We Are Not Free

Posted by sepoy on March 05, 2008 · 1 min read

Written, produced, directed and narrated by Kiran Khalid, the short documentary on media and Pakistan, We Are Not Free is now online. I highly recommend watching it.

You can also read a Q&A with Kiran Khalid. CM friend Anil Kalhan continues his streak of guest appearances. This one is less lounge-y.

As an aside, that PTV anchor Ahmed Quraishi reminds me of everything unsavory.


Bilal | March 06, 2008

I am assuming it is directed towards the American audience. For every other reason it is very ordinary.

sepoy | March 06, 2008

I would honestly love to see some other (extraordinary) examples of documentaries that cover this subject. Whichever audience they may happen to be directed at.

Qalandar | March 07, 2008

On a different note: the black look is eye-catching, but I can't read alternate comments unless I highlight them (e.g. Comment 1 above) -- is there an easy way to fix that?

Qalandar | March 07, 2008


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