Thursdays Suck

Posted by sepoy on May 06, 2004 · 1 min read

It is HOT and HUMID! Yesterday, it was cold. why? What happened to spring in Chicago? Can I have a clear blue sky? Please!?
Today, I have had to deal with Sasser happiness, Eudora upgrades, and general technological malaise. Our licensing department sees fit to put a download link to Eudora 6 on a page clearly titled Eudora 5. Oh.Okay.
Furthermore, the user had 34 critical updates for her machine. She had been dismissing the "YOU HAVE CRITICAL UPDATES. INSTALL NOW??" dialogues. Didn't think they were needed.

Plus, I have to write the lecture for today's class. Actually, I can use Tuesday's lecture since I never got around to it. I also have to give them a mid-term evaluation - of me. scared to hear those verdicts.

On the bright side - we got Herman Miller's Aereon chair knock-offs for my office. Plus, there is cricket on the quads.


sven | May 07, 2004

i agree on the hot and humid. oddly enough "rita" thought the weather was beautiful. gross. i have you beat with a machine yesterday that had 47 critical updates. and im still mad that you didnt grab me a hotdog yesterday. but forgave you for letting me use the umbrella.