Week Ends

Posted by sepoy on July 10, 2004 · 2 mins read

This short week was waaay too long. I am stuck. Not in a writer's block but a reader's block. I don't feel like reading anything. I have to finish translating parts of this hyper-stylized persian manuscript but I haven't looked at it. I have to send an abstract to someone kind enough to actually solicit an article from me for an edited volume and I haven't done it. I have to write a syllabus and I haven't wanted to bother. It's not laziness. I spend all day at work troubleshooting some Filemaker bizarro and troubleshooting a WordPress install and troubleshooting my flagging interest.

The abstract must be written this weekend.
I am also seriously considering jumping to WordPress except I cannot figure out why my htaccess file keeps bringing the server down. The url need to be pretty (non-PHP) and I have to have a redirect for the few kind souls who linked to various posts I have written here. I think I will try it over the weekend because Movable Type is getting really lethargic on me. I thought about going to MT 3.0 (any users reading this? chime in). So, come Monday, this all might just be broken.

In the meantime, Marlowe has opened up a can of whupass on the State of American Politics. Please go read it. He is a smart cookie - that one.

Also, I am thinking of starting my own private prison. I promise shag carpet, best Cairo sheesha and back issues of The Nation.

So, gentle reader, have a great weekend.


Wordpress Expert Snob | July 12, 2004

What startles me about that C&H strip is that I can sort of imagine what that paper would be like...

sepoy | July 12, 2004

You would, you sad lil' pomo pocol litcrit wordpress hack!

Sumana | July 12, 2004

You may wish to check out NewsBruiser, which is easy to install and use, and prints nice friendly links, etc.

sepoy | July 12, 2004

Python is sexier than PHP is sexier than Perl. I will do a test install. Thanks for the heads-up.