We Don’t Want to Return

Posted by sepoy on March 14, 2005 · 2 mins read

Outlook India has a rather breathless piece, When Veer Met Zaara, on the Pakistani cricket fans visiting India. The Pakistanis are discovering that "'their hated neighbour' is a more developed, easy-going, and less suffocating place" and now, "they don't want to return". To make matters worse, The General has been extended an invite to come and see cricket. There is rising concern in Indian administration that The General may not want to return either! After all, his ancestral hawaili is still around. And the WoT is really starting to get on his last nerve. And Basmati is about to visit with more demands. And the only thing AQ Khan not do was make an eBay posting for a DIY Centrifuge for Dictators. Seriously, dude. N. Korea. Iran. Egypt. What? No love for Algeria? or the Saudis who funded the whole enchilada? It is enough to make a dictator yearn for simpler times in Delhi - put-putting around with his lil' dog and his tinkler of Johnny Black. Ok. I kid.

I do find it amusing that the press on Indians visiting Pakistan last year was exactly the same way. Indians wanted to move to Pakistan. One of these days, we shall have a sober look at the p2p contacts between the two nations. Danial linked to this column by Ejaz Mangi in the Ummat. The column is decrying the influence of Bollywood on Pakistan - seemingly making Ashish Nandy's point about Bollywood uniting/creating South Asia. The argument for or against Bollywood as a cultural krazyglue does not hold much appeal for me. There is no denying that the people of India and Pakistan share a cultural past and a living memory. I am all for open borders for travel and business. I want to go to Delhi, dammit. I want to go to Chennai, too.

I really need to get to work but someone please explain this.


farhad | March 14, 2005

I guess soon the General will be handing over AQ Khan to his master! Afterall AQ Khan is a greedy, selfish paki (some kinda traitor as Sheikh Rasheed would describe) who miraculously transferred nuclear reactors to Iran & Libiya ALONE!! clever guy indeed... n poor General has to clean up his mess now ;)

danial | March 14, 2005

I think that people to people contacts are bringing people closer, but this process is slow and it will take time before we understand eachother. Meanwhile we should talk more about our common passions such as Bollywood, cricket and ecnomic boom. These things will lead us to understand eachother but we need a lot more than that to solve issues. While looking for stories of Pakistani players in India I came across many Indian newspapers talking alot about Pakistan and mostly in negative tone. This contrast of Indian media is very confusing. On the one hand they never forget to repeat their famous line "We are same people divided by a line on a peice of paper" and then they also never forget to portray Pakistani society as evil barbarians ready to take over infidels. Pakistani media also covers India in the similar fashion. This thing needs to be change, we should learn to trust each other.

Sin | March 15, 2005

What you're talking about is a good example of some of the stuff that Amitava Kumar covers in his book "Husband of a Fanatic". It's not a bad read, if in fact you haven't already plowed your way through it. As far as that picture goes, I haven't a clue. I'm assuming that a game of "Truth or Dare" was involved though.

wanderer | March 15, 2005

wow the spirit of punjabiyat at work. what a great image: a pakistani high court judge carrying back four bricks from his ancestral home in india. i would love to visit pakistan.

sepoy | March 15, 2005

Sin: Why do you taunt me so? Reading a [non-dissertation] book is one of those mirages that will drive me to my death in the desert.

Ms. World | March 16, 2005

this is unrelated to your post. Are you the person who has a friend in Chi-town returning to Toyama City? Is this friend a Japanese female? If it is a Japanese female- I think I know her in a friend of a friend way.

Ms. World | March 16, 2005

Pakistan or India? Imran Khan (he is a superstar to me) or Abhishek Bachchan? Lollywood or Bollywood? I'm sorry to waterdown decades of religious and political conflict into a contest over lusty South Asian men and cinema. Please forgive me but I have to side with Abhishek and Bollywood. I've never seen a Lollywood film.

cheeni | March 23, 2005

About the picture of inzi turning medieval: LG (or some other consumer electronic manufacturer) in India is running an ad campaign on TV with Ganguly and Inzi dressed in battle gear while wielding oak. *silly* About visiting India / Chennai: An old friend from Chennai, now in Canada writes about his experiences at getting a visa to Pakistan: http://www.chapatimystery.com/archives/86030.html

sepoy | March 25, 2005

Cheeni: Thanks for clearing that up about Inzi. Now if you can bit-torrent me a vidcap of that glorious commercial, I will start a Chicago Loves Cheeni chapter.

Sohni | October 24, 2008

The column on danial by Ejaz Mangi was a good one.