Tick Tock

Posted by sepoy on April 07, 2007 · 11 mins read

Formally announcing the establishment of a parallel judicial system, the pro-Taliban Lal Masjid administration on Friday vowed to enforce Islamic laws in the federal capital and threatened to unleash a wave of suicide bombers if the government took any action to counter it".


Jonathan Dresner | April 06, 2007

As we say in our family in times of trouble: Oh, shit.

Hassan | April 07, 2007

Ironic but God help pakistan!

Nitin | April 07, 2007

Sepoy, Despite its appearance I don't think this is about the Islamists...it's about a faction in the military establishment that wants to get rid of/coerce Musharraf. Would you agree?

hoopoe | April 07, 2007

I was rudely greeted this morning by that news.

Tamashbeen | April 07, 2007

The faster he comes to a political arrangement with Benazir Bhutto the greater the chance that he will be able to prevent a Gul & Co-backed regime from taking over.
And unfortunately just like all our previous military dictators Musharraf is relying too much on the Lota league. A political arrangement with Benazir Bhutto can not work out without the help of the powerbrokers. Even is there is some settlement the agencies would never allow Benazir to take full control of the government or make any significant changes to improve current situation.

Eisenheim | April 17, 2007

And thus continues the polarization of 'The land of the Pure'