister, as code to launch nuclear bomb is the hand of PM. Israelese and Indians already will be pissing in their pents as I am writing this article and agents of zionists (CIA, RAW and Massad) will be trying to kill me. You are brave, intelligent and fearless, muslims from all over the world waiting for you to lead them, please fulfil the will of Allah. We all love you and proud of you, please go ahead and attack India, teach these paleet kafir a lesson Yours humble servents Doctors, nurses and patients Psychiatric Hospital, Ward 3 Lahore, Pakistan

omar | February 04, 2010

Someone on our list commented that Zaid Hamid and his ilk have already won the battle for Pakistani hearts and minds and "liberals" have no future in Pakistan because "Islam is already victorious". I wrote a quick reply: I think we have to clarify our terms here: 1. I dont care too much about what title people want to give to their ideology, its the actual mechanics and results that count. If people in Pakistan manage to create an Islam that has all the instruments of a modern state, most of the forms and protections of secular democracy, general acceptance of our entire heritage (not just its arab or imaginary part) and acceptance of modern norms of human rights and coexistence between various religions, then this Islam would qualify as reasonably liberal in my book. It will be the "traditional" Muslims and the radical salafist fascists who will be screaming blue murder and complaining about this "godless system", not me. 2, I think there is a large segment of modestly educated people in Pakistan who read enough "pakistan studies" nonsense in school to become susceptible to Zaid Hamid. But I am not totally convinced that they mean what they say. Why do I say that? Because in practice these people are reasonably sane. They send their kids to modern schools, apply for scholarships at the British Council, desperately hunt for green cards, buy and sell stocks better than I do, and make plans for moving ahead in the modern world...in short, their actual lives are pretty much indistinguishable from the actual lives of middle class people in Amritsar and Jullunder (some of whom no doubt have their own fantasies and delusions). This Zaid Hamid stuff is mostly hot air. An occasional nutcase takes it too seriously and sets fire to his underwear in the process, but those are exceptions. My point is, the middle class will do what middle classes do...not what their fantasy discussions in drawing rooms seem to imply. 3. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The army in Pakistan is more heavily indoctrinated than most groups in this matter. Yet when push comes to shove, the army does what Uncle Sam really really wants them to do. I admit that when it comes to India, some of them are still not clear about which way the international wind is blowing, but its a matter of time. Like it or not, they will do what their underpriced residential plots and credit cards tell them to do, which is to adjust to being part of the capitalist modern world. Which means they can rant on about India but they will have to rein in the jihadis...that whole paradigm is just not compatible with "normal" existence in the modern world. Once they get on board (and who knows, they may already be on board and will soon get Zaid Hamid to change his tune) we will still have ALL the problems of being a "developing" country, with deep divisions, exploitation, difficult neighbors, a kleptocratic upper class, etc etc, and we will still play all the games states play with each other in the international system, but we wont arm and train half a million jihadis and we wont suddenly go nuts and start a war with India or anyone else....that is still my prediction. 4. I will continue to propagate in favor of secular democratic values and I think I the Islamists will move more towards me than I will have to move towards them...not because i am so strong but because that is the way history is moving....THEN we will still have the problem of how to reform the modern capitalist system and what comes next in human history, but this argument about Islamism is going to pass out of fashion...not tomorrow, but one day not too far in the future, and we will wonder why we got so excited about it... 5. I could be wrong, but the alternative is a very big war with very heavy casualties.. so i really hope I am not wrong.

Asher | February 06, 2010

Let me make this clear to those individuals who are twisted enough to call themselves "Liberal". YOU ARE NOT A MAJORITY in Pakistan. You only represent a minority of population. So, why should your goals and desires be SHOVED down the throats of Majority. I dislike when liberals (superficial muslims) sing accolade of the western system and not see the END RESULT. This secular modern society has given you 2 World wars and plenty of regional conflicts, like Vietnam war, Arab/Israel War, Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Russian invasion of Afghanistan. This is all in addition to all the poverty that the world is thrown in. The evils of corporations is not unknown. The amount of toxic waste that these greedy corporations throw into our seas is well known. Second of all why are we so SLAVE to western culture that we ARE unable to think we can get a better society? This world and the whole universe around it is created by Allah(swt). When HE says something is bad, it IS bad. HE chose Islam for us and that WILL be the system we will follow in Pakistan whether you LIKE it or NOT. Those who think Islam is just a fad need to wake up to this reality. Those who are TRIVIALISING Islam need to grow out of their bias and ignorance. This is the same Islam under whose patronage we had great civilazations like Basra, Al-Andulucia etc where science and learning were the core values of the society. Most of the modern inventions have their PRECURSOR in the Arab sciences. ISLAM IS NOT AGAINST PROGRESS. Islam IS against false values, customs, inventions etc that ONLY serve to hurt human beings. The ILL effects of TV are known widely in the West. They write about it extensively. The western banking system serves ONLY the few rich families who LITERALLY control the world. This system is based on false principles i.e. interest based economy. This interest is the MOST exploitative system created by the friends of Satan. Why should I pay you $5000 when I ONLY borrowed $2000 in times of need? Should n't your conscience allow you to help me in my times of need instead of taking that as a business opportunity? Those who are unable to see exploitation in this are Losers. There is ENOUGH wealth, water and natural resources that can be used by a country and exported for FREE to the world. Every season million dollar worth of excess vegetation is thrown away instead of exporting to Africa. There is a lot of wastage of food and money and natural resources. Democracy is an EVIL system. Here people are counted not evaluated resulting in the low quality of governership. All you have to do is campaign for most signatures and promulgate IMPERFECT laws that are created by IMPERFECT minds most of the time biased. Today we all know the ill effects of smoking but the HUGE tobacco industry uses her clout to EFFECTIVELY stop manufacture of cigarettes. I swear to God what ever 'comforts' invented in this western system have turned out to be REALLY poisonous to the society at large. In Islam, the scientist will not have an ego-trip with God. They would rather, build and invent things for the betterment of humanity (you can google about how there are environmentally free scientific solutions to, for example, treat surgar with virtually no side effects but FDA DOES not approve it in USA. Why? Because Pharmaceutical Industry won't make money if everyone is healthy) I REJECT the western system of lies, deceipts, cruelty, selfishness, corporatization, Machiavelian politics and indulgence in basic animalistic instinct instead of inducing humans to stimulate their higher faculties. I VOTE and Support Islamic system of Fairness, Justice, Peace, Altruism, Nature-friendliness, Equality, Egalitarianess.

Asher | February 06, 2010

I want you all to think about this. Nobody, has paid attention to this fact. Even according to the rules of democracy, Majority wins. And Pakistan's majority does not rest in her liberal or western-educated rich population which is wrongly termed as "elite" (elite because they agree with the West and are eager to sell their souls into slavery). Majority of Pakistan in undeveloped. Only 5 major cities of Pakistan which represent a small percentage (may be 5-10%) of total real estate of Pakistan. On top of that these "liberals" or "elites" are even WAY smaller in population in these cities. In Karachi,e.g, they seem to be living in Defence, Clifton (mostly) and some small pockets throughout the city. Similarly they are found in posh localities of Islamabad or Lahore etc. The rest of the population is VERY indigenous and still hold on to old subcontinental culture where Islam is at the core. If you count the Waderas, Nawabs or Sardars, they also constitute ONLY a minority. So, I don't understand why the aspirations of the minorities should rule the roost. I wish Pakistani majority can wake up to this fact and ASSERT themselves.

Green-topi | February 06, 2010

The fact that a Lal-topi exists, is heard, discussed and even liked is sufficient to prove that a peaceful world order is a mirage.

omar | February 06, 2010

Asher, The majority of Pakistanis has had several chances to reveal what they prefer and they have consistently preferred PPP, PML, MQM, ANP etc to the jamat islami fascists and other salafist goons. The majority does not want your imaginary "perfect" system, get used to it. Just repeating things a few hundred times does not make them true. "muslim civilization" of Baghdad and Andalusia was an advanced civilization of its time (though in my opinion, still underdeveloped compared to the earlier Roman empire). There was nothing magical about it. Many advances in science and technology were made, building on earlier knowledge accumulated by pre-muslim cultures. And many of these were then built upon in Europe and taken further and further. The scientific advancements of the Arabs owed a lot to earlier Greco-Roman and Indian advances, but very little to peninsular Arab ideas (the specific forms of Islamic theology and ideology developed in that time seem to have a very tangential connection to specific scientific and technical advances....a multinational empire provided many talented people with the chance to acquire old knowledge and create new knowledge..thats good, but hardly in the realm of fairy tales where you seem to be putting it). Anyway, other than the few thousand nuts trained by our glorious army and now being hunted by that same army, no one takes these fairy tales seriously enough to make much of an impact in this world. Its entertainment and propaganda and clever people use it in their politics just like clever people in India use "hindutva" and clever people in America like to preach "truth, justice and the American way". Enjoy it and be happy.

Nostalgic | February 07, 2010

In other news, ANP stalwart Ajmal Khattak is no more... RIP...

Beh-Yahoodi | February 07, 2010

Pakistan's problem started the day she was created. The founding fathers never had any ideas what Pakistan was for, except demanding separate state on the basis of religion. Its founding fathers saw India as a source of all problems facing muslims and thought that all problems will be solved just having a separate state, never saw all responsibilities and that will come with it. This thinking is still reflected in every Pakistanis psyche as Pakistanis blame everybody for all their problems. Pakistanis are in denial, about their cultural history and have inferiority complex. Pakistanis have identity crisis as they are muslims but culturally nothing common with Arabs (foreign invaders who converted them in to Islam ) and don't think that Pakistanis have anyhting do with them. It is funny how Pakistanis are proud of these invaders who killed their forefathers and force them into Islam, boast that Pakistanis ruled India for 1000 years, even if that is not enough, even claim to rule Spain and Europe. I have Arab friends who laugh listening to this. Even funnier when Pakistanis talk about Arabic scientists as they were Pakistanis. Why Pakistan as a country, has not decided yet what, how and why, it was created.? Why there is still debate after 60 years for its existance and creation? The reason for this question is that Pakistanis were promised an unrealistic haven on false pretences. Pakistanis are still living in the past and waiting a miracle to happen, to become Pakistan a paradise without hard work or taking responsibilities. Pakistanis have developed tendencies to blame another countires (India, USA etc) for their laziness or inaction. Allah, Sharia or reciting verses from Koran will not solve Pakistan's problem, Pakistanis should work hard to make their lives better.

Akbar | February 08, 2010

Pakistanis psyche as Pakistanis blame everybody for all their problems. Is not it that civilized world and its accolytes are paying in the same coin by blamming all their troubles originate or will be originating from Pakistan aka safe heaven for terrorism.

Mohammed Iqbal | February 08, 2010

I don't know what to make of this, i'm not accusing just confused. Zahid Hamid seems like the right person at the right time for pakistan, but everything is very shady about his background , some real clarification need to be made. A very interesting analysis I found please read and comment, http://www.scribd.com/doc/23672211/Zaid-Hamid-s-past-present-a-research-work

Salman | February 08, 2010

Safe havens seem to be dime a dozen :) "Forget about Yemen. The real terrorist threat exposed by the underwear bomber is in Merry Olde England. " http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/02/03/londonistan

Salman | February 08, 2010

Speaking of projecting one's self on others, and since Zaid Hamid is big in antiSemitic myth making. One such myth is the blood libel, which takes us to Cannibalism. "A spell-binding history of cannibalism in the middle ages: its use as a propaganda tool, and place in Christendom's self-image; the cannibal as a philosophical hypothetical, and a justification for colonialism; and Richard the Lionheart's fondness for "Saracen's head's all hot" " http://www.opendemocracy.net/jen-paton/europe-and-its-cannibals

Beh-Yahoo-di | February 09, 2010

How attacking and war on others will solve Pakistan's problem? Zaid hamid's ideology will lead Pakistan into chaos, poverty and destruction. The society prosrpers having harmony, peace and stability, not from war? The shouting and threats are sign of frustration and weekness, not bravery. Zaid Hamid can shout, threaten, throw missile on any country in theory it will harm nobody, shouting costs nothing, if he wants to see what will happen to Pakistan as a result of his actions then Zaid Hamid should put into practice what he preaches. I can assure you Pakistan will be wiped out from the earth. Why Arabs are not stuck in the past and progressing because they are confident and have no identity crisis when Pakistanis have neither? Europeans have realised that working togther will make people prosperous and living standard better. Europeans who fought wars, were arch enemies 50 years ago, have forgotten for the benefit of people. People like Zaid Hamid are responsible for their people's misery and problems. I don't understand, how he will make Pakistan prosperous, going war with US, Israel and India? What Pakistanis people will gain from war? Does Pakistan have resources to win the war, money and weapons? Why Pakistan could not stand on their feet in 60 years and can't survive without foreign aid? Pakistanis lives in fools paradise, thinking they are the savior and leader of the Islamic world when they can't feed their own people and Arabs don't give a damn what Pakistanis think. How Pakistanis will progress when Pakistan is stuck in the past and lives on borrowed middle ages glory when Arabs have moved long way ahead.

