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Posted by sepoy on October 10, 2005 · 2 mins read

I have tried, I am trying, to get an online donation setup. The last resort will be my own paypal account but I am in contact with a couple of charity organizations that operate in Pakistan, and whom I trust, and hopefully some online thing will materialize.

Edhi Foundation, is the organization that I can wholeheartedly recommend to you. They have no web presence and no ability to mobilize online. I just talked to them and there doesn't seem to be any way that they will even agree to an online system. "Edhi sahib nahin mantay," is a direct quote. In any case, you can send your checks to:

Earthquake in Pakistan
Bilqis Edhi Foundation
42-07 National street
Corona, New York, 11368

They are a registered charitable organization. For your tax purposes, their TaxID is 11-345067. Also, emullah garnered wire-transfer information:

Bank Name: Habib-American Bank, Jakson Heights, NY.
Name on the Account: Bilqis Edhi Relief Foundation
Routing # and Account # 026007362-32001014
Please write on your transfer special nature/purpose Earthquake Relief in Pakistan
Phone Number for Bank 718-397-0890

Second, is this missive from the Pakistan Embassy as a response to my query:

The President’s Relief Fund is receiving donations from the Pakistanis, overseas Pakistanis and the international community. The Embassy of Pakistan Washington has opened a designated account with the National Bank of Pakistan to receive donations for the President’s Relief Fund. Donations can be made through checks payable to President’s Relief Fund. Tax deductible donations can also be made through checks made payable to “Reach International”. All such checks should be mailed to the
Head of Chancery,
Embassy of Pakistan,
3517 International Court, NW,
Washington, DC 20008.
The Embassy will acknowledge the donations made to the President’s Relief Fund through Reach International. All donations made by the community organizations and individuals will be announced on the Embassy’s website.

Third, donate online to the Canadian Red Cross effort.

Fourth, Islamic Relief.

Also, I want to acknowledge that the US-State Department announced $50 million in aid today. Along with the most important, and severely lacking, rescue equipment. My heartfelt thanks to the US state and to the many, many people who called and emailed inquiring about my family's safety.

More, soon.


emullah | October 10, 2005

Nice job I was thinking about posting info on donations, I will recycle.

Sameer | October 10, 2005

You can also donate to Edhi online through ADP's website:

nisa | October 10, 2005

salaams - hope your family is safe and sound. - Send Relief goods, properly packed, to PIA Offices anywhere in the World and PIA will lift it for free for the Victims.

Baraka | October 10, 2005

SO glad your loved ones are well & thank you for doing the legwork re: Edhi. I am updating the info accordingly on my site.

Caleb | October 10, 2005

Glad to hear that your family is safe, Sepoy, but of course mourning along with you for all those suffering. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Sumana | October 10, 2005

Sepoy - condolences to the suffering among your friends and family. Thank you for aggregating ways to help.

umar | October 10, 2005

check out,, for all you need to know about donations and relief efforts going on.

Ejaz Asi | October 11, 2005

Online donations are available from lahore based UrduPoint at and Karachi based Indus Mart at and ADP sorry for being late though

Zack | October 11, 2005

Thank you for the links.. I found this on ADP's website.. Zia Chishti, the CEO of TRG and Orthoclear, has demonstrated his generosity by matching the next $25,000 raised by ADP! Beginning at 6:00pm EST, Monday, October 10, each dollar you contribute will be matched by Mr. Chishti (up to $25,000 in matching funds), producing double the impact for the many victims of this disaster in Pakistan. Please be generous in your donations!

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