Unnoted Things

Posted by sepoy on September 09, 2009 · 2 mins read

There are probably no more readers left, but CM is exiting its long hiatus. Just to catch up, here are a few things I, um, failed to note properly.

1. On the Jaswant/Jinnah "Controversy", one can begin with this op-ed by Sugata Bose, Why Jinnah Matters and then continue to Naim Sahib's front-page corrective, Jaswant Not-So Original. Also, see his full article. I am certainly going to be using this "controversy" as a teaching moment. If only for myself.

2. Ramchandra Guha (whom I have discussed before) wrote another provocative piece, The Rise and Fall of the Bilingual Intellectual [pdf], EPW, Aug 15, 2009, and it got a thoughtful response from Sudhanva Deshpande, Bilingualism, Theatre, and the Fate of the Vernacular [pdf], EPW, Sep 5, 2009. Of course, while my fellow desi intellectuals are debating the multilingual politician, I am unsure if we have even monolingual ones in Pakistan.

3. Speaking of Pakistan, the Kerry-Lugar bill is back on the Senate floor. Along with Anil Kalhan, I wrote and shopped around an op-ed on the issue but it got us no-where. I guess we can always self-publish it here.

4. I am sure the Kerry-Lugar bill will not get any attention (has the Afghanistan election got any attention?) until Obama's efforts to mind-control our children into becoming socialist zombies who feed on senior brains is finally compeleted. I am in Berlin and haven't watched tv or read newspapers in a full week, so I don't know anything about any of that.

5. And yes, Berlin posts will start soon enough. Those following the twitter feed are probably sick of this already.


sav | September 09, 2009

O-YAY! and a late congrats on the berlinisation of CM.

Sonu | September 09, 2009

There are indeed readers left! Welcome back and I'm looking forward to reading the op-ed about the Kerry-Lugar bill if you do publish it on CM.

Qalandar | September 09, 2009

My thoughts (mostly tangential) on the Jaswant/Jinnah issue: http://qalandari.blogspot.com/2009/08/jaswant-on-jinnah.html http://qalandari.blogspot.com/2009/08/jaswant-on-jinnah-ii.html http://qalandari.blogspot.com/2009/08/jaswant-on-jinnah-iii.html Naim's understated demolition is, shall we say, priceless. More broadly, however, I have seen nothing in all the discussion about the book that acknowledges the obvious debt to the likes of Ayesha Jalal's "The Sole Spokesman." I will grit my teeth and read Jaswant's book, but I do hope he has acknowledged the intellectual debt. Naim's piece does not give me much confidence...

Qalandar | September 09, 2009

Welcome back amigo...

Akbar | September 09, 2009

Hi from Dallas.

Rulling Class | September 23, 2009

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