Asher | February 10, 2010

Behoodi, Ankhon mein dhool jhokna to tum se koi seekay. The simple answer to your baseless assertion is this. Pakistan's fault was his Islamic heritage. Britain had just finished off Khilafat after years of hardwork. They were not gonna let that hardwork go down the drain by allowing a country created in the name of Islam. So, they supported Hindu India. Hindus NEVER accepted Pakistan because they were dreaming of creating their own IMAGINARY and MYTHICAL state which spans from middleast to Indonesian (yeah right?) India has not left any bones untunred in breaking Pakistan up. Then through American or British machinations the power got to the hands of the feudal class. and they fucked everything up for Pakistan. They have been responsible for the backwardness of tis country. Paksitan's creation was justified. At the very least, we have a homeland to go home to. Just ask the importance of such a homeland from the Jewish diaspora.

Beh-Yahoo-di | February 11, 2010

Dear Asher, We are talking about certain people like Zaid hamid in Pakistan or its equal to in India. These people are dreamers, neither Akhand Bharat or Radio Pakistan Delhi is not going to happen, you know it, I know it and they know it. When India or Pakistan can't provide better living standard to those people which they have already, how they can manage Radio Pakistan Delhi or Akhand Bharat etc. You know better what is happening in Pakistan or how better managed and ruled pakistan is. Europeans are not responsible for corruption, poverty in India or in Pakistan, it is our politicians or people who support them. If Pakistan considers that it has right to interfere in Afghanistan then no need to point fingers on others, every country would like to safe guard its interests. British supported Hindus? British supported everybody who served their interets, they divide muslims and hindus to rule over India. Americans and Eurpeans suported India after Independence? Check the history, Pakistan was part of American game plan against USSR, not India but Pakistan was member of American military alliances CENTO, CEATO and was rewarded with money. Nothing is free, if you want money, you have to give back something. There was no land reform in Pakistan, are Europeans responsible for that? India worked hard to break Pakistan? Well, Pakistan started it in 1948 in Kashmir, every country has right to fight back and Pakistan does too. I am not disputing creation of Pakistan, now you have Pakistan, why don't you work hard to make Pakistan a developed and progressive country. Does India claim any Pakistani territory? If Pakistanis are thinking that it is their right to claim Indian territory based on religion then they are mistaken it is not going to happen. There are more muslims in India and majority of them are happy and participating in the development of India. India is not without problems neither is any other country. Europeans are coming together for the betterment of their people, forgetting their past differences and here we are slaves of the past events? Still living in fool's paradise on borrowed glory of the past, like drug addicts. We know and have seen that war is not solution to the problem so why don't we start thinking about making our people's lives better. Hard work and economic progress is the solution but not stone age thinking.

omar | February 11, 2010

yahoodi, The optimistic way of looking at this is to see that these ridiculous notions were commonplace among educated Muslims all over North India prior to 1947. That space shrank to Pakistan, then to West Pakistan, now to the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan...soon heading for oblivion. Asher bhai and friends will find some other topic in a few years. Pakistan is going to be become a very normal corrupt third world country with great potential...this level of nonsense was briefly on top thanks to Zia, but the game is already up. ISI psyops has not yet informed everyone that "god is dead", so hundreds of people line up to cheer Zaid Hamid in Islamabad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXOm-0z4wWQ) but in GHQ they are already preparing for the next phase: how to make money off Chinese dealerships (and even TATA and Reliance) instead of HUJI and JEM....

Farjaad | February 15, 2010

"The fact that a Lal-topi exists, is heard, discussed and even liked is sufficient to prove that a peaceful world order is a mirage" Responding to the above remark of Green-topi: You just found out that tall-talks of peace are just a mirage? What else this Western Machiavellian politics has given to this world? You might think that the problem lies in the backward Muslims. Why are you so blind? Why do you choose to keep your eyes closed on all the covert actions? Why do we have poverty? Why IMF charges huge interests from poor countries? These loans are given for infrastructure development but the interests payments are so huge that the loan will never be paid off. Would you care to read "Confession of an Economic Hit Man"? I guess not since you would rather continue believing what makes you more comfortable i.e. Just put the whole blame on Islam and Muslims.

FakaD | February 16, 2010

Back to the post, I had always a feeling that this Zaid Hamid coming in just 2 years bombarding on media with his talks . Well for naive he is of some interest otherwise he merely recites all the conspiracy theories from youtube or other such sources. No orginal work buddy! After his alleged companionship with Mardood Yousuf Kazaab and him being his Khalifa, I have never seen anywhere where he denied that fact or denying that he think Yousuf kazaab was a false mardood. He he tries to divert the discussion completely to different topic avoiding the original question. Now I am not satisfied with "ckini chupri" talks. I want to hear straight yes or no. He never mentions or brings the name of Yousuf Kazaab. Recently in an university in Lahore a student asked him very clear question weather he denies this or not. His reply was bla bla bla I have been in Afghanistan, bla bla bla Buzurgaan ne deen bala bla bla, sufiism bala bla bla bla bla bla. If you are not satisfied you come to me and I will make you satisfied. (a well documented tactic of Yousuf Kazaab to convince wealthy victims and naive young school/college girls to convince them in private.) Sorry Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid, I am not convinced.

Beh-Yahoo-di | February 16, 2010

>>>Why do we have poverty? Why IMF charges huge interests from poor countries? Why don't Islamic and Arabic countries gives money free to Pakistani muslim brothers? Who is responsible for corruption, politicians in poor countires have bank accounts in foreign banks, looting their countries, is that Europeans, IMF or World Bank's fault? Nobody is forcing you to beg money from IMF or World Bank? Beggars can't ask money on their terms? If money from IMF and World Bank was invested in economy then you could have seen the difference but money goes to the pocket of corrupt officials and politicians. Don't blame foreign countries for corruption, poverty and backwardness, people and politiocians are to blame.

akbar | February 16, 2010

Beggars can't ask money on their terms? If money from IMF and World Bank was invested in economy then you could have seen the difference but money goes to the pocket of corrupt officials and politicians. Don't blame foreign countries for corruption, poverty and backwardness, people and politiocians are to blame. You might as well be talking about Greece,Iceland,Latuia,Ireland or for that matter US of A (most indebted country,whose next two years federal budget deficit is expected to exceeds entire woeld's savings)

Beh-Yahoo-di | February 16, 2010

>>You might as well be talking about Greece,Iceland, Ireland or for that matter US Don't worry about Europeans, Europeans have infrastructure and money was spent on education, health and pensions. Denying that Pakistan was begging money since its creation and can't provide basic facilities to its people, will not make Pakistan a great country, invest your energy and enthusiasm to make Pakistan a better country. Finding fault and blaming others will not solve Pakistan's problem, no matter what, Europeans' living standard is 100 times better than India and Pakistan, people have education, healthcare when Pakistan and India will take another 100 years to provide education, healthcare and civil facilities (Clean water, sewage etc) to the level of Europeans. Europeans are living in peace, helping each other and working together towards the improvement of the living standard of their citizens, forgetting their differences for the sake of their people. We Asians are stuck in middle ages still remeber who did what to whom in 11th century, killing each other for nothing, Europeans don't even fight on what has happpened 50 years ago. Asians, who even can't afford 1 meal a day, are ready to fight and kill each other to claim territory of Asian country, simply based on religion or race as it will give them 3 meals a day when we are that stupid how can we progress and prosper, we don't need another countries, we are our worst enemy.

omar | February 17, 2010

The fallacy involved here is that since the US in in debt and Pakistan is in debt, therefore Pakistan and the US are in the same boat. The US has its problems, but only someone educated in an elite university could imagine that its problems are worse than Pakistan's or India's problems. It is true that the US may have to scale back its war mongering because it doesnt have the money anymore (though the opposite is also possible), but it is even truer that Pakistan and India have wasted 60 years playing "strategic games" that were much farther out of their reach than imperial warmongering is out of the reach of the United States. It is also true that in this game, Pakistan has been more on the offensive than India...that is not a moral judgment, its a statement of fact and it is again not due to some moral superiority in India but simply due to the fact that it has been Pakistani policy to try and change the status quo ("get kashmir", currently mostly in Indian hands) while it has generally been Indian policy to resist that change. It is also true that the army in Pakistan has acquired more power than the army in India and that has led to military short-sightedness determining policy to a greater extent than it does in India. But if you went to an elite university (sorry, but this is my favorite line these days, feel free to make fun of it) then you tend to look at things as moral issues and you have access to so many facts, you can always sound like the facts support your argument...anyway, I agree with Yahoodi, the US and even Europe will come out of this economic crisis more or less intact. Instead of waiting for them to fall on their face, maybe we should figure out how to advance the positive trends in South Asia...and they are there, the positive trends. In fact, I think contrary to what is taught in elite univesities (just kidding), Pakistan and India are both going to develop into midlevel economies with much improved food and shelter for most citizens within the next generation.

akbar | February 17, 2010

Denying that Pakistan was begging money since its creation and can't provide basic facilities to its people, will not make Pakistan a great country, invest your energy and enthusiasm to make Pakistan a better country. Dear friend where does in my response I deny anything about Pakistan or even mention it. I appreciate your worthy advice based on your assumptions. Personally I would be rather be your fan than Zaid Hamid's if I had to chose. But I see that a perfectly rational person that you may be, when it comes to Pakistan,Pakistani etc only words you can recall are, beggars, stuck in past,violent,irrational, inefriority complex etc tetc, and unfortunately there is little effort on your part to make a difference between Policies of successive Pakistani govts9mostly unrepresentative), State of Pakistan and people of Pakistan. You paint 160 million men,women and childrens as some deranged entity and that is where it is hard to believe that your advice is an advice from a sincere and concerned fella. Don't worry about Europeans, Europeans have infrastructure and money was spent on education, health and pensions. That is my point that Icelanders, Greek ,Lativians , Irish or for that matter Spainiards and Portugees next in line forNational bankruptcy and asking for bail outs , could not see, detect or stop this financial wreckage becomming their fate despite being better educated, healthier and having democratic system of govt. Might it occur to intelligent peoples that the current Economical /Financial order is stacked against some nations more heavily than others and keeps them in a vicious cycle of poverty,violence and Ignorance. The situition becomes so bleak that people like Hamid or Palin can stoke peoples emotions and fears rather than much needed use of rational faculties to dig out of these holes. I would recommend you read 'Super Imperialism, The Economic Strategy of American Empire' By Michael Hudson. It does not mean that we people of Asian or subcontinental origin can absolve ourselves from responsibilities of a reasonable and decent condut. Investment in human resources in countries like Pakistan is the need of hour but it is not going to happen while mutitude of conflicts divide and subdivide people along various fault lines. SO YOU HAVE TO LOOK IT WHAT ARE THE FACTORS/FORCES THAT AGGRAVATE /FLAME these conflicts and WHAT IS THE ANTIDOTE, that is where friends could help us understand our faults albiet in a better language.

I malik | February 20, 2010

Do not know much about him but he sounds good as far as his speech is concerned. things that does not fit is every one around him are fashion designer, singer etc. no reflection of what he speaks, in his team. all the fact he mentioned about Islam are true and many muslim are aware of it, but my argument in Islam spread with the behaviour of Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. not with speech. no reflection of Islam in his team. Last night's speech on ary news, there was clear difference of class. VIP's were sitting seperate to other public. Islam teaches equality.

omar | February 20, 2010

Malik sahib, you are on the wrong website (just kidding, Sepoy bahadur). On this site, we dont believe Islam teaches holy war and all that Zaid Hamid crap. Really, look back through the articles posted on this blog.....

imran | February 20, 2010

It all depends what you call a !!!!!war!!!!! as there is no world called holy war. please correct you concept.

Beh-Yahoo-di | February 20, 2010

>>>Policies of Pakistani govts (unrepresentative), State of Pakistan and people >>>People like Hamid or Palin can stoke peoples emotions Goverment and Army is made of people. Pakistan was created based on emotions. After independence, Pakistan's founding fathers didn't reconstruct, reform and invest time to stabilize Pakistan but invaded Kashmir in 1948, why? It was thought that North-Eastern Indian muslims can't live in India with Hindus (Muslim League represented the Indian muslims) and Islam will unite ethnic and cultural diverse Pakistanis. But Islam can't tolerate diversity (Shia, Sunni, Ahmediyas etc) so it is not for Pakistan, Islam might work in a uniform muslim society like Iran (Shia) but we see problems already in Iran. Why, there is still debate what kind of country Pakistan should be, South-Eastern muslim countries (Malaysia) who gain independence in 1958 are more developed, why not Pakistan? >>>Economical /Financial order is stacked against some nations Needy can't dictate the conditions. You, yourself will not give money to somebody on his terms as simple as that. >>> recommend you read 'Super Imperialism" Romans, Ottoman and British empire did it, Pakistan is doing where it can (Afghanistan), why complan if US or West is doing, China has started to project its power, why complain. >>>it is not going to happen while mutitude of conflicts divide and subdivide people If we have tribal or pond mentality and fight on small and petty interests, can't see bigger picture, why blame others? >>>You can recall are, beggars, stuck in past,violent,irrational, inefriority complex We are stuck in past, we are glorifying invaders and foreginers like Bin-Kasims, Ghauris, Moguls etc. Pakistan has people who think rationally but never going to lead because Pakistanis are looking for quick solutions, someone to come, work and solve problems for them, like turning to Army for help. If my comments could provoke thinking then it was worth. I am not trying to insult anybody here specially Pakistanis, I am sorry if my commnets came accross that way. I think the only way to progress is forward thinking, past is past, time to look forward for the benefit of our people. The conflict or war is not the solution to the problem but communication and dialogues are. Let us work for peace, stability and constructively for the benefit of our people

omar | February 21, 2010

Imran, You are perfectly in tune with the tone of this blog. That is exactly what I meant, there is no such thing as holy war and all that jihad against infidels crap among the owners and regulars of this blog. Which is why I told Malik sahib that this Zaid Hamid crap is out of place here.....we are all liberals here, we dont like war (holy or unholy), we dont like imperialism (western or Arab, though some of us believe that it is not good form to talk of Arab imperialism when the Arabs are themselves imperial subjects now, let bygones be bygones and so on)...

