Westward Ho!

Posted by sepoy on May 20, 2004 · 1 min read

I will be in Las Vegas for the next few days. Don't know whether I can post but I will be taking some snaps and [ahem] the photoblog [/ahem] will debut when I return.

I am quite excited because the iowa crowd will be there and it HAS been a while since we gathered. The plan is to fly to Phoenix and drive to Vegas and crash Vu's pad [ha. i said pad]. I lived in L.A. in a far and distant past. Vegas trips were frequent and often. To be truthful, I never liked the place. Not my scene. I don't gamble - no, not even with someone else's money - just don't have that gene. I don't like bright lights. Still, I am curious how Vegas has changed in the last 10 years. I almost feel like a field anthropologist returning to his past study. Oh heck, why rationalize? I love the iowa boyz and will go anywhere to hang out with them. So, baby, Viva Las Vegas!


sven | May 20, 2004

you suck for leaving me here bored!!!!!