The Terror of Arabic

Posted by sepoy on September 02, 2007 · 1 min read

This terror of a language and the official language of terror continues its march of terror - from Raed Jarrar being denied boarding a plane because his tshirt had Arabic on it, to Debbie Almontaser resigning because someone printed an 'objectionable' Arabic word on a tshirt to David Al Watan and his six colleagues questioned because a mother heard them speak in Arabic.

Now that we have eliminated German from the world - and English, and Chinese, and Japanese, and Russian, and Serbo-Croatian-Montenegrin and Persian and Bantu and Afrikaans and French - we are finally in a position to eliminate Arabic as well.


Zack | September 02, 2007

It's not people like Daniel Pipes, but those like the mom who heard the Iraqis that scare me.

NDR | September 02, 2007

It's not about sex Arabic, it's about lying security. Just eat a Frankfurter and Berliner hot dog and jelly doughnut and be happy you're safe _____.

akbar | September 02, 2007

As they say here in southwest, Praise the Lord and give credit where its due. At least there is an effort to save some languages NY Times August 24, 2007, Friday By ABBY GOODNOUGH (NYT); National Desk Hebrew Charter School Spurs Florida Church-State Dispute " About 400 students start classes at Ben Gamla Charter School in Hollywood, Fla, amid caustic debate over whether public school can teach Hebrew without touching Judaism; conflict intensifies when Broward County School Board orders Ben Gamla to suspend Hebrew lessons because its curriculum referred to Web site that mentioned religion; opponents say it is impossible to teach Hebrew outside religious context and that Ben Gamla, billed as nation's first Hebrew-English charter school, violates one of its paramount legal and political boundaries; supporters of school say it is no different from hundreds of others offering dual-language programs; battle parallels one in New York over Khalil Gibran International Academy, new public school that will focus on Arabic language and culture; those who have followed situation say Ben Gamla could prove more problematic because, as charter school, it receives public money but is subject to less oversight."

gerry | September 04, 2007

I suppose it's a measure of my foolish optimism about human nature that I am disgusted by what Pipes wrote about the Gibran Academy. So learning Arabic promotes an "Islamic" worldview? Absurd, absurd linguistic determinism. How fortunate that we have men like Pipes - a self-proclaimed speaker of Arabic who manfully resisted the brainwashing so that he might warn us all. Heavens, they might try teaching Spanish in schools next. We all know how speaking Spanish trains Johnny and Suzy to favor illegal immigration.