Akbar | February 21, 2010

Pakistan was created based on emotions. After independence, Pakistan's founding fathers didn't reconstruct, reform and invest time to stabilize Pakistan but invaded Kashmir in 1948, why? It was thought that North-Eastern Indian muslims can't live in India with Hindus (Muslim League represented the Indian muslims) and Islam will unite ethnic and cultural diverse Pakistanis Did you by any chance read Jaswant Singh 's "Jinnah-partition, India" and Why BJP expelled him? Is it a case of Projection ? But Islam can't tolerate diversity (Shia, Sunni, Ahmediyas etc) so it is not for Pakistan, Islam might work in a uniform muslim society like Iran (Shia) but we see problems already in Iran. Why, there is still debate what kind of country Pakistan should be, South-Eastern muslim countries (Malaysia) who gain independence in 1958 are more developed, why not Pakistan? Can you point out how many contradictions are there in these five lines. Malaysia last time I checked is pretty diverse in ethnicity and relgions actuallly probably more diverse than Pakistan, so Is 'Malaysian Islam' different than subcontinental or Iranian Islam? Now if we suppose history did not start in 1947, then how do you explain millions of people of Indian subcontinent origin embracing Islam voluntarily? Lats time I checked close to half billion people combined together in Pakistan ,India and Bangladesh profess Islam as their faith, Were/Are these irrational people ,who were waiting for a 'religion that cannot tolerate diversity' and adopted it as soon as they got a chance? Romans, Ottoman and British empire did it, Pakistan is doing where it can (Afghanistan), why complan if US or West is doing, China has started to project its power, why complain. So you are saying 'might is right' is fine as long as one is the mightiest. If we have tribal or pond mentality and fight on small and petty interests, can't see bigger picture, why blame others? I was merely pointing to the bigger picture by bringing the factors that are beyond any Pakistani's control in discussion, did not mean to blame anybody, neither wanted to grant myself or any Pakistani a pass on our own responsibilities, that is the primary factor needed to correct our situition. We are stuck in past, we are glorifying invaders and foreginers like Bin-Kasims, Ghauris, Moguls etc. You can find it on this blog also and through internet etc that Pakistani youth is having none of this. It may still be in some text books but people are much more smarter than that. Let us work for peace, stability and constructively for the benefit of our people Amen

Dr. Haider Shah | March 09, 2010

People like Zaid are symptoms of an acute Psychiatric disorder at national level; unable to do any wonders in the world we enjoy being led into a fantasy world; just like Heroin addicts we dont wish to come out of our state of affairs; We need Zaid kind of people to supply us uninterrupted doses of hallucinating drugs;

yumy | March 09, 2010

People like zaid Hamid, the lower the IQ the more you hate them !!!

Aqib Mumtaz | March 10, 2010

I would request you everyone to Please clear your minds for Zaid Hamid ... He is True Mard-e-Momin and Mujahid ... Go through my blog ... Read it ... and be the part of Mr.Zaid Hamid mission for Takmeel-e-Pakistan ... Your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks. http://slimlogix.blogspot.com/2010/03/mrzaid-hamid-true-mujahid.html

Qalandar | March 10, 2010

Is this the new secret lives of internet cafes thread?

Jonathan Dresner | March 10, 2010

I don't know how I missed this post. This is the problem with RSS feeds, though: I had no idea this thread was here! Wow.

Naz | March 11, 2010

Its sad to see how people will go to any extent to defame someone. All the accusations are based on a primary convention that Yusuf actually did claim to be a prophet. One must look into solid evidence before taking such huge steps as we are all accountable in front of Allah and he who misleads for worldly gain or limited understanding because of less effort will be in a very vulnerable position on the day of judgement. Also please see this for further guidance”: http://www.mediafire.com/?jjmddjtwd2z

mason | March 12, 2010

he is gando

namaloom | March 13, 2010

Dear Brothers plz chk link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnThqV9CKn8

namaloom | March 13, 2010

Dear Brothers plz chk link Zaid Hamid Admits His Links To Yousuf Kazzab - Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zwgWOI0iyo

Syed Ali | March 14, 2010

Dear Sir, Your lecture is good for the crowd consumption.But your first and foremost priority should be to educate 90 % of uneducated lots of Pakistan.People do not understand your talk as they are hungry and sick.For Godsake put sometime to all these issues as well.Emotional speeches do not unload burden from our shoulder.Concrete steps are required.You should do what you are doing but also motivate people for education,health and housing.Thanks

akhtar iqbal | March 14, 2010

Mr zahid hamid is our proud and dignity. Allah keep him safe and sound to anymis.

ali nawaz | March 17, 2010

thanks to Allah Almighty who has blessed us with such brave mujahids......may he live long..........

ali nawaz | March 17, 2010

Mr Zaid Hamid is our pride....

wazir khan | March 18, 2010

dear sir , i would like to start your mission here in Belgium and Europe and i would like and need advoice frome you to adress me what i have to do and how.2nd thing we Pakistanis looking for an place in our city to biuld a mosque and inshallah will be very soon but dear sir you know the pakistanis amossions about Islam same time they are too much amossional for that. please pray for us and advice me thanks and duaa for you to all you missions for Pakistan and Islam wazir khan from Belgium

omar | March 18, 2010

shamelessly cross posting from the new Zaid Hamid thread: Manan, I will play devil's advocate and say that this phenomenon is very interesting, but not that important in “real life”. It seems bigger than it is because the people lining up to cheer “Sir Zaid” are OUR class, especially in Punjab. But I think his 15 minutes are almost up and he will soon be replaced by some other figure. Hardcore jihadi ideology existed before Allama Iqbal and Zaid Hamid (yes, you heard me right; I did put this ass and the great poet in the same sentence) and will pretty much exist after the ISI decides to dump “Sir Zaid”. For those people who are exploding in markets and mosques the anjuman e himayat e Islam verses of Allama Lahori and the rants of Zaid sahib are really just the icing on the cake, not a cause of the problem. Then you have the mummy-daddy jihadis who flock to lectures by Zaid Hamid. Well, I am sorry, but I am not too impressed with this lot. They are not capable of exploding or even doing something moderately dangerous like harboring a terrorist. They are just filling in time between dates at “Tea-coffee and me” and A-level superexams (in which they do almost as well as the Indians). Allama and this Zaid Hamid nonsense is just entertainment and emotional release. Sure, some will go nuts like that fraud Qudratullah Shahab and invent stories of spying in Israel without sleeping for ten days (he actually believed that…reminds me of “a beautiful mind”, but without the beautiful mind). They will get some degraded version of western education, do tech level jobs or get rich fleecing medicare (OK, I am kidding, they will do all kinds of solid real work and bring up their families and pay their mortgages, good solid middle class lives await most of them)…they are not a serious threat. I am NOT claiming that everyone in Pakistan is on the verge of some kind of middle class utopia. I am just saying the “sir zaid and sir azmat” crowd is a small middle class phenomenon with NO resonance in the larger mass of Pakistanis. And I am happy to lay a bet on this with anyone who thinks Sir Zaid will become some kind of serious player in Pakistani politics. Even Imran Khan (whose ideology is a more sensible version of Sir Zaid's ranting) has more real support than this joker. And I am one of those who think HE (the great Imran, who I really do think is a “great hero”) has no serious future in Pakistani politics either.

Beh-Yahoo-di | March 18, 2010

Problem with Pakistan: - A nation (Pakistan) without nationals, Pakistanis (It is called set up). - Pakistanis — ruling elite especially eastablisment, Army and ISI who to rule are stuck in the past inept at moving on. Ruling elites think that “all will be well” if they will get Kashmir. - Pakistan has never found the true purpose of existence, its existance is defined only in relation to India. India has to be painted as negatively as possible. - Pakistanis are savior of the islamic world. Ordinary Pakistani should question "What will make their life better "? Pakistanis should demand better education, health and public services from their leaders. Pakistan should work hard to make its citizens lives better and progress rather than stopping others from progressing. Problem with Pakistan is that mullah, Islamic fundamentalists, politicians, army and ISI are fueling religious sentiments and anti-India hysteria to serve their own self interest, nobody is thinking about Pakistan's progress. Forward thinking will help to advance Pakistan economically, economic power counts more in the world than religious ideology. Ideology or theory reflects the solutions of the problems faced during that time. The problems change as time changes so what soultion was relevant 60 years ago might not be good for todays problems.

Salman | March 18, 2010

Poor man's Tom Friedman? Is that you? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/03/opinion/03friedman.html

Salman | March 18, 2010

Christopher Hitchens, May be? {{site.baseurl}}archives/homistan/oh_the_drudgery_of_punditry.html yawn!!!

