The Terrible Events of 7-Eleven

Posted by lapata on October 01, 2006 · 1 min read

hawkins-pressure-cooker-1-5-lit.jpgThe Hindustan Times reported the latest on the Mumbai blasts yesterday with this catchy headline:

11 Pakistanis behind 11/7

The number eleven seems to be catching on as an inauspicious numeral for terror following the ubiquitous and international use of 'nine-eleven' to describe the events that transpired on that date in 2001 in the United States. The US meaning of 911 as an emergency phone number has probably been lost or forgotten by the rest of the world (has anyone ever been able to prove that al Qaeda used that date for symbolic purposes, or was it just a crazy coincidence?). Of course, India's 11/7 is American's 7/11, an association that desis here tend to avoid.

It has also been reported that the explosives were hidden in eight pressure cookers in Churchgate Station. Does this mean we won't be allowed to bring our cookers in our carry-on luggage anymore?


farangi | October 01, 2006

FarangiKirk: "I'm...trying's too...arggh!" McCoy: "Damn it, Spock. He's dead."

DesiBackToDesh | October 01, 2006

Aray baba where is the evidence? A quick Google news search shows hundred of pages screaming "India had evidence linking the 7/11 blasts to Pakistan, to ISI and Bhawalpur, linking 7/11 to 9/11, linking 7/11 to Mohammed Ata, linking Ata to Pakistan..." Also "India to present evidence here, there and every where..." The evidence ofcourse is 11 Pakistani's 9 of them missing, 2 of them dead and untraceable, phone calls to Nepal with references to money, a mysterious Mr. Cheema, truth serum confessions with vivid description of scenic Bhawalpur camps, a Unani (Grecko Roman?) Hakeem and the overworked imagination of Bombay police. This is all Mushie's fault. If the stupid book hadn't touched #2 on Amazon, he hadn't done 60 minutes and the Daily Show in the same week, and the book hadn't sold 10,000 copies in India, this would still be an open investigation. Indian turn to bomb us back to the stone age?

DesiBackToDesh | October 01, 2006

Oh and this is the same Bombay police that has skillfully solved and linked every single crime in the last 50 years on Bombay soil all the way back to a mysterious Mr.X at ISI (replace X with Cheema's, Chaudhries, Khans and Ansari's since most ISI professionals come form above mentioned families... except for our own Sepoy).