The Secret Lives of Internet Cafes

Posted by sepoy on May 04, 2004 · 8 mins read

Net cafés do amazing business in Pakistan. In the 80s, the easiest way to keep your wayward son employed was to open up a PCO (Public Call Office) in the neighborhood. You rent a shop, install a phoneline, a desk and a chair. People come and pay you 10 rupees to make a phone call. Easy money.

Those PCOs were converted into internet access points (no beverages are served on premises) by late 90s. In 1998, a rough survey of Lahore produced an average on 10-12 cafés per neighborhoods. Now, that ratio is to one per street.

Surfing for information for yesterday's post, I came across this editorial in Jang Daily from April 28th. It told a story of internet, sex and exploitation gone horribly wrong (as opposed to all the times it goes wonderfully right, i guess). I translate:

These Net Cafés by Jawaid Chaudhry

In a Rawalpindi market, two years ago, someone set up a Net CafÈ; he constructed small cabins, placed computers in them, put a screen door with locks on the inside, installed lights in the ceiling and hidden in the lights, installed cameras. After the grand opening, young men and women started to patronize the establishment. They came alone or as couples, went into the cabins and viewed "dirty" websites on the computers. The owners of the establishment recorded these activities and would later show the movies to the couples and blackmail them for dirty deeds. This carried on until around 25 couples were ensared. A CD was compiled and send to Dubai where it sold for 10 lakh (about $100,000). Copies were made and sold in Britain, US, France and Germany and finally, made their way back home. In the beginning, these CDs were sold for four or five thousand rupees in Lahore and Islamabad. A gang got hold of the CD and tracked down the 25 families of the couples. They delivered the CDs to those houses. This caused an instant firestrom. Three of the girls in the scandal committed suicide. One was killed by her father. Two were divorced . While the boys ran away from their houses. Some of the young men on the CD belonged to very prominent families of Rawalpindi. These houses fell prey to blankmailing from the gang.

One of the elders from these families came to me. His only child had killed herself. He was in extremely fragile condition. He told me the whole story and cried that these monsters have destroyed entire families. Please tell the government to take pity on us and stop the violence permeated in the guise of technology. The gentleman left me and I don't know if he is still alive or not but his problem remains genuine. There are thousands of Net Cafés in this country. Most have cabins. Young boys and girls from colleges and universities go to these cafés, open "dirty" sites and embark on the path of sin and destruction where many blackmailers are sitting. If the Government pays serious attention, this can be resolved easily. There are thousands of software in the world that eliminate obscene websites. The Pakistan government should install these filters on all internet services, register all Net Cafés, issue license of operations, impound unlicensed sites, and ban the use of cameras in all such facilities. In the meantime, all cabins should be abolished. Proprieters should be told to prohibit morally corrupt sites and movies on the premises and teams of enforcers should tour and arrest non-compliant owners.

Someone else was telling me that some stores have installed cameras in their "try rooms". Some export these films overseas and exploit the children. The government should also pass laws against cameras in changing rooms. Places where cameras are installed should notify the customers via a public sign board. I have seen many places in Europe, America and Canada where they are installed as traffic camers. In USA, it is against the law to record any image or movie without permission even voice recording. In America, even a president, Richard Nixon, lost his government when he secretly taped his opponents but there os no such laws in our country. People have put secret cameras and recorders everywhere and their phone calls even are taped and used later for blackmail. No one knows how many houses have been destroyed by this.

[i snip the rest]

The interesting thing here is that the author, in the case of Net Cafés, wants to regulate the internet itself but, in the case of changing rooms, is satisfied with laws against hidden cameras. Presumably, the same law against hidden recording should solve the Café crime as well as the changing room crime.

The divergence in his solution comes from an old-and-tried argument that television, cinema, western books (and now the internet) are mere conduits of sin and depravity for the youth of Pakistan. The corruption occurs by mere exposure. Hence, the lack of appropriate laws is not enough as the depravity will continue in the Café. They argue, that what needs to happen is a control over the flow of unchecked smut. In case of Pakistan, that means regulating the internet, in case of USA, it means going to the source.