Azeem | March 20, 2010

Below is the Email communication which is I think helpful for you people to understand the truth. Assalamoalikum, There are few things which i would like to bring into your notice here. He is smart what he said in his you tube about aqaid the same almost he wrote on a paper format Iqrar Nama i read that too. Now try to understand it here the case with cool mind. He seems not culprit by himself when we all heard about his ideology. The problem is he is linked with Yousuf kazzab and he is his Kalifa and Sahabi. (Audio Is also there of the speech. It was proven by the court and by the people who knows him in the court.) He did not said anything wrong about Yosuf kazzab in his Youtube as well as his written matter which he recently released as his iqrar nama. Although it is launch day before yesterday or yesterday. Now try to understand it in different way, If you know him by any means Ghulam ahmed Qadiani or not but you will say him kafir & Murtid after knowing his aqaids. right. You will not say only, That i believe on Allah and Rasool SAW and i am not concern with Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. No .... You have to say Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani is Kafir and murtid. Your eman and deeni ghairat will not let you quiet on Jhotay nabi Marzai par. It is part of Emaniat. Now, here he did not say anything about Yousuf Kazzab still, It is required indeed. We have no argument if his personality become clear again as he was in my good book earlier when i dont know about him even every Pakistani was thinking like this. Second thing for an example, If you know a little bit about Qadiani then you will know their Tareeqa Wardaat. You will be surprise, Even now they are saying we believe on Nabi SAW, Some will say he is the last prophet even(Only few). Why.... they beleif Ghulam Ahmed is same as Mohammed, (zilli or browsi taur par) Naozobillah or he is Mehdi or sometimes he is Maseeh Maood. See even now. How do you know about them? by their books what his False and liar prophet said in his book about his aqaid. Now even they reject we know all their aqaid by the books. They have to condemn Ghulam AHmed Qadiani in any case which they do not, so even now if they says they beleif on Nabi SAW they are still Ahmedi/Qadiani and non Muslims. right. Why, This Zaid Hamid did not say anything against him still, he is only doing lafzon ka hair phair. If he clear his views as per the shariah then he is my brother and also a role model to listen and follow his ideology. In the above attachments that you sent to me of Zaid Hamid. In which he said it is a ilmi Discussion was going on with Majlis tahafuz-e- Khatme nabuwat. Just listen the You tube links you sent me in the other email. are those wording which he used for Ulemas, Debandis and islamic scholars are ilmi guftugo. Sad afsos hai. Please listen again he said they are jhotay kazaab, 2 takky k molvi fisad barpa karani walay, firoan. is this ilmi guftogu. Zaid hamid is the biggest liar and a big fitna. See the answer of your attachments. http://zaidhamidexposition.wordpress.com/ Please come out from his dajal. After listening you will understand how big liar he is. He is a fraudia and using media to fool people but more important for me is you before others. Please read the following Article and think logically and I pray to Allah to guide all muslims on correct path. http://www.scribd.com/doc/28168015/Pori-Pakistani-Baradari-Jhooti-Ya-Akela-Zaid-Zaman-Khatam-e-Nabuwat Please see another proof against him. he is the suspect. http://www.scribd.com/doc/28202289/AMTKN-Open-Challenge-to-Zaid-Hamid I also put some comment on your second email but those comments i wrote before this email so if you want to read those no problem but after this email , i hope and prayed all things will be cleared in your mind. Allah ham sub ko hidayat naseeb farmaiy aur hidayat par rakhay. ameen. Warmest Regards Azeem Other side response of my trailing email There are 3 attachments in this email of the person, one which is the letter of Dr. Israr Ahmed on 9/03/2010, I already put the link in the end of the post which will answer the first attachment. 2nd & 3rd attachment related to that he is not link by any means of Maulana Shahadat. You can see his entire document on the internets. I have answered this in my leading email. Assalam U Alaikum, I'm glad to hear that you remembered all those emails I sent regarding Zaid Hamid on Pakistan, USA, CIA & Khilafat. He was linked with Yousuf Kazaab for a fact. But hidayat from ALLAH subhanawa Tallah can change anyone at anytime in life. So, the question that I have and many others would like to ask is about his faith & belief. Is he in fact pushing the torch of Yousuf Kazzab forward??? or is he trying to do something else?? What are his motives?? Attached above are the articles regarding this matter. A good advice is good for all in general and we are advised by our prophet S.A.W.W to listen and analyze. His vision about pakistan, return of khilafa, interest free economy are clear and we appreciate them. His informative lectures on Zionist & Zionism, Jews, CIA conspiracy & many other hard hitting & EYE opening topics are MUST WATCH for muslims from ANY maslak. That all said, Muslim scholars from ashraful madaris believe that Zaid Hamid, Zakir Naik & many other lecturers who are extremely influential are on their watch list. So, it is advisable not to trust everything they say & to consult from QURAN & SUNNAT before following them. Let us all be open minded enough to FIND THE TRUTH, A man is only accused until he is found guilty, in between that time we all should search & examine the facts. Regards, P.S. May ALLAH guide us all. My first email, which I sent to the person earlier Assalamoalaikum, It is confirmed Maulana did challange to prove Yusuf Kazzab did try for false prophethood. and Zaid Hamid is linked with him. Who is Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, He (rahmatullah Alai) was the Ameer of Majlis -e-Tahafuz Khatm-e-Nabuwat after Ameer Yusuf Ludhyanwi shaheed RA. He was also answering apke Masail or unka hal in the Friday Jang newspaper after the shahadat of Maulana Yousuf Ludhyani. I am here posting the link of the Umat Newspaper article in which, it was questioned to Zaid Hanid First. http://www.kashifhafeez.com/large.php?path=2008-10-06&img=kh_articles/large/2008-10-06.gif And also posting the interview of Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri, Interview of Maulana Saeed Ahmad Jalalpuri Sahab Regarding Yousuf Kazzab & Zaid Hamid Yesterday, I went to “Aalmi Majlis e Tahaffuz e Khatm e Nubuwwat” (AMTKN) office at Purani Numaish, M.A. Jinnah Road, Masjid Babur Rehmat, Karachi Pakistan. And, I got an opportunity to talk to Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri sahab himself, who is the Ameer of AMTKN. I am producing my conversation with respected Maulana below in the form of questions and answers: Q: Did some one from AMTKN or Ulema Karam actively participate in the case against Yusuf Kazab? A: Obviously ! the case was registered by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Shuja Abadi on the directions of quaideen of AMTKN Q: Some people say that the Yusuf Kazab became a victim of Daily Khabrain Editor Zia Shahid's enmity because Zia Shahid had some land/money dispute with Yusuf Kazab? A: Suppose, if this was the case, then leave Zia Shahid, and take rest of the evidences, which are too much, coming from too many sources, too strong and too crystal clear in nature. AMTKN challenges any one who have any “proof” that Yusuf Kazab did not claimed to be a prophet, please come forward and AMTKN will listen him/her carefully, analyze those proofs and will clarify its stance publicly with all those proofs and counter-proofs. Its an open challenge for any one. Q: Maulana, how AMTKN proof that Zaid Hamid was indeed “Syed Zaid Zaman”, the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab? A: I recommend you to read my booklet which contain non refutable proof that “Syed Zaid Zaman”, the Khalifa of Yusuf Kazab is none other than Zaid Hamid. AMTKN stand by this document and if Zaid Hamid wants to refute it or prove us wrong than he is more than welcome to visit us any time he like. We would sit together and discuss all counter proofs that he have and inshaAllah there will be khair. Nothing to fight over, its very simple, we have proofs you have counter-proofs, lets sit together and resolve it once and for all. Q: Maulana do you have all those proofs in the documentation form? A: Not only do we have those proofs in the documentation form, but those people who were affected by the murtid Yusuf Kazab are in our loop. I have personally met with some of those people as well. Q: Person A was a follower of Yusuf Kazab, but now he says that he has “nothing to do with Yusuf or his beliefs or any other people like him”. What is the minimum requirement according to Shariah for Person A to come out clear from the mess he was involved in his past? A: According to Shariah, Person A will have to do the following: 1. Acceptance — Accept publicly and openly that he “did” a mistake by negating the finality of Prophet Muhammad Salalaho Alayhi Wassalam and by following a liar Kazab and a false prophet. 2. Repentance — Repent that what ever he did was indeed a great sin and do Tauba and Astaghfar with Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala. 3. Disassociate — Disassociate publicly and openly that now he is no more a follower of Yusuf Kazab and his beliefs 4. Condemn — Condemn publicly and openly that Yusuf Kazab was indeed a liar and a murtid 5. Tajdeed e Iman — Do tajdeed of Iman (which also includes tajdeed of Aqid e Khatm e Nubuwwat) publicly and openly 6. Tajdeed e Nikah — Do tajdeed of Nikah Q: [I show Maulana, the responses that Zaid Hamid sahab has given so far and ask his opinion] if they fulfill the requirement of Shariah? A: No, these vague statements are not enough and does not fulfill the requirements of Shariah (as mentioned in the answer of above question). Q: Maulana, will AMTKN welcome Zaid Hamid if he wishes to visit you to discuss this issue in detail? A: I've already stated it in clear terms, we will welcome Zaid Hamid to come and discuss this issue. But, I can also tell you one thing, if Zaid Hamid is a culprit and is double crossing then, mark my words, he will never come, he will prefer to drink poison than visiting us at AMTKN office. Regarda Azeem This is the addition I did later as I saw this recently posted and it will also exposed false propaganda of Zaid Hamid. See the truth of Dr. Israr Ahmed relation. (we can find so many other details about him too on the following website) http://zaidhamidexposition.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/tanzeem-i-islami-issues-a-second-press-release-blasts-zaid-hamid-declares-yusuf-a-kazab-once-again/

salim | March 20, 2010

Found in article in Wkpd. Just the thought of it being possible shows how far Indian hawks can go to destroy Pakistan. "Over last few years, R&AW is covertly executing an offensive second phase operation, Chanakya II, which employs a "win trust in disguise, divide and conquer" strategy. While R&AW continues to expand its spy network outreach deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan, paradoxically, this strategy also includes sponsorship of groups that professedly preach a vehemently anti-India, pro-Pakistan, nationalistic ideology to the Pakistani masses. R&AW covertly nurtures media personalities, think-tanks and defense analysis consulting groups in Pakistan who attempt to squarely influence Pakistani popular thinking stoking the anti-establishment sentiment and a foreign invasion paranoia. R&AW assumes that this strategy would raise a new leadership in Pakistan that would first win the trust of the masses, then infiltrate into the corridors of Pakistani political power, and finally work in disguise towards the consolidation of Indian influence on the entire Indus riparian."

omar | March 20, 2010

This is great. The khatam e naboowat fanatics are now going after Zaid Fraudia hammer and tongs. I predict that ISI will dump this joker very soon (I just hope they dont kill anyone in the process) because they cannot afford to completely shatter the Mullah-military alliance. Btw, I do think that this Zaid Hamid nonsense is much much shallower than the mullahcracy nonsense. Mullahs have 1200 years of history and a real religion behind them. This Zaid business is concocted on the fly from bits and pieces of Allama Iqbal and Jeenah bhai and Qudratullah Shahab thrown in with ISI masala and "crush india" and heated with "pakistan ka matlab kya". Its a very unstable and pathetic mixture and its not going anywhere....

Beh-Yahoo-di | March 20, 2010

@Salim What you are are saying, whatever happens in Pakistan is India's fault, ani-India, pro-India and anti-Pakistan sentiments are the work of RAW? Does it make sense? What India will gain attacking Pakistan? Why India would like to inherit a mess that is Pakistan? Pakistan is on the path of self-destruction as a result of mess of its own creation. Pakistani religious fanatics supported by army and ISI to gain strategical advantage against India in Afghanistan and Kashmir will lead into Ghazwa-e-Pakistan, not India. The biggest threat to Pakistan comes from army and ISI nexus who is creating imaginary US, Israeli and Indian threat for their self interests to control Pakistan. In other countries, army makes sacrifices to protect country but Pakistani army is sacrificing country to prtect itself. It was not India, why Pakistan lost Bangladesh, it was due to Pakistani army. Pakistani army will do everything to keep power and to undermine democratically elected government, paint civil government as week, corrupt etc. If Pakistan disintegrate, the army and ISI will be responsible again, as it was in Bangladesh. Pakistanis should identify who is true enemy and stop blaming India for their mess and problems.

muhammad | March 21, 2010

zaid hamid is onde of the worst persons after kiasuf kazab, i know the reality and propoganda against Islam and Khatm-e-nobowat. he is deceiving all the muslims ,so please avoid..........................................

J. C. | March 21, 2010

I am from India and I have been watching him reasonably often and I find Zaid Hamid fascinating. He has created a narrative for Pakistan that is more compelling than what even Jinnah or Post-England Allama Iqbal could've created. I say that because the case for Pakistan, IMO, was never convincing. About his vitriol against India - I honestly don't think he believes it himself. I suppose he is saying certain things because he want to keep his fans on track - and that means do some predictable India bashing.

omar | March 22, 2010

J.C. Someday a real historian like Manan will look into the genesis of this particular narrative. Not in a superficial "analyst" manner, but really dig up sources and references and see where the trail starts and where it leads. Zaida has not invented this idiocy by himself. He had help. Look into Qudratullah Shahab, Ashfaq Ahmed and Mumtaz Mufti, then into the peers and "thinkers" THEY were following. Its an interesting story. Of course, Zaida takes it to new heights of idiocy. But there is a long story behind it. About the India bashing, I think it seems peripheral in the sense that the narrative is really about how the creation of Pakistan is the first step in the revival of a new Islamic empire (madina e saani), but at an emotional level, that is the heart of the matter. After all, these are Indians who hate nothing as much as they hate the idea of India. Psychohistorians will generate many papers and grants writing about this after the whole thing dies (hopefully with a whimper, but there is a non-zero probability of ending with a real bang accompanied by mushroom clouds). At the level of his followers, this is a very very brittle ideology. I have seen people explode in anger, then break out in tears and then become a committed Zaid-hater in the space of a few hours. The whole things is a psychiatrists dream.....

Beh-Yahoo-di | March 22, 2010

@Omar For India bashing, we have to undertsnad the idea and philosophy behind Pakistan's creation. Pakistan's creation was based on negativity (India - muslims = Pakistan), it was not even muslims + mulims = Pakistan. Pakistan's creators didn't realise that the country will come with responsibilities to its citizens, they spent energy and time to prove that UP muslims can't live with Hindus and a separate land will solve all economical and social problems facing muslims. After partition, where India concentrated its efforts to unite the country, abolishing feudal system and land reforms etc. Pakistan's emphasis was on getting more Indian territory based on religion, ignoring economical and social reforms, settlements of displaced muslims from India. Pakistan was a disaster from first day, UP muslims for whom Pakistan was created and faught for it, became 3rd class citizens and Bengalis refuse to accept Urdu. Islam that was the founding stone for Pakistan's creation turned out to be the problem. Islam might work for monolithic muslim society and Pakistan was not. Pakistan can't go bashing muslim Iran or Afghanistan (that will be accepting the defeat), it has to be secular Indian system. Pakistan was an artificial country without Pakistani citizens, Urdu a foreign language. That is why Pakistanis are insecure, have identity crisis (pretending to be Arabs) and should hate everything that is Indian or have to do with India. Pakistan spent more time to stop India progressing rather solving its own problems. Pakistan has to cure it self from pathological obsession of comparing with india if it has to progress and develop.

omar | March 22, 2010

Yahoodi, I think you overestimate the role of ideology in national life. I think all intellectuals do that. In actual practical details, Pakistan is not as different from India as you may imagine. Somethings work, many do not, but its not a black and white comparison. Roads in Pakistani Punjab may be better than in Indian punjab in some areas, not in others. Agriculture has developed more in India, but not by a huge margin and in the last 2-3 years there has been a surprising transformation in the fortunes of rural central punjab (I speak anecdotally, someone else will have to get the figures, but I can tell you that in our village the pendulum has swung in favor of the villagers for the first time in decades.....due to inflation, farm products are selling for more, city poor are in worse shape than rural poor). Education has improved in the cities. Services provided by the private sector have definitely improved. Islamic Pakistan is still doing better than secular Bihar or UP. I agree that at a macro level the incoherence of the basic national idea leads to nonsense like military rule and jingoistic India-bashing, and jihadi terrorism has caused a huge crisis of its own, but even WITH all that, the lives of most people are not as different as you may imagine. I think IF Pakistan had stayed on the jihadi course, then in 10 years the difference would become glaringly obvious, but I also think its NOT going to stay on the jihadi course. I think the two countries are joined at the hip and if one improves, the other tends to follow...we watch India too closely to be left too far behind. All this Zaid Hamid nonsense is really the dying embers of the jihadi dream. Its going going gone....I did say there is a non-zero possibilty of going with a bang, but its not a large probability.

