Troy, OH

Posted by sepoy on October 14, 2008 · 1 min read

HopeThis past weekend, I visited Troy, Ohio. Besides farangi, the duo from the excellent were along for the ride. They were shadowing my attempt to convince just ONE ohio voter to cast her ballot for Obama because he is a Muslim. There really is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, man. I am telling you.

Below the fold, are some of the photos I took. You can see the full set here. You must also go to Brett's site and see what he was snapping, as I was snapping him. Brett is a friend and I have been a jealous fan of his work for a while. So, go see it.

Columbus with a Sextant

A Michelle Fan

Missing periods.


Campaign Office Library

Lingering Ghosts



Crotch shots only I


Anil | October 14, 2008

Fabulous photos, Sepoy.

Brett | October 14, 2008

Leave it to Manan to compliment me while taking a better photo of the Obama office than me.

Jennifer | June 05, 2009

Troy is my hometown. Nice picture of the Redman's club neon sign. Interesting choice of neon sign. Maybe it's a hometown thing. I merely am remembering the understanding of the members' very strong view on things politics related. My recollections go back at least 25 years. I believe that a long time ago, Jack Daniels was the lead politician of choice at The Redman's.......I think that Jose Cuervo was the other party's candidate. It's a shame you didn't get shots of the inside of the courthouse. Also, the statue on top of the courthouse, with her rear end facing the North direction for a reason. Big history there- history of a county seat rivalry. Fougth out every year by two high school football teams.... I know, the shots were all "Vote Obama" related, however. The "Hope/Obama " sign used to be "David's shoe store" when I was a child. The center of town there, we Troy Trojans affectionately call "The square", was a hustle and bustle place of business when I was young. I can only hope that my hometown doesn't turn into another Elkhart, Indiana. Promises, Promises, empty promises from every politician it seems- no matter what religion, or political party. I tend to lean towards the 9/12 project movement. I'm tired of all my freedoms being ripped away from my Nation. However, very nice pictures of a few things in the center of my hometown. Memories of freedoms that our great nation's politicians will more than likely be ripped from our hands because our nation does not listen nor see what's going on in front of them due to Majority Media Hype.

sepoy | June 06, 2009

Jennifer. Thank you for your comments. Troy seemed a wonderful town and I, too, hope it returns to the hustle and bustle you fondly remember.

debbie | August 09, 2009

i live in troy and it is so cool wish u got more pictures though