Title Pending

Posted by sepoy on July 12, 2007 · 1 min read

I will be participating on a roundpanel, The Arc of Crisis: US Policy in the Middle East and South Asia, at YearlyKos in Chicago. It was tremendously generous of Juan Cole to invite me to join John Mearsheimer, Fariba Zarinebaf and Dennis Perrin.

I will be discussing either the treaty drawn up between the East India Company and the Talpurs of Sindh, in 1805, to keep the "American agents" out of the ports of Sindh. Or the Generals and Democracy. Since the dailyKos audience could really go for either of those topics, I will make that a game-day decision.

And, since this conference is all about people-powered politics, discourses and blogs, I will hopefully post a working draft of my comments here in the next week or so. To get your feedback, you know.

Tentative title, courtesy of my good friend lapata: "The Two-Legged Bar Stool of Pakistani Dictatorship (and these are thick legs {and the bar is really in an army barrack [or maybe in the White House]})". Together, gentle readers, we can do it.


Jonathan Dresner | July 12, 2007

That title won't work: You're supposed to put curly brackets inside square ones, not the other way around. I think you gotta lead with the treaty, though, until someone laughs.