Beh-Yahoo-di | March 22, 2010

I agree, Pakistani Punjab and some other regions are more advanced than UP and Bihar. Agriculture sector is still not well developed in certain parts of India. Pakistan should invest more in education to counter and dilute jihadi influence. I also hope that Pakistan will not stay on self destructive jihadi course and will soon find its way out from present mess. More depends on how Pak army will react to the situation. Will army think more about development, progress and future of Pakistan? The regional political stability is crucial for the economic progress of south east and central asia. Jihadi terrorism will push back region to dark ages and will further add to the misery of the people's lives.

umarcaliph | March 23, 2010

Beh-Yahoo-di Your problem is you are very jealous of what ever progress Pakistan made in years. You have to search a Pakistani defense analyst and have to comment about him and Pakistan, which shows how scared you are as an Indian and Hindu. It shows the inferiority complex you have. I have no problem understanding your fear as your forefathers were ruled by Muslims for 1000 of years. Why you are sacred I can see, because of the Nukes we have in Pakistan. Which is a threat to your so called dream of united India. Well as you are not accepting the very existence of Pakistan, why we should accept your progress as a nation. The killings India are doing in Kashmir and the Muslim killings in Gujarat on the name of religion... is this you called progress and democracy…. I can go on and on … you have a lot of problems in your country and sure Pakistan can exploit it easily … as India is exploiting and you are explaining here ……but we have a bigger mission … we will progress and make the whole India as ONE ….United sates of Pakistan. Oh yes …now you will say it is not possible …but if you as an Indian talk about United India then it is possible …go work for your slum dog Indians and solve there problems …Stop day dreaming..… Not good for your own country …because if we start our progress you will be history ………………we will solve our problems in Pakistan. .... Dont you worry... When ever there is a chance India move there forces from east side of Afghanistan borders in the from of Indian embassy ambush and west side of Indian borders and you think we are not aware of it and then at the top of that you talk about peace. Indian make deals with US and Israeli militants…to harm Pakistan… is this not terrorism…??. Yes this is called State Terrorism. We will defend our nation Pakistan at any cost and with full force and move ahead this time to complete the mission for United States of Pakistan. Insha Allah. Pakistan Zindabad.

omar | March 23, 2010

Oh well, the show is over. It looks like the mother of all agencies has dumped him (Ahmed Qureshi has announced that he does not agree with Zaid Hamid's views about Yusuf Kazzab, LOL). Poor guy, I feel bad for him now. Left to twist in the wind, he may even be bumped off by someone one of these days. And the burger jihadis who were getting all excited on the internet, poor souls....i feel even worse for them. Will they be left all alone with their A-level cram sheets and their dreams of Maria B? Oh, the humanity! I know, I am being cruel. I really do feel bad for the mummy-daddy jihadis. Most of them are such nice souls with such high hopes. I hope this does not make them cynical for life and I hope some of them find more positive causes to contribute to. And of course, I am thankful that nobody got hurt. The way things are in Pakistan, they could easily have become "collateral damage" in some Jewish-Zionist-Hindu-ISI plot.

Qalandar | March 24, 2010

Re: "And the burger jihadis who were getting all excited on the internet, poor souls….i feel even worse for them. Will they be left all alone with their A-level cram sheets and their dreams of Maria B? Oh, the humanity!" You need to do a humor post man. I laughed out loud on the amtrak train, surprising my fellow passengers...

Nostalgic | March 25, 2010

And I shamelessly borrowed the following lines for a facebook post... forgive me! "Poor guy, I feel bad for him now. Left to twist in the wind, he may even be bumped off by someone one of these days. And the burger jihadis who were getting all excited on the internet, poor souls….i feel even worse for them. Will they be left all alone with their A-level cram sheets and their dreams of Maria B? Oh, the humanity! I know, I am being cruel. I really do feel bad for the mummy-daddy jihadis. Most of them are such nice souls with such high hopes. I hope this does not make them cynical for life and I hope some of them find more positive causes to contribute to. And of course, I am thankful that nobody got hurt. The way things are in Pakistan, they could easily have become “collateral damage” in some Jewish-Zionist-Hindu-ISI plot."

Gopal | March 25, 2010

Zaid Hamid has been making many tall claims in his talks. I shall talk of a few: 1. The myth of 1000 years of Muslim rule over India Muhammad bin Qasim did enter and capture Sindh in the 8th Century but that ingress was not a stable one and boundaries of Islamic Caliphate kept on changing. Mahmud Ghaznavi did not really establish any empire over what is today known as Pakistan and India. It was only when Muhammad Ghori captured Delhi that a Sultanat with Islamic character was created in the region. The year 1192 AD. Islamic rule over Delhi in some form or the other continued till 1857 but it kept on waxing and waning during this period. The most prosperous and progressive period of Islamic rule was when it moved away from the rabid variety to more assimilative and accommodative regime, in Deccan and in the Mughal Durbar. Zaid Hamid will do well to remember that other than Spain, where there was a violent reaction to Islamic rule and consequent expulsion of a reasonably benevolent and progressive regime, India remains the only country which did not convert to Islam in totality. 2. The threat of another Panipat First Battle of Panipat was in 1526 between Ibrahim Lodi and Babur - both Muslims. Second Battle in 1556 was between Mughals and a usurper Hemu who happened to be a Hindu but whose main forces comprised disgruntled Mughals. The Third Battle in 1761 was between Ahmad Shah Durrani - an Afghan and the Maratha Confederacy, mainly Hindu forces, for suzerainty over the Mughal Kingdom - which was hardly an empire now. Marathas lost and Durrani captured Delhi, looted a Muslim kingdom, carried home the booty and slaves, including Muslim women and children. So which Panipat are you threatening India with Mr. Hamid? Would you also care to remember the Qatl-e-aam in Delhi by Taimur and Nadir Shah at different times in History? These were both Muslims and Delhi was the Capital of an Islamic Empire if one is to believe your story of 100o years of Muslim rule. 3. You speak of India as a land of Hindu Zionists. You should remember that Zionism as a philosophy is more alien to Hinduism than to Islam. The growth of Islam in India was not such a painless process as Islamic revisionist historians would have us believe. Sindh does not regard Dahir as a tyrant even today or Muhammad bin Qasim as a benevolent invader. The cry of Allah-hu-Akbar has been used by the faithful not only in praise of Allah but also in perpetrating intolerable atrocities on the defenceless and the defeated. While the greatness of the invocation cannot be held in doubt, its use for not so holy purposes is also not to be doubted, especially when it is reduced to a battlecry as many other battlecries the world over. 4. Khyber Solution Please do not invoke the name of the Rasul (saw) of Allah in your puerile theorising. Mr. Hamid grow up and become a good Muslim and a good Pakistani and stop this childish petulant behaviour. The world, and our neighbourhood, would be a better place if you desisted from warmongering. Have faith in Allah.

omar | March 25, 2010

Gopal, you are right, but that means absolutely nothing to Zaid Hamid or his acolytes. This is not about what actually happened in history (how is the khilafat e rashida a model society? model for what?). This is about ISI getting back in the saddle in Pakistan. Even the India-bashing is secondary to that objective.

Amir R Jaffar | March 27, 2010

Beh Yahoo di.. I am with you on all counts and charges. It is really as simple as you put it, though the solution seems equally grave and impossible. Of course there always will be people (as is embedded in our desi psyche) who'll readily jump forth and shoot down other people's views and take arguments to another direction, totally overlooking the obvious. Just to add to your point where you say no one is bothered about Pakistan and it's development - From what I've been seeing and reading and hearing (thanks to the net) there is one person who can bring hope to the country if people really rally behind him sincerely. It's Imran Khan.

Nostalgic | March 29, 2010

Imran Jamaat-e-Islami-lite-Taliban-apologist Khan?

bukhari | March 29, 2010

To, Date: 10-04-2009 The Nation Keeping in view our political ethos it is imperative to establish a modified / streamlined system of establishing national governance structure by giving every political segment its due share. The state should play supervisory role, regulating and controlling every thing through Public institutions. Individual authorities should be seized. 1973 Constitution gives right of governance only to the majority party and ignores the right of governance to minority parties and disappoints the citizens / voters who vote for regional leadership. In frustration they demand more regional autonomy. Although a constitution basically defines the manner in which sovereign power is shared (and exercised), the 1973 Constitution gives, to the Prime Minister or the President, absolute power to appoint the COAS, the CJ, the Secretaries, the Ambassadors and the Ministers etc and, generally, to post and transfer officials on Key Jobs. As a result, it breeds, instead of Leaders, civilian dictators, thereby creating such situations as attract periodic military interventions. It is, therefore, that no Constitutional amendment can, unless and until we readdress our sovereign code, prevent a military coups. How long can we circumvent the constitution and end up with amendments and failures? All proposals are time bound and need to be adopted at an appropriate time frame. To keep the nation united I therefore propose a national government with rights of governance to all political parties represented in the parliament. The period of five years 1825 days should be divided by the 272 seats of National Assembly. The party securing highest number of seats should head the Government first followed by second highest to the lowest. Elected members of national and Provincial Assemblies in election 2008 should be given a right of heading one Ministry. All intellectual and interested members should submit proposal of reforms of each ministry they are interested to head. Best from them should be first minister followed by better and good up to the last. Every member must get chance of heading one ministry in his turn equally to all of his colleagues. This is the only solution to make sure that assembly will complete its tenure. It has become absolutely necessary to adopt a system which could meet the challenges faced by our nation. Time demands broad based democracy based upon five basic institutions. Education, Economics, Justice, Defence and Executvies. RELIGION: Compulsion is incompatible with religion because religion depends upon faith and will, which would be meaningless if induced by force. Therefore, we need to introduce a faith code inbuilt with a system for utilizing the 'mosque' as a citizen centre. ECONOMICS: We need to introduce new codes with inbuilt mechanism to transform feudalism into corporate farming which will provide us an opportunity to synchronize, on the one hand, demand with production and, on the other, production with consumption. JUSTICE: We need to develop and introduce a preventive, instead of a punitive jury code, so that the colonial judicial system inherited by us can be discarded and replaced by a preventive system of justice. DEFENCE: Army should be made responsible only for Geographic Boundaries (Air, Sea and Road) without any compromise. But Civil Defence needs to be designed on citizens input. Govt. should have only supervisory role. As a result of such reforms, each of our codes will not only be rendered in consonance with our ideology, religious reservations, cultural traits, natural resources and economic opportunities but also compatible with our present and future needs in the modern world and international community. Being a society architect, I feel disturbed to see my country in total disarray. I am available, in the national cause, for any query or feedback. Best wishes for a prosperous Pakistan. SYED AMMAR BUKHARI cell.+923212345617 www.theradiantpath.org

