Travel Notes

Posted by sepoy on October 22, 2005 · 2 mins read

All jots will get jotted down here.

  • Who is pysched about the WS? I am.
  • Mukhtar Mai was on ABC News of the World last night [as I was standing in the Southwest C line {why do I _always_ get the C card?}]. I couldn't hear what they say. But, she is the Person of the Week. They call her a beacon of hope. Rosa Parks Effect. You heard it here first.]
  • Driving in NH and VT at see a lot of Moose Crossing signs followed by giant patches of red on the highway. Not cool.
  • This Hariri-Bush-Syria-UN thing is going to get ugly.
  • Accusations that Pakistan is hoarding tents. I am rather skeptic. Anyone know more?
  • Please to note: Yelling Dave Chappelle catchphrases in front of old Vermonters....not so good.
  • 1-0! 3 to go.

  • My blog is worth $86,939.16.
    How much is your blog worth?


  • I have wondered this in silence - refusing to find out or read accounts - what happened to Lake Saif al-Malook, the mirror for divine beings, in the earthquake?
  • Two accounts.
  • Live Free or Die. America's oldest General store kicks ass, I must say. As does the Bear Patch Drive. The Kajamagaoago-whatever highway which wound up and around the White Mountains. We passed Bretton Woods without irony. There was snow! The no-sales-tax thing works because there is nothing to buy. I wanted a flat panel 40" LCD - I got a orange t-shirt instead.
  • 2-0!! I think I had a heart attack. What a game.
  • A simple walk around a city block can turn to HELL, when Wilma is in town.
  • Why does everyone in Boston look familiar to me? Was I here in a previous incarnation? In which case, why don't I like it more?
  • 3-0. Ahem, do you have a spare broom?


Ali | October 22, 2005

The tent-hoarding by government officials sounds very plausible. According to another report on AlertNet, Asma Jahangir was there as well: "Asma Jahangir, chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, was also present at the scene. She told Human Rights Watch that, "Tents are now the most important commodity in Kashmir. But they are being used for power and patronage by military and civilian authorities that control the territory. This needs to be sorted out immediately.""

Ali | October 22, 2005

In terms of earthquake aid priorities, there are two: helicopters and tents (that's not to say that food and medicines are not key as well). Procuring the tents is a huge challenge but everyone is focused on it. Persuading governments to assign helicopters is another matter. It is very frustrating that Pakistan hasn't accepted India's offer of helicopters. It has several hundred in its fleet.

Kush Tandon | October 22, 2005

I am not surprised by hoarding even though I have just read the same news as you. Misuse of power and influence, even in the time of crisis is very much ingrained in the South Asian pysche because of lack of transparency, and independent, investigative press (this is changing slowly though for better). Something like this would have even happened in India.

Chai | October 23, 2005

Ms. Mai is not only person of the week, she is person of the century. Really, her story is amazing, and I am happy that Glamour is awarding her "Woman of the Year." If only every person had her strength, courage, and determination in times of adversity, this world would be a better place. /end of sap

tsk | October 24, 2005

What a game is right.... Folks were saying I was jumping 8 feet in the air on both Paulie's and Pods' shots..... Man oh man...... My dad was at Game 1 and mom at Game 2. GO SOX!!

Rebecca | October 29, 2005

Kangamangus!! :)