The Spin

Posted by sepoy on January 22, 2009 · 1 min read

He was a middle-aged man, balding, silver-dusted hair, a grey sweater, dark trousers. His belt buckle was, incongruently, the Texas pan-handle. He seemed to be walking intently, with long purposeful strides amid the chaos of the shopping center, his eyes fixed at some imaginary sign-post. Or perhaps it was a real sign, I honestly have no idea.

Suddenly, he broke his stride. Took two long gallops and corkscrewed his right arm to deliver, what looked like a leg-spin down the pitch. It was a startling interruption. Least expected. He let his hand linger at the top of the arc, letting his wrist sink down. I don't know if his mind's eye was relishing a wicket or maybe he had just hopelessly beaten the bat. He didn't smile or cheer to reveal his vision.

And then he continued on.


Rohit | January 21, 2009

Beautiful Manan- captures a sight often seen back home.

Nostalgic | January 22, 2009

It has been three years since I moved to the US, I haven't watched any cricket, and given the state of affairs of Pakistani cricket, that is just as well... nevertheless, there are times during my numerous smoking breaks outside the office when I can't help unleash a viciously spinning chinaman (yes, I'm left-handed) or a booming cover drive, both imaginary of course... These Americans hardly seem to notice, bless their souls...

gaddeswarup | January 22, 2009

I have done similar things myself; off and on suddenly taking jump shots in the middle of a road or a shopping mall even in my early sixties.

Nostalgic (formerly Umar) | January 22, 2009

In your early sixties, the team requires you to play the sheet anchor role and go for a hundred!

hassan | January 24, 2009

every morning after shaving I bowl some googlies in front of my bathroom mirror

aamir | January 25, 2009

i get plenty of cricket here in New York. i fly imaginary kites.tell me manan if lahories are allowed to have those crazy kite fights or not. Is the basant happening this year?

sepoy | January 25, 2009

I believe Basant is happening - though it is too cold still to see any paichas. For the record, yes, Aamir does fly imaginary Kites. I has seen.

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