bukhari | March 29, 2010

EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CULTURE 1) FAMILY CULTURE: from ADAM to NOAH (Peace be upon him) (Peace be upon him) 2) TRIBAL CULTURE: from IBRAHEEM (Peace be upon him) to DAWOOD Versus (Peace be upon him) NIMROD (Warrior against Lord) All human were speaking same language. Nimrod confused the language by adding present tense and it became language of BABYLON with three tenses. Whereafter all worldly rulers have been using three tenses in their languages. The Quran was revealed, in the Arabic language, in the Past and Future tenses alone and, therefore, is not allowed to be recited, during prayers, in any worldly language due to this incompatibility of tenses. However, many scholars, while interpreting the message of the Quran, confuse the meanings on account of the use, in their languages, of three tenses. NIMROD (Warrior against Lord) raised the Tower of Babel to compete with Bait-Allah (Makkah) built by IBRAHEEM and ISMAIL (Peace be upon them). While the builder of KAABA is called MAEMAAR and his followers are Believers, Nimrod, the builder of the Tower of Babel, and his followers are called FREEMASONS who have all along been trying to corrupt the believers in revealed religion by promoting such worldly ethics as compromise on don'ts like Free Sex, Alcohal, Gambling, Usury etc. (Tribal cum Agri-Culture): from SULEMAN to MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon him) (Peace be upon him) 3) AGRICULTURE: from Muhammad to 18th Century (Peace be upon him) 4) INDUSTRY CULTURE: from 18th Century to 1998 5) I.T. CULTURE: from 1998 to the End of the time. SECULAR CODES OF CAPITALISM 1. AS ORIGINATING WITH, OR EVOLVED BY, NIMROD OF BABEL, PHARAOH OF EGYPT, SAMARITANS OF SAMARIA ETC: COMPASS SET SQUARE RIGHT ANGLE RIGHT ANGLE 90° 90° x 4= 360 ° COMPASS DIVIDES CIRCLE IN 6 EQUAL PARTS OF 60° EACH 60° x 6= 360 ° UNION JACK (SEX ACT) PYRAMID (ALL SEEING) EYE ORGAN OBELISK • Masonic Symbols: Compass, Square Eagle, Lion, Goat etc • Common Metonym Code 3 Emblem of Two Babylon • The freemasons desire to reinstate Two Babylon, or the Kingdoms of King NINUS and Queen Semiramis, which underlies the unending conflict in the Middle East, (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries as shown in the following MAP: Map of two Babylon However, this dream state of NIMROD (Warrior against Lord) and his followers has little chance of ever becoming a reality. 2. New World Order with Multi Codes for Multi Culture Society: • Illuminati Eye and Pyramid - Alphabets assimilating the Pyramid and the Compass : A K M N V W X Y Z • Metonym Codes applied for industrial culture : 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 • Multi Metonym Codes evolved: 3, 4, 6, 9, 13, 33 • Best Coordinated Evolution of Codes: Till August 8, 1970 (33) 8+8+17 • Maximum possible evolution of individual: On September 9, 1998 (9) Codes in multi culture society. 999 • Highest point of mutual conflict of illuminate Since March 3, 2001(9) codes inherent due to use of mighty force 333 against its good: • Economic decline is grounded in capitalism where the capitalist, though investing, as promoter/administrator, minimal/nominal amount and obtaining major funding at concessional interest rate, retains full profit of the business but his liability is, in the case of loss, limited to the extent of his share holding. • As the time theme, with its mystery in March 4, 2012 (12) relation to human history, demands a 345 new coding of the I.T. culture, the last day for de-coordinating such applied and Evolved codes as are incompatible with I.T. Culture: NEW TIME DEMANDS A NEW WORLD ORDER: From May 5, 2012 (6) 555 • Possibilities of a New World Order: http://www.maemaar.org.pk/securitycodeofcapitalism/possibilitiesofanewworldorder.htm The demand of Time - A Global Alliance of Jews, Christians and Muslims: We need to get our vision adjusted to the logic of events as they have unfolded in the beginning of the 21st century. If the believers repent and correct their course to pursue such values as conform with the universal plan, design and order of GOD, they are rewarded with world leadership. In case, however, they do not play this role, Nature permits the evil, for the correction of course, to gather momentum and rush with fury to a WAR ON THE BELIEVERS who, after substantial loss, are united by TIME to once again play a role on the world stage. 3) MEETHAQ-ALMADINA - SURA ALMAIDA: And you will find the nearest in love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: We are the Christians. That is because amongst them priests and monks and they are not proud. Verse-82 - SURA ANBIA Verily, this brotherhood of yours is a single nation and I am your lord and cherisher. Therefore serve me. Verse-92 - SURA MOMENON And we gave Moses the book, in order that they might receive guidance. Verse-49 And we made the son of Mary and his mother as a sign. We gave them both shelter on high ground, affording rest and security, and furnished it with springs. Verse-50 And verily this Ummah (Brotherhood) of yours is a single nation. Verse-52 - SURA ANKABUT And dispute ye not With the People of the Book, Except with means better (Than mere disputation), unless It be with those of them Who inflict wrong (and injury), But say, “We believe In the revelation which has Come down to us and in that Which came down to you; Our God and your God Is One; and it is to Him We bow. Verse-46

omar | March 30, 2010

Bokhari sahib, you take the cake, or whatever prize Sepoy is offering for most imaginative post of the year. Wow! Very funny and genuinely entertaining. Not since Hazrat Lewis Carrol (pbuh) has anyone combined serious purposes with such an unfettered imagination. Great work.

Gopal | March 31, 2010

Omar Bhai Wonderful comment on Janab Bokhari. I really fell off the chair.

Beh-Yahoo-di | March 31, 2010

@umarcaliph Asatoma Sad Gamaya, tamaso ma jyotirgamaya O Lord, Lead Us From Untruth To Truth, From Darkness To Light. >>The killings India are doing in Kashmir and the Muslim killings in Gujarat on the name of religion........... How many people have died in Pakistan from Islamic sucide bombs, even in mosques, how many muslims Pakistani army has killed in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jia ul Haque in Palestine? umarcaliph bhai, I don't have inferiority complex or afraid, scared of anything but you are, Insha Allah. Bhai, I m not going to waste time on you in future, sorry. God bless you .

Fehmeed Bilgrami | May 09, 2010

Many people have asked about the past history of Yousaf and his relationship with Zaid Hamid. This is a complete 1 hour answer explaining the history, relationship and reality with formal evidence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjtH3HwPMBE

waqas | May 16, 2010

i dnt knw much abt it but as he appears , seems that he is a gud character for the future of pakistan ........... but unlucky wot v r hearing now a days is totaly against our thinkings so i ll ask him to clear himself to get rid of these evil blames ... it would help us n the generation to b on the right path .... thx

coolguy | May 19, 2010

Why is Mr. Zaid Hamid spreading rumors like saying that the mumbai attackers were hindu zionists??...This after the Pakistani establishment has accepted that the conspirators and attackers were pakistanis. Furthermore, he is openly insulting USA..and ally-cum-ATM of pakistan...The things that he says about India and Israel. He keeps on quoting history...like the Mecca Medina Khyber story (check youtube for this video of Mr. Zaid Hamid's message to india))...Its insulting and degrading..Does he think that if Pakistan attacks India..india will do nothing?? does he actually think that after such a conflict pakistan would be able to stand on its feet???...let me make one thing very clear..the only reason why the subcontinent still exists is because india has always exercised restraint...if instead of india, pakistan would have had a country like israel as its neighbor..this region would have long decended into total anarchy like iraq!!! His open support for the mujahideen infiltrating into india is actually corrupting the mindset of ordinary pakistanis...constant war rhetoric by both countries is not helping.. Talks are futile if not backed by action!!!..this inaction has led so many in india, and im sure in pakistan also, to question the whole concept of bilateral talks...are there ability to restore peace...if pakistan today gives up people like Dawood Ibrahim and Hafeez Muhammad Sayeed..im sure india would go out of her way to bring peace to our very turbulent region..i hav more i want to say on this isssue...bt i need some more time to recollect my thoughts!!!

Javed | June 28, 2010

Over last few years, R&AW is covertly executing an offensive second phase operation, Chanakya II, which employs a "win trust in disguise, divide and conquer" strategy. While R&AW continues to expand its spy network outreach deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan, paradoxically, this strategy also includes sponsorship of groups that professedly preach a vehemently anti-India, pro-Pakistan, nationalistic ideology to the Pakistani masses . R&AW covertly nurtures media personalities, think-tanks and defense analysis consulting groups in Pakistan who attempt to squarely influence Pakistani popular thinking stoking the anti-establishment sentiment and a foreign invasion paranoia. R&AW assumes that this strategy would raise a new leadership in Pakistan that would first win the trust of the masses, then infiltrate into the corridors of Pakistani political power, and finally work in disguise towards the consolidation of Indian influence on the entire Indus riparian.

omar | June 29, 2010

LOL. Good one Javed. But I have an even better one: According to the latest report from the Daily Mail's Christina Palmer, operation Chanakya II recieved such a high credit rating from Price-Waterhouse last year that the elders of Zion have decided to fold it into the IPO of MahabharataI. Agent Mata Gandhari (at great risk to her blind life) has provided all the details to Aabpara consulting, who issued their analysis of the IPO on June 16th 2010 under the title "Bloomsday or Doomsday? Is the Ulysses project a Trojan horse"? Simple-minded Muslims are sitting ducks for this strategy, but aabpara consulting has taken up the challenge and inshallah after hundreds of millions are dead, the few, the proud, the marines will ride on their white horses with Hazrat Jesus (pbuh) as he descends from the clouds in Khorasan. As we know, only 1200 true Ghazis will ride with Hazrat Jesus (pbuh) on that fateful day. May Allah grant us the privilege to be one of the elect, ameen.

The Pakistani Conspiracy Theorist: Zaid Hamid | Political Narratives | June 29, 2010

[...] The following video, which covers some of Zaid Hamid’s theory comes from Who is Zaid Hamid? [...]

Jaya | July 18, 2010

His popularity speaks about the quality of the audience in Pakistan. Never thought the likes of him will ever have audience or gain so much popularity. Then it can happen only in Pakistan. He needs to me reminded that India and Pakistan got Independence together and after all these years, 'India is famous all over the world where as Pakistan is notorious all over the world'. That is the difference between the two countries and hence no comparison can be drawn between the two.

iftikhar ahmad | August 13, 2010

im like you and your big fan plase contuenes im lison your program klafte rashda i m prod of you

mujtaba ul hasan | September 13, 2010

i dont know y ppl r agains zaid hamid...he just dnt shout...he is just trying to make youth aware of thier golden past ..ye wo zmana tha jab muslims ne dunia par hakomat ki zaid hamid is gr8 hero nt only of pakistan but of whole muslim world i thnk he should be given the leadership of pakistan

rana | September 16, 2010

i think zaid hamid,wahabis,talibans and jamat islami are exposed on youtube by a sunni scholar.eye opener facts about socalled jihadis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIg2hpon1nk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxNWVsJWajc&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIg2hpon1nk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDJksi1b20M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvIbqTBMtIg

Syed | September 19, 2010

Mr.rana, {REGARDING YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKS} It is so obvious the links to these youtube videos that you just posted..The guy is reading from somewhere a script probably.. Also, Why does not this person speaks directly with the audience on the camera? The world is full of fools; and he who would not wish to see one, must not only shut himself up alone, but must also break his looking-glass. WHY PROMOTE THIS PROPAGANDA AGAINST HIM ?

omar | September 20, 2010

I love it when the khatm e naboowat crowd goes after Zaid Hamid. Its so fitting, one could call it poetic justice. Interestingly, the burger jihadi crowd (aka Imran Khan supporters) seems not to mind his previous incarnation as a follower of some false prophet or the other, but the madressa crowd will not forgive him. Good, I say let them at each other and may the best man win....

rana | September 21, 2010


Nouman | September 25, 2010

I don't know that Zaid hamid is good guy or bad guy, but the missions that he is setting for nation of Pakistan are not attainable under leadership of a person who has personality of Zaid Hamid. Ultimately we can say that Zaid Hamid has no such characteristics which belongs to a leader who is looking to get all targets of Khallaft -e- Rashidda. So, sorry Mr. Zaid I am not going with you! You must have to change yourself a lot before you build a nation about which you see dreams in nights, If you are sincere with nation of Pakistan then you must perform your own renaissance otherwise your every morning will have nothing from your last night dreams.

TRUEMAN | December 05, 2010

JHOOTE pr ALLAH ki LA'NAT, aur HUM SUB bhi LA'NAT bhejte hyn. ZAID HAMID ne khul kr KAZZAB YOUSUF ki na to MUKHALEFAT ki hy aur nahi usse LA TA'LLUQI ka izhar kia hy. Jo SUBOOT usne apne HAMDARDON ko dikhae wo ek to CAMERA k samne nahin dikhaye doosre wo ESE KAGHZI SUBOOT hyn jo koi bhi apne Computor pr bana sakta hy, uski ye DALEEL hi usko JHOOTA banane k liye kaafi hy k wo ADALTI FAISLE k khilaf Court myn nahin jaye ga. Phir wo kahan se Insaf hasil karega. Tanhai myn kisi KAM ILM ko bewaquf bana lena intehai aasan hota hy, jo wo kr raha hy. Badi un nazar myn us par lagne wale ILZAMAT durust hi dikhai dete hyn. Jab wo khud apna DEFENCE nahin kr sakta to doosra aur kon karega aur kyun? YOUSUF ALI KAZZAB aur uske TAMAM MANNE WALON pr Qayamat tak LA'NAT. Jo ALLAH aur uske AKHRI NABI, HAZRAT MUHAMMED MUSTAFA (Sallallaho Alehe Wasallam) ko EK jane ya UNKE BA'D kisi aur ko NABI manay Uspar, ALLAH, Uske RASOOLON, FARISHTON, TAMAM INSANON aur JINNAT ki LA'NAT ho. ESA SHAKHSH NA SIRF KAFIR AUR MURTID HY BALKE WAJEBUL QATL BHI HY. ALLAH PAK Hum sub ko inke SAAYE se aur SHAR se Apni PANAAH myn rakkhyn. AMMEEN.

