Tick Tock XII: May 12

Posted by sepoy on May 02, 2008 · 2 mins read

From Dawn: Pakistan judges to be reinstated May 12: Nawaz Sharif LAHORE, May 2 (AFP) - Former Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif announced at a televised Press conference on Friday that the ruling coalition will reinstate judges sacked by Pervez Musharraf on May 12. The chief of the Pakistn Muslim League (Nawaz) said the government will introduce a parliamentary resolution to restore some 60 judges, including the country's chief justice, whom Musharraf deposed under a state of emergency in November. The two-time ex-premier made the announcement a day after holding talks in Dubai with coalition partner Asif Ali Zardari to resolve a deadlock over the issue that threatened their fragile alliance. “God willing, all the deposed judges will be restored on May 12,” Sharif said after meeting with senior party members. “The national assembly will approve a resolution the same day followed by the issuance of notification of the restoration of judges sacked unconstitutionally on November 3,” he said. Zardari, the co-chairman of the PPP, and Sharif had agreed at a summit in the hill resort of Murree in March to restore the judges, but a 30-day deadline that they also gave at the time expired on Wednesday. The PPP had insisted that judicial reforms also be part of the package that brings back the judges. But Sharif, the head of the PML-N party, wanted them to be reinstated without conditions. (First Posted @ 18:38 PST Updated @ 19:12 PST)

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