Toss Up

Posted by sepoy on March 04, 2009 · 1 min read

Question: Why is the NYT op-ed space available only to 1. Western Journalists writing a book on Islam/South Asia or 2. Pakistani novelists writing a novel on Pakistan? Color me jealous.


Huma | March 04, 2009

3. Current President/Prime Minister of the country. P.S.: You're not the only one who's jealous.

elizabeth | March 04, 2009

answer: publicists.

Frandroid Atreides | March 05, 2009

Pull a Ben Kingsley on the NYT?

sepoy | March 05, 2009

I should impersonate a white man playing a brown man?

tsk | March 05, 2009

exactly. write as the dude oppressing the dude disguised as another dude. foolproof!

Nostalgic | March 07, 2009

Huma... Completely off-topic, but... Where can one find that pic... the one with the kitten? The bandbaja website doesn't work anymore... Curious fans would like to know...