Two Shorts

Posted by sepoy on November 27, 2010 · 1 min read

To the many "Pakistan" related things clamoring for your desensitized attention, may I add a couple more?

I. Artist and film-maker Sophiya Pandeya travels to Hingal, Baluchistan and visits "Nani Mandir" of Hinglaj Mata. This darshan tale is touching, illuminating and worthy of your time. You can watch it below. You can also see a picture gallery from KO of a trip to the same Park.

II. Sasti-Masti is a short made by director Ahmer Naqvi aka Karachikhatmal. A homage to Lollywood, to Lahore, to Ji-woon Kim's Bittersweet Life, it works wonderfully on many registers - not the least being the tongue-in-cheek one.


Gloria Goodwin Raheja | November 27, 2010

Thanks for the post. I'd very much like to watch the Pandeya film but the link doesn't work and Googling didn't turn up anything. Is there another link through which the film can be viewed?

sepoy | November 27, 2010

I have emailed the director and I hope we will have a non-Facebook video soon.

Tweets that mention Two Shorts -- | November 27, 2010

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shaheryar Mirza, Ahmer Naqvi. Ahmer Naqvi said: guess who's hit the big time bitches? SastiMasti spotted at @sepoy's party, looking pretty and what not. [...]

gaddesarup | November 28, 2010

Bengali connection to Hinglaj: Photograms of piligrims from BBC:

shama zaidi | November 29, 2010

i remember pupul jaykar mentioning that originally the hinglaj peetha had a priestess and men were not allowed into the shrine. but when i looked at her book "the earth mother" she mentions hinglaj and its possible links with the indus valley civilization and mesopotamia , but no mention of a priestess. now there is a proper male pujari who is onviously not a nath yogi or tantric. what happened?