W is for Weltschmerz

Posted by sepoy on July 27, 2004 · 2 mins read

The Democratic National Convention is on. I watched a bit of the Fox coverage (they had the missing Utah hiker), CNN (Wolf was hitting on Judy while Jeff looked askance) and MSNBC (Ron Reagan was trying to get girls to flash him. I think). The world would be a terrible place without C-SPAN, I must say.
Anyways, I am in a foul mood today for no reason whatsoever. Ed & Lisa are leaving for S. Carolina. I will miss them dearly. Last night we went to Tizi Melloul and it was amazing. My Chicago readers (I must have a few) will do no wrong by frequenting this fine-dining establishment (designed by Suhail).
Contributing to my malaise this morning was the newsflash that Walmart is evil. This particular addition to the Evil Empire lore is that they are all Republicans. Shocking? No. I don't shop there. And I bet they will be carrying W. (via tsk)
I do shop at Costco and the article sorta triggered a "there are two kinds of people in the world" stream of consciousness where I tried to pick my own structuralist paradigm. Here goes:

  • John not Paul
  • Red Sox not Yankees
  • Kubrick not Spielberg
  • West Coast not East Coast
  • Bloods not Cripps
  • Sweden not Norway
  • Cricket not Baseball
  • 'Ali not 'Umar
  • Nakshbandi not Suhrawardi
  • Dead not Phish (neither if I can help it)
  • Cobain not Vedder
  • Joyce not Shaw
  • Newsweek not Time
  • NYT not WaPo (though the foreign correspondents at WaPo are far better)
  • Open Source not M$ Source
  • Apple not PC
  • Desi not South Asian
  • not lists (ha) - you can share too.


desesperanto | July 27, 2004

Desi = South Asian. but now that the saffronists are anti-both, i have to temper my own loathing of both.

Chan'ad | July 27, 2004

FoB not ABCD I used to frequently use the term Desi casually, until the ABCDs started claiming it as well, pronouncing it with their accent: "Day-see". Because of this, the term lost what made it so useful.