ABID ULLAH SYED | December 12, 2010

asalamu alaikum Zaid sir I like you and your lecture true emotion face expression and your knowledge for Muslim and specially for Pakistan I am so empress with you sir

pakiporkiller | January 02, 2011

he is the father f 21th century porkistan,,,,, every porkis call him father,,,, n he call every porki father,,,, he is the result f interbreedng f orangoottan, porki, n donkey threesome

Humair | January 11, 2011

Aslam u Alaikum sir..its really honour and great to listen u sir..people talking against u are just enmy of islam.. we r really proud of u and always be with u..May mighty Allah bless his unlimited blessing on u and our isalm...with forever regards

Majid Ali Khan | January 17, 2011

Its Really great houner fr me that i write some thing fr Great Zaid Hamid, he is very great FAQEER OF 21TH CENTURY , wehen he speak only truth , he is only hope of Pakistan after ALLAH, Inshallah he will clean all rubish from pakistan very soon. we r with him & we will do collective job to clean pakistan bcs pakistan is ISLAMIC STATE so we must participate in this job.

Aqib Mumtaz | January 24, 2011


omar | January 26, 2011

Wow. This page has become a bit of a magnet for the Zaid Hamid generation (who, btw, far outnumber the liberal super-elite progressive anti-imperialist postmodern confused generation in the Pakistani blogosphere). Faster, pussycat, faster....

Muhibullah | January 29, 2011

Hi! Zaid Hamid is a Pakistani ultranationalist who tries to conflate Islam and Pakistan. He tries to portray the Pakistani army as a group of mujahideen fighting in the cause of Islam and refuses to see how the Pakistani army lead by a group of irreligious corrupt generals who are firmly under American control. When ISI or whoever selected him for this purpose, they failed to carry out a thorough background check on him which lead to his occult past being exposed.

Muhibullah | January 29, 2011

Also totally like Glenn Beck - except that Beck is still a Mormon. I don't believe that Hamid is still a part of the Yusuf cult. He is however stupid, and this allows the upper class secularist minority (whether in the army or outside) to use him for their own purposes.

Abhishek | February 02, 2011

Omar bhai, Greetings from Chandigarh, India. I had stumbled upon a video of 'Sir' Zaid Hamid and had little difficulty perceiving his ostensible vitriol being fed to capricious Pakistani youth. People who rise by duping gullible people are common in every society, even in civilized western world. They never pose any danger until and unless substantial number of people start buying their rhetoric. That's what happening in Pakistan right now. You have already articulated many points which clarified my further doubts about self proclaimed security analyst 'Sir' Zaid Hamid. For the fans of 'Sir' Zaid Hamid I would only like to say : Please use your mind.

viny | February 09, 2011

I can see zaids policies in his speech. He is a muslim radical ready to tear apart the world with his ideologies.People like Hitler have been very sucessfull in past in implementing their radical philosophies with the ultimate consequence of destruction of their own theories and country.Even if this person becomes what he achieves to do so ; the result is very clear. What happened to Germany in the past should be a good lesson for everyone with the same ideology. A corrupt mind can lead a nation and the world to chaos. Peace and victory of the truth is inevitable. I would still say zaid go ahead and try what you want. Poiniting fingers on others will not help you or your country.

omar | February 10, 2011

Zaid Hamid is the Glenn Beck of Pakistan, and has equally vague connection to any real ideology....

DennIz mObIn | February 11, 2011

As far as Zaid Hamid is concerned, till the time he talks about ISLAM religion and upcoming events or wars etc.. he can say... bcoz its his subject of whatever...but as his past been in darkness accroding to facts or rumours..May GOD knows best...if he get off the track of ISLAM then he wont be accepted in any manner by the muslims. At the time when Allama Iqbal saw a dream of a seperate muslim nation... and told the people of subcontinent... at that point of time, he was also said crazy guy, gone nuts, totally mad, but that dream came true... Just a year before the death of Allama Iqbal, he was asked that u use to say that muslim will get united and will be living in harmony in seperate independent state, where are these things, who is telling u all this, are you bullying us?, But within 7 years of time PAKISTAN came into being. GOD ALMIGHTY always choose his favorite person and show them the bright future which unfolds in coming era.

omar | February 13, 2011

Dennis, what is the source of your story about Allama Iqbal Lahori? Can you tell us more? And who was calling Allama (always a rather confused man, but never really crazy or a nutjob) totally mad? A friend of mine used to employ the person who used to care for Allama's pigeons in Sialkot (as you know, he was rather fond of kabootar-bazi) and he says Allama was a very sane person. He may have had stupid ideas about politics and history (who doesnt?) but he was very calm, he avoided his wife because she always gave him a hard time, he liked drinking wine and playing with his pigeons and chatting with his friends on his charpay. Nothing "totally mad" about the poor man...

tom | April 15, 2011

Zahid Hamid is living in a fool paradise as on one hand he says that Pakistan has the power and resources to survive without the economic and military help of the west and on the other hand it says that Pakistan has been destabilized at the hand of Zionist, Indian and CIA anti -Pakistan policies. He also says that Pakistan Army can hit US-drones but its the civilian government which do not allow them to do so. Who can believe this theory as everyone is well aware of the military unlawful and unconstitutional intervention in the Pakistani civil affairs in the past.

Mohammad Sabir | May 09, 2011

I did not find anything but the truth in Zahid Hamid. We need every Pakistani to be like, who must have courage to say the truth.

Tariq magsi | May 17, 2011

plz stop making such sort of comments,perceptions, becoz everybody knows that what is the entity and fact, if we talk about zaid hamid then immensely he is right, there is little bit confusion on his claims but it means not that he is not right, where in todays era, in todays beyond all the muslims and muslim countries r in the grip of jews and violate, where jews and non muslim countries bane on to taking up scraf, bane on hijab in france, every where we found thyself with muslims and muslim countries, why america is attacking on afghanistan,? iraq couldn,t sustain his kingdom, iraq comes under the usa grip, if Pakistan or there zionist trying to sustain there rule and doesn,t want to be victim of jews so what, there is no harm, look at one sight on chechnia, bosnia, kashmir , phalastin, afghanista and there r so many other muslim countries who r under the thyself,unjustice,despoting and violate, remind ur muslim history, remind ur glimpse, how we were spending peace & prospous life,,, its really deploreable to hear but thats the fact and reality,,, jahan muslmano k sth itni zulmaten ki gyi hon to wohan insaan kaisy khamosh rhy,,, ap ik din mere ghr pathar phenk do, 2sry din b mere ghr pathar phenk do, 3sry din b phenk do, or ik din utha k gandagi phenk do to kabi muje b to josh aani hy, aakhir kb tk bardasht krun,,, jahan mere behno k dopaty utary ja rhy hon, jahan hr taraf musalmano pr zulm ka saya chaya ho, jahan mere bhaiyon ko kaat k mara ja rha ho, be gunaah Maaon ko, baapon ko, bhaiyon ko, drone attackon se chun chun kr mara ja rha ho to aakhir kb tk hm bardasht kren,, enough & ebough we can,t bear & survive more from suffering,, Allah almighty has also declared in holy Quran that u hve right to stand against ur right,,, if some thing is going wrong with u then deserve to survive, if u died in that way ur name will be inter in paradiser ledger and u will be known as a martyer in the world,.. so dear friends may Allah almighty bestow passion to every one otherwise the situation is being critical,,, if muslims declared Ailan-e-jihad there is haven,t doubt to found totally change the map of world,,,,, thanks,,,, its Tariq Ali, age 18 yrs

Urooba Biq | May 18, 2011

Aoa sir Zaid.where r u?plz gave me your E mail id or your any contact no. We r proud on u sir. May Allah bless u.

Ashfaq | June 11, 2011

Excellent scholar who we all should learn from. Truth is mostly unbelievable!

mahmood kakar | June 24, 2011

i'll just say that ... please use ur mind ......... think like a common man ... ull have ur answers....

Animish Khandekar | July 08, 2011

One of the worst comments I read in this thread was this one guy comparing Zaid Hamid to Hitler. There is a thick line(not even thin) between Hitler and ZH. Zaid Hamid can't come anywhere close to Hitler. Hitler had his own ideologies and he always believed in executing his plans. This guy only knows to raise his voice to the decibals where human ears can't stand. The thing I pity the most is that absolutely no one has ever question has claims about the situation in the world. He has his own vision about stuff and he puts in forward in the name of ALLAH. I really dont understand how people can afford listening to a person whose conspiracy theories are nothing less than comical. I will just present one example of this. He claimed that the 2008 Presidential elections in the US were based on a Pakistan centric agenda and the best person to carry forward the work left by George Bush of destabilizing Pakistan was elected as the next US president. I mean WOW!! That's the only word that comes to my mind.

Muhammad Waleed | August 08, 2011

I LOVE YOU SYED ZAID HAMID . i want to follow him.

Malik Manzoor | August 18, 2011

please open your eyes people and look what is going on around you. I LOVE YOU SYED ZAID HAMID GOD BLESS YOU

riz | August 22, 2011

as for the disbelievers whether you warn them or you warn them not it is all one for them they will not believe. baqara verse 5 It is the same to them whether you warn them or you warn them not, they will not believe. ya seen verse 10 nuf said

noman | September 28, 2011

One thing is for sure that he is either from Jehadi groups or Pak Army. Secondly, he just wants war, and war and war and war... which we are already having since 1980 Therefore we should know that he is telling us nothing new, same old melody, same old song, war! Personally speaking, I HATE HIM BIG TIME!

umar farooq | October 07, 2011

sir zaid hamid nise man i love u sir

asim nadeem | October 28, 2011

i love sir zahid views on indian and american policy, i want islam in pakistan with its real strength. i want a leader which follows hazrat umar type of leadership.

Qalandar | October 28, 2011

I think Hazrat Umar would not tolerate the sort of headgear Zaid Hamid is wearing here, buddy. I'd prescribe lashes myself.

Abdul Majeed | October 31, 2011

More can be read about Zaid Hamid and his lies at http://abdulmajeedabid.blogspot.com/2011/10/deconstructing-zaid-hamid-12-episodes.html extensive research

mohammad salman ahmed | November 05, 2011

sir i m a big fan of yours i realy want to meet u in any condition.. i am highly inspired from your knowledge .. please ,, give me a chance for woking with you for pakistan amd muslim ummat ...

car313 | November 08, 2011

An ingenious/ingenuous proof for the the fundamental theorem of Islam: Religion Cannot Be Blamed. From this the corollary easily follows. As Islam Is The Perfected Final Religion, It Can Never Be Blamed.

{ Brown Pundits } Zenpundit notices Ghazwa e Hind… | November 13, 2011

[...] coming conquest of India by Islamic forces based in Pakistan. Its main propagandist in Pakistan is Zaid Zaman Hamid (a commentator on my 3QD article claimed that Zaid Hamid is charged with moving the Overton window [...]

hasan raza gill | November 21, 2011

yes we r agree with the sir zaid we r the nation wich bring and produce great reforms

masood hadi | November 21, 2011

i am impressed with your knowledge

Adeel Ashraf | November 21, 2011

Thanx sir for your work

Adnan Rauf Raja | November 21, 2011

Sir i want to join u... what thing which i have to follow... plz reply me..

Real Hyder | November 24, 2011

Zaid Hamid is saying 100% good and right. I many people have comments agianst him. Every one has the roght but When we see the reallity them we are encurges to be with Zaid Hamid, if we have some Imaan and Patriotry.

zahid | December 09, 2011

whatever he is describing, teaching to this generation, who is behind, who is sponsor of him and against whome he is talking why they kept quite!!! (Imagine)!!!!!

Muhammad Sami | January 09, 2012

Sir You are our Hero, We all love You. I pray for You every time please pray for me & my mom bcoz she's gone. God Bless You!

rashid | January 17, 2012

iam proud of you being a good pakistani.while living in uk i always think like you about my country.i appreciate your bravness and real power of true speaches.we are inspired on you mr zaid hamid.so many elements want to stop your voice.bt Allah is great.we are stand with you.Allah is with us.may you live long.

TALHA RAO | January 28, 2012


Engineer Ishrat Hussain | January 30, 2012

I know a liitle about Mr. Zaid Hamid, I listened his peeches on Economic Terrorism, I agree with his views in those speeches, I also know that there are some ulema in Pakistan who have issued Fatwas against Mr. Zaid, I know that these ulemas are the puppets of Indian and zionist and Christian enemies, I know that Mr. zaid may have not followed the so called Yousuf Kazzab. The person who is good and he can benefit muslims in general is always the target of our enemies, our enemies will never target these stupid ulemas.

Hafiz Ahmad | February 03, 2012

respected teacher, assalam-u-alikum. sir , i salute you Pakistan zindabad & islam paindabad.

BABAR AwAn | February 05, 2012

sir we r proud of u ... me and my family totly aggried with ur viws and ideas infact we all stand with u . sir i want to join u and became a part of ur glorious movement how i can join u and how i spread ur massege plz reply ISLAM ZINDA BAD........ PAKISTAN PAINDA BAD....

abdul sattar | February 09, 2012

sir i really likes u n ur aims .i want to b a part of ur movement

tayyab | February 23, 2012

sir you speak truth,,,

ahsan | March 17, 2012

sir we love you... syed zaid hamid is true muslim and great leader..we always support him.

