War Theory

Posted by sepoy on October 02, 2006 · 1 min read

"I asked Naveh why Deleuze and Guattari were so popular with the Israeli military. He replied that ‘several of the concepts in A Thousand Plateaux became instrumental for us […] allowing us to explain contemporary situations in a way that we could not have otherwise." Also see this discussion at the Weblog. If urban warfare is really the ultimate postmodern conflict than that explains the fact - in more spaces than one - why it is that the 19 year olds at Chicago love them some D&G.

also: sorta related, an excerpt from Rashid Khalidi's new book, The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood on Palestine's Unwritten History. There is a strong current of subaltern school of thought there. Plumb it for what you will. I look forward to reading his book. [thx saud]


Tapera historia militar postmoderna | October 03, 2006

[...] No sé c√“mo encajar esta informaci√“n. A veces la historia militar transita por carriles épicos (a estas alturas s√“lo en el Señor de los Anillos) o en versiones de historia militar de tensa revisi√“n independentista. A veces est√° tan ligada a los modos de dominaci√“n que s√“lo la escritura de Alberto Laiseca en Los Sorias puede interpretarla. Esto que a duras penas traduje es un fragmento de un texto del arquitecto Eyal Weizman, director del Goldsmith’s College Centre for Research Architecture. No debería agregar nada m√°s. La noticia me lleg√“ de un post de sepoy en Chapati Mystery, pero el texto ha tenido mucha repercusi√“n en internet, y fue publicado en la revista Radical Philosophy. A√∫n no he podido dar con una copia del artículo. [...]

elizabeth | October 03, 2006

hey, Khalidi came and gave a book talk about it at my workplace last week! he was brilliant--i've never heard him in person before, but he's a talented speaker. and had a lot of very smart, if very depressing, things to say about all manner of matters--lebanon, palestine, iraq, bush, the 'israel lobby' affair....i'll see if the recording gets made available. very keen to read the rest of the new book. st. antony's hook em woo-hoo! though i suppose chicago can claim some credit for him too.

sepoy | October 04, 2006

Yes, i was hoping that he does Charlie Rose and MTP etc. as his book promotion heats up. Need his voice out there.