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Posted by sepoy on November 08, 2005 · 1 min read

Movable Type is dead to me. I am also INCREDIBLY busy.

But, here is a re-birth. pure and white.

So, gentle readers, bear with me as I slowly re-shape this mess into CM.

Maybe I will take the opportunity to do some redesigning. Was never happy with the fonts. And now that WP is here: posts in Urdu! flickr! tags! google maps! my netflix list! my amazon wishlist! library thing! cricket scores! ice-cream sundaes! ok. let’s leave it at Urdu/Arabic/Persian posts, shall we?

If there are any must-have WP plugins, drop me a hint. All comments will be moderated until I get this off the gr0und.

Most importantly, my permalinks are hosed. I have to get those fixed first. Why does this have to happen NOW?


maujkar | November 06, 2005

really like it this way!! Simple and white! so K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sepoy

sharon | November 06, 2005

I would never be without Spam Karma. (I gave to the man’s booze fund. That’s how much I love his plugin.) Other favourites: WP Short-stat, Miniblog, Gravatar. They should all be in the WP plugins database. They’re nearly always really quick and easy to install. Often you only need to transfer the file to the plugins folder and activate. With a few you need to do a little tweaking. (Look out for the ones that you can access directly in the WP admin interface.)

raven | November 06, 2005

Dude. Nice look. ÿßÿ±ÿØŸà میں بلاگنگ! کیا یہ واقعی ممکن €Å€íÿü

sepoy | November 06, 2005

افواە تو €ï€íÿå ÿßÿ±ÿØŸà بلاگنگ ⁄©€í ÿ®ÿßÿ±€í ŸÖŸä⁄∫

Rebecca | November 06, 2005

I dream about transferring to wordpress sometimes. Has it been difficult? Look forward to seeing what it looks like!

emullah | November 06, 2005

Humm! I need to do some upgrade as well. Tell me about the possibilites. So far I was using blogspot for free.

sepoy | November 06, 2005

Rebecca: It’s not difficult at all - but when you are a diagnosed tinkerer like me…it is deadly. If you like, I can help you make the transition. Same for you, emullah. Check out Free WordPress.

sharon | November 06, 2005

Rebecca, WP is really easy to install and use - but if you let it, it will steal vast swathes of your life. But you will have a pretty website. :) I recommend too. It has all of the basic WP features (but only limited plugins) without needing a host or to install anything at all.

Zack | November 06, 2005

I got here and was like where am I. Anyway, Urdu blogging, wow! That would be a nice addition to Urdu Planet.

rob | December 31, 1969

If spam starts to wear you down, AuthImage might just save your life. I also use “Customisable Comment Listings” and “Customisable Post Listings” from here; but for all I know these might well be implemented in WP automatically these days! Good luck fashioning.

Baraka | November 09, 2005

Looking good, Sepoy :)

Cayenne | November 10, 2005

EGADS! I don't get the tech talk so far but what I do know is that my eyes are hurting. This is way too disorienting a transformation. The old CM look will be sorely missed.

sepoy | November 10, 2005

For those sending me emails that CM is horrid: please wait until I finish.

Jonathan Dresner | November 10, 2005

Is it just me, or is your RSS feed out of whack, too? I didn't realize you'd posted anything in a few days.

Mukhtiar Mai | November 11, 2005

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sepoy | November 11, 2005

jonathan: sorry, yes. the feeds need fixin' too. MM: how about a new handle? and thanks for the syria update. the only thing saving them right now is that libby resigned - the non-cooperation meme, i predict, will continue.