Syed Muhammad Tahir | March 19, 2012

Unfortunately when ever a man take stand against those who are the enimies of Pakistan, the public and politiciens having fun with them,, Zaid Hamid is one of them, Misriable man... he has and hugh explosure and have good eye on Pakistan Securitary, economic and politically senerio... he is also a sensitive man who really love his contry, but the Govt officials and public have no notice of all his reservations ... keep going Mr. Zaid all true lovers of Pakistan with you. specially the Youth of pakistan support you.... God Bles u and God bless Pakistan,

MAHBOOB AHMAD | March 19, 2012

Sir i like to met u you always speek truth ilike this>>>>>>

Muhammad Amin | March 31, 2012

i wish and pray to Allah[s h t] that one day we pakistanies have people like Zaid Hamid as our leader INSHALLAH Ameen

jakob | April 04, 2012

this comment thread plus the one unfolding under zaid hamid's comment under the lums lecture pic on facebook definitely needs to be edited into cm-spin-off slam-poetry-book once!

sepoy | April 05, 2012

I feel that the people's voice really shines through here.

Ms. Rahman | April 06, 2012

I really don't understand why people are against him, since I am not in Pakistan for almost 8/9 years and because of tight schedules and work didn't get chance to follow each and everything going in hometown, so was not well aware about him but few months back got chance to watch a video on youtube http://bit.ly/HQAd3q this is so impressive, I really liked it and it left me finding more about him then I got to know some people are very against him, why I don't understand? can anybody explain me why we dislike or go against the person who talks sense? I do agree with Mr. Syed Muhammad Tahir "Unfortunately when ever a man take stand against those who are the enemies of Pakistan, the public and politiciens having fun with them" I think we should have more people like Zaid Hamid.

Javed Khan | April 10, 2012

Zaid Hamid is a sound man. If a person is really genuine he must respect his idea and knowledge.

idrees | April 16, 2012

sir ; ap hmary hero hen i am realy impressed

Abdul Waqar | April 19, 2012

A.... Salam Sir how are you... i love you so much. i do job in U.A.E i update myself from your.s respect full debates and also many talks.. i want to join you also... SUGGESTION./.. PLEASE SIR CREATE ANY STAND FOR US THERE WE ALL ARE TOGETHER HERE I MEAN CREATE YOUR OWN PARTY IN PAKISTAN. THANK YOU.

sheena | May 23, 2012

Much respect.

ABDUL NABI KHAN | June 14, 2012


Talha waheed | June 18, 2012

Zind baad zahid sb.bahaut ziada zarurat thi khas kar jawanon ko aap ki.Allah karey k aap ki zingi main barkat ho,aur ham aap k bayanat se mustafid hotey rehen.zindabaad

haiderkhalid | June 29, 2012

u r doing an amazing job sir. all my friends respect u and salute u. we need u to continue doing this jihad.. rab rakha

MUhammad Imran Khan | July 13, 2012

Sir, I am sure that u will be fine. I love the way you have adopted to counter the conspiracies against Islam. Your honour opted to come on media in any shape. Reportedly more than 40% have been invested by america in Pakistani media. It is appreciable to negate the ill comments of our so-called anchor person who are busy to gather money by any mean by day & night. Sir, I have suggestion for yours that your honour should expand the area of developing awareness about Islam and Islamic history, mean to say that why dont you come to attend gathering at small places i.e. small cities & villages. As according to my knowledge revolution always caused by common people, for instance french revolution, iranian revolution, recently done in Egypt, Libya etc.

shah khan | July 18, 2012

hi sir i like you and your speach ,and you are my HERO

Sara | July 31, 2012

I find that his enthusiasm is great and really motivating but considering the history of Pakistan very few men in politics have ever been sincere to our nation. I personally have all my life lived in the west and having a true Islamic system would really reform our nation and all the things Mr. Hamid says are pretty correct however I don't know if he's too good to be true for Pakistan because as you can examine yourself history has proved otherwise.

Naveed Zafar | August 02, 2012

Are ppl of pakistan gone mad. According to Islam a man who should be killed, is their hero. hahahahahahaha Allah ka Azaabb aa raha hai, aur aata rahay ga iss koom par.

hafiz muhammad luqman | August 05, 2012

zaid hamid is a good man . he is a patriot for pakistan . he is only person speaks for both pakistan and ummah . good analyst and knowledgable person. keep on i love u .

ABDUL JABABR | August 09, 2012

Sir; i am very proud of me because i am pakistani sir i am with you for islam my very very country pakistan ,i am trying on my all fiends and my relatives for attitud of all sir please specially pray for me i want to achieve my this vision .Thanks

Farrukh Naseem | August 13, 2012

Sir you are great and your cause is great. Allah Pak help us. We and our prayers are with you.

dhiya bhatti | August 22, 2012

pure muslim and patriotic may live long we must love those peoples who love nation

Badrul Alam | September 21, 2012

I like Zaid Hamid. In my opinion he is a true Muslim and a true Pakistani. I do not understand why the Pakistani media does not pay him due attention. Mr. Hamid is a learned man and Pakistani media should give him due importance and proper time and opportunity to place his view point so that the people at large may be benefited.

shumaila | September 22, 2012

SYED ZAID ZAMAN HAMID: One the most excellent, honest, person of Pakistan: he knows the entire history of Pakistan. He knows real situation of Pakistan, if you see when he talking with other political persons no one there is to talk him clearly. Everybody like him:

king_tayyab@yahoo.com | September 22, 2012

SALAM ZAID ZAMAN HAMID: WE ARE LOVE YOU: please make with own party: INSHALLAH when you make with own party inshallah that time you will be the leader of Pakistan ishallah. Unfortunately when ever a man take stand against those who are the enemies of Pakistan, the public and politicians having fun with them,, you are a true person: and other Political parties jellies to you: inshallah you will be the winner: every time i watching your video there is no one to real talk to you they just make funny:

waqas khan | September 22, 2012

kuch loag ap ki mazab ke bare ma awam ko barka rahe han. Plz aap ye bata dain ki app kia han . khuch loag kety han ke aap mirzaye hoo. ye baat zaroor clear karen. Islam Aur Pakistan Pe hamare jane Qurban . Hum mar metain gay lakin En pe anch nahe ane dain ge.

ADNAN | September 24, 2012

SIR, ASLAM-O-ALIKUM I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH i like your every video every speech you talk about islam and pakistan from your heart NO ONE IS LIKE YOU i just want to say the people with whom you use to debate they are just for away from Islam i appreciate when every time you tolerate them i do believe like you that one day ALLAH will change everything they way you think it will.... INSHALLAH

Muhibullah | September 26, 2012

He's a stupid ultra nationalist army booster/self promoter. Also in love with the philosopher/psued0-Allama Iqbal. Apparently 1400 years of Islamic history have not yielded a better man to follow than a Hindi nietzschean, drunkard, "Knight of the British Empire"

Bipin | September 28, 2012

Dear friends, Zaid Hamid is trying to take Pakisthan in to more worse situation. Every Pakisthani should join together to develop your country for the better life of your children. I am an Indian and have a lot of Pakisthani close friends in my life from my carrier in Middle east. I feel that all of them are good and trying to give a better life for their kids. They worried about a lot by the views and words of persons like Zaid Hameed. By developing hatred and violance we are not going to reach anywhere.

sufian khalid | October 27, 2012

i love sir zaid hamid this is the greatest muslim in the world

Paki Loser | November 05, 2012

I think Zaid Hamid is Gay just like rest of porkistan.

Pankaj Mishra’s tendentious little book | Brown Pundits | December 03, 2012

[...] ….Lets take an extreme example, just to make the point…Everybody knows that Zaid Hamid (Paknationalist propagandist) hates india and wants it defeated. But any sensible person should also know that Zaid Hamid is [...]

Emad F Farooqi | December 21, 2012

ZH 'm really impressed from " Public Addresses " & Speeches but sametime I need clarification from you, what connection you 've with " Yousuf Kazzab "? I personally consider it a serious issue & you should clarify it immediately. Hope you too 'll take it seriously. Rgds

Faisal Khan | December 26, 2012

Looks like he always finds a new thoery to fight. bahut bada chutiya haih

basit habib | January 06, 2013

zaid hamid is a great person and gud man i love him

Ovais Siddiqui | January 07, 2013

Indeed you are vbery nice person zaid hamid sb

CommonMan | March 01, 2013

Hypocritical violent useless idiot. inciting hatred everywhere

Rohan | July 17, 2013

First of all I am not a Pakistani, but I take a deep interest in the happenings of the country. A country formed on a basis of religion by few influential people deciding the fate of the many following the same religion. Zaid Hamid, I wouldn't like to put any honorary prefix to his name, is one of those people who thinks 'Any publicity is good publicity' like a failed celebrity who wants to have his share of limelight at any cost. May be he has some vested political interests or for any other reason I don't know but he is a person I tend to follow for an amusement value. After a hard exhausting day at work, when I go on a video website and watch his silly contradictory predictions and so called 'defense analysis' which makes me laugh and really think that really the Pakistani's follow this person...!! I would have been more scared if the analysis or predictions would have come from Mr. Hasan Nisar and his likes. Anyways I hope the Pakistani civilians understand the true nature of Zaid Hamid and evolve into more informed and aware people. To sum it all, I would like to share a quote; Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer, Essays and Aphorisms

angad modgill | August 18, 2013

dost i am indian .but here i am not i am citizen of independent country as you.n here i hav respect for you.dear wht i wan to say is. i was watching a video of zaid hamid : - zaid hamid exposes corner by pakistsni media on geo tv. clipping on youtube. on tht he said i kick the consitution of america. if he is a born enemy of westren . then why he wear clothes of western tradition why he had implemented the the american army ranks in his office. why he speaks english. why he not condems the american weapons.. there is lot more will talk abt on next time.

savera nadeem | November 21, 2013

#GeoNews #ImadKhalid Press Conference against #ZaidHamid #Pakistan زید حامد نے فوج میں انتشار پھیلانے کی سازش کی، قریبی ساتھی عماد خالد کا دعویٰ کراچی…زید حامد سے علیحدگی اختیار کرنے والے اس کے سابق ساتھی عماد خالد نے آج کراچی میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے زید حامد کے کارناموں کا بھانڈا پھوڑا ہے ، عماد خالد نے انکشاف کیا کہ زید حامد نے آرمی چیف اور چیف جسٹس سمیت نمایاں شخصیات کی ایک فہرست بنارکھی ہے جنہیں وہ قتل کروانے کاارادہ رکھتا ہے۔کراچی میں پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے زید حامد کے سابق ساتھی عماد خالد نے کہاکہ زید حامد جنرل مشرف کا روازنہ کی بنیادوں پر ایڈوائزر تھا، اور جنرل مشرف کے بعد وہ جنرل کیانی سے بھی یہی توقع رکھتا تھاکہ وہ زرداری کی گورنمنٹ ختم کرکے آرمی کی حمایت یافتہ سویلین گورنمنٹ بنائیں ، لیکن آرمی چیف نے ایسانہ کیا جس کی وجہ سے وہ ان کا دشمن ہوگیا ۔عماد خالد نے انکشاف کیا کہ زید حامد نے ایک ہزار آرمی آفیسرز کو ای میل لکھی اور انہیں جنرل کیانی کے خلاف اُکسایا ۔عماد خالد نے اپنے تعارف میں بتایا کہ وہ چار سال سے زیادہ عرصہ زید حامد کے ساتھ رہا اور اُس کے مگر مچھ کے آنسو دیکھ کر اس کے بہکاوے میں آگیا تھا ۔عماد خالد نے کہاکہ جنرل نوشاد کیانی زید حامد کو سب سے پہلے پکڑنے والے انسان تھے ۔عماد خالد نے کہاکہ ، بہت سے مسلمان ملک ایسے ہیں جن کو زید حامد چھپ چھپ کر رپورٹیں بھیجتا ہے، اُن کے سفارتخانوں میں رات میں چھپ کر جاتا تھا،وہ ترک ، ایران ، یو اے ای ایمبیسی میں جاتا رہتا تھا۔ http://urdu.geo.tv/UrduDetail.aspx?ID=127137

Muhammad Kamran Younis Awan | May 24, 2014

Mr Syed Zahiduzaman Hamid is a very Good True Brave Pakistani & a very Foresight person. I prayed for his long life & to continue his mission for Pakistan. Insha Allah one day a dedicated leader will adopt his ideology. Insha Allah we will live in a brave & Original Asian Tiger Pakistan. May he succeed & live long.

umair | June 04, 2014

i like you sir syed zaid hamid, i think you are the most patriotic man of the country we all should be like you.

farhan | June 17, 2014

it is very dangerous person for pakistan

rehana | July 22, 2014

mujhy zaid hamad ki hr baat achi lagti h kash k hamary hr mahkmy mn 1 , 1 zaid hamaid aa jaiy. mn in k mutlaq aur ziada jan,na chahti hun.

muhammad waqas | October 15, 2014

sir i m a big fan of yours i realy want to meet u in any condition.. i am highly inspired from your knowledge .. please ,, give me a chance for woking with you for pakistan amd muslim ummat …sir can you give me a contct number?????

Saith Haroon | November 27, 2014

I think this is not true