I also want to state that the blackmailing industry hinted at in the editorial is, without a doubt, prevalent and pernicious in segments of the population. It is largely due to the fact that even a rumor can destroy the life of girl. Families have no choice but to comply with the blackmailers to prevent something like that from happening. The way to break that hold is to shift the blame from the victim to the oppressors. A girl who dates, or has an affair is not Evil Incarnate. She should NOT be killed or stoned. sigh.

P.S. While looking around for information on the Pakistani Net Café scene, I got this entry by a pakistani blogger also looking at the same issue - and more here.

update [May 24, 2004]:I am going to temporarily suspend comments on this entry as the discourse seems to be in a downward spiral of righteous religiosity and morally-sanctioned retribution. To be frank, I am quite disturbed by some of these comments and almost deleted them. However, I will let them stand to testify to the shamelessly premodern conceptions of an individual human still prevalent in Pakistani society.

update: comments are reopened but please keep moralizing to a minimum.


Ejaz Asi | May 05, 2004

So, you truly believe Monitoring and filtering is the solution? By the way, I have an update available at as well.

sepoy | May 05, 2004

Did i give that impression? Filtering and monitoring are NOT the solution at all. Hmmm... re-reading the post, i guess, i should have made clear that there was derision in my tone. Censoring or monitoring the internet will not deter this crime. Having responsible laws of privacy will - that and some responsible computing by the populace.

Talha iqbal | May 09, 2004

Pak gov. (PTA) must implement a law for the cyber cafe's in the country. There should be some standards provided by that gov. for cyber cafe's design. I think we (private sector) should take some step for creating a body for controlling cybernet in the country.

faraz M fateh | May 16, 2004

salamzZ! i have seen everybody sayin that these cafes haf destroyed many houses n many girls haf commited suicide so these cafes should be banned 0r looked by authorities...n bla bla... But juz think if ur wife 0r sis. wud haf been their in dat cafe n u didnt knew abt it ur entire life n suddenly u know abt it...u wud haf certainly killed her for betrayin u or for doin such i think their is no fault of these cafe walas infact is the fault of these ever betrayin gals... Any wayz wat i want to suggest is dat by promotin these cafe's into media 0r where ever possible (not promoting to bann the cafes) we can gain sumthin i.e the gals 0r the persons goin in cafe's will alwayz be aware of such activities by cafes(that their pics 0r photos can also becum public)which will stop them from doin such shameful acts.They will never even think of doin such thins n also they wudnt even think of visitin any nude site.They also will prefer usin their own PC's and may be startin using PC'S for sumthin more informative. And by this we will help our society in preventing all such non-acceptable deeds, which wud help a great deal in building a better society..... Many of u wud disagree but consider sum1 close to u doin these shameful acts may be then u will change ur mind......... faraz Muhammad fateh

sepoy | May 16, 2004

Dear faraz, Can your wife or sister kill you, if you are caught betraying their honor?

Ejaz Asi | May 18, 2004

Sepoy: Can your wife or sister kill you, if you are caught betraying their honor? Ejaz: *deeply impressed* On Talha Iqbal: why everyone's so power hungry anyway? Either government controls it or private sector or both? Whose property is cyberworld anyway? Yeah, regulating cyber cafes and issuing licenses is a decent enough suggestion and that's something we can back but not convert into legislation without government's willingness (thankfully, there does seem some ray of light). And while we are there, we have even bigger problems: Our ISPs' inadequate responses to combat Spam to be on top of my wishlist. Interestingly, while we shouldn't expect them to combat SPAM or junkmail, we can at least expect them to have their servers cleaned from these viruses, worms and other crap. WorldCall who invested millions of rupees building and creating a fibre-optic broadband providing company is deeply infected with viruses on its "pirated network" not only that their lawless networks keep an eye no one can stand. Smaller companies have even bigger problems. The end result for me is that I should sit silently and communicate with as many users/customers I can, in my own capacity, and discuss with them various issues/scenarios attached with online world and those who provide/bring this service.

Syed Qaiser | May 18, 2004

Hi Any Body This case very teroble ....every body talking about the net cafe licence deregulation .... I think there is need to wash the minds of our young genreation about sex voilience... every boys n girls hungry about sex.....there is need to prevent them...... i think the only reason of that our lak of knowledge about our religon..... This is the time for parents to think and act . to how they educate there childrens to prevent them by these full of sham act........

Hasnain | May 18, 2004

Hello Everyone, We are FAR,FAR,FAR & FAR AWAY to be called civilized and Human after the incident in rawalpindi. We have no right to blame any one in the world who is doing wrong, after what we have done to our own people.......

Asad | May 20, 2004

This is so disturbing and upsetting. The solution is not to ban pornographic sites. The people who are photographing and videotaping such things are sick minded people. They have no honor and no respect neither for themselves, their mother and sisters and wife and nor those of others. People, this is a muslim country. Does it look like one? I feel so ashamed of my fellow country men. People who committed sin of adultery, that is their act and Allah will punish them if He wants. It does not give anyone right to extort those families. Of course, I do condemn having sex in cyber cafes and adultery as well, but regulating internet sites is not the solution here. The problem is far bigger and worse than controlling access to obscene site.

Junaid Khan | May 21, 2004

Burai key tasheer nahi keri chahiyay. stop it.

Aamer Chaudhry | May 24, 2004

Hi everybody! It is really difficult to wrie or say about what happened in Rawalpindi. I wonder how girls and boys are crazy about sex. No doubt, everybody likes it but it should be done according to our religion and after marriages. By chance my cousin got the CD. Oh my God, that was worst. I wonder how young girls were sitting with their boyfriends and doing unexplainable. Trust me few of them were in scarves and gowns (usually a symbol of nobility. One guy was doing un natural thing with a school girl. Some out of you must be thinking that i am enjoying writing this. I swear i just want to let you know that take care of your daughters. I read some females gave comments like this "Can your wife or sister kill you, if you are caught betraying their honor?". Listen sir/madam will you allow your daughter, sister or mother doing this, never. For such fuck ups death is the only punishment. I am sure after this incident a lot of girls will avoid making boyfriends as this is a craze these days. Anyway this what i think you may differ it. Love, Aamer

sayyar khan | May 24, 2004

sorry for the girls who committed suicide after their noble deeds were disclosed....shame on their parents who let loose their daughters with their boyfriends.....we are muslims and any such act will produce this kind of serious repercussions........being an islamic country our govt should immediately ban all porno sites to avoid distruction of our young generations....... I m really sorry to say that living with this dirt we neither become Iqbals shaheens nor good muslims............. we must accept that we are muslims and one day Allah will ask us about what we did....... thanks

AHMED | January 08, 2005

Undoubtedly, It is extremely unlawful to record someone's personal activity and later exploit it to black-mail the former. This can not be solved individually,for, in this way, the dirt can-not be washed away effectively, however, GOVT. intervention is profoundly important to prohibit these acts raised by few devils across the country. All such persons happened to caught must be strictly treated so that this evil can be abolished from the country. Praying for my country to rise HIGHEST on the globe n World is gonna watch it. Regards :-

Arslan ul haq | January 09, 2005

sex is a porblem of every adult, when he or she get young. this mean this is a need and they need to full fill that by fair or unfair means. there was a time there is no media no tv no megzines no internet but ppls still commit such act... plus another things a person who is at stray commit such sins. so there is a need of correction not punishment now. and islam don't allow anyone to kill someone for such reason... reference... Once a Sahabi come to Holy Prophet, He said i saw such thing, if i tell someone, according to islam ppls will kill me, if i keep quit then i'm no longer remain muslim, so our holy prophet said to him. Leave your wife... That man saw his wife having sex with some other man... he did'nt killed that person who was with her wife.. he come to holy prophet, holy prophet told him what to do now.... so the ppls who killed there daughters did wrong... and the person who released this video also did wrong.

Missy | January 27, 2005 finally find the real dirt in pakistan, and for this to be so openly exploited I'm suprised. The behaviour of these young adults is shocking and an embaressment and of course punishment is to be sought from the almighty himself.Is it not him who decides the time and place of death, and is it not him and only him who has the righteous power to take a life, be that of a street whore who carries out the acts of sin to survive, or that of a person who has taken anothers life. No one has the right to take a life, except the almighty. Recently having visited pakistan and seen over such a time period how much had changed from my last visit, showed how westernised cultures had over-powered the traditional and cultural pakistan I once came to know. 'you shouldn't forget your roots' the most common words uttered from parents to their children living in the UK or anywhere but Pakistan. How can we possibly look them in the eyes and say how wonderful of place their country is with all this dirt going about. After my visit and seeing the country in such a state, i had to say the only way to survive in pakistan is to LIE, CHEAT & STEAL... Its the truth, the rich are too rich and shame on them for not controlling their 'i think im all that' children for getting out of hand, and the poor, well you only have to take a good look. So its understandable WHY the blackmailers did it. As you can see i have not refered to girls in one way and to boys another as the saying goes IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO!! Both can be blamed equally. Parents play a key role into how their children grow up, so yes they should also get a fair share of the blame. I guess this is a lesson which SHOULD to be learnt by everyone. Im also not saying that the girls who took thier lifes did good, because if they didnt, someone else probably would have, and for what?...HONOUR...oh yes im sure were suppose to take that to our death beds.

Mobin | January 30, 2005

Very Very shamefull to all of us that we as a young people are encouraging them for this step. what is happening to us... this life is mortal . may be we will understand this but when . this question will remain unanswered

Adeel | February 08, 2005

Dear All these cyber cafe's are not for the chating or for the internet use sorry to say but these are only for privacy for the couples where they can made their love and for those frustrated boys and girls who look prono site and stuff , well closing is not the solution yeah we can do one thing by made a cafe oon one standard in which no privacy nothing no couple boxes cafe shuold be open that the real solution and every cafe must have to follow the design or some thing where they cannot make these boxes for couples that how we can get rid of that dirt from our country and th actuall who want to use will come out and use then you sister my sister any one can go and surf if they want but the atmoshpere should be open no dim light no boxes no privacy that it Thank

Adnan Khan | March 02, 2005

Asalam Alaikum everybody, My heart goes out for those family who lost there girls and had to go through with this unimaginable pain that i cannot even think about it. I am sorry that you guys had to face black mailing, physical and metally tourcher in this so called "MUSLIM COUNTRY" pakistan. I read lots of comments about that, its girls and there family fault, and yes i support that.Its family fault that you guys live in this so called "MUSLIM COUNTRY" PAKISTAN, its your fault because your pakistani and i am sorry about that. I was there last year in pakistan I live there for about month and for whole month i didnt even find one "MUSLIN" in this so called "MUSLIM COUNTRY". Pakistani people are the most bios, arrogant and illiterate people in the world and i am embarrass to call my self pakistani where people like blackmailers get away and nobody even talk about how bad and discusting thing that they did to those family, they didnt only mentally but physically hurt those family they should be charge for murder. And family like them had to suffer and plus had to take shit from you people. In pakistan there is nothing but a double standard. Now tell me all of you who think that thats girls fault or there family fault or there family suppose to kill those girls or anything. If you want this islamic laws than we should have every islamic laws not only for those family but for everybody in every aspect. Islamic laws not only for sex but for stealing too and so on. And my friends islamic law for stealing is that your hand cut off from your wrist. Stealing electric city, direct connection which i saw in pretty much ever house there, those people hands suppose to be cut off. Its really easy to say that its the family or girls fault but you guys have no idea, what they have to go through. I can only pray for all of us that we never had to go through what they had been through. But next time if you talk about islamic laws or think thats there family fault look at your self first or look at your "HAND" before judge anybody. Allah hafiz.

danish | March 04, 2005

salam all. I heard about the pakistani internet cafe scandal in Hong Kong , those days i was there and one of my indian friend passed me this Cd and asked me to see WHAT IS HAPPENING BEHIND THE VIEL , when i saw I really feel so much shame and everyone laughed on pakistani society . This is all in that Cd was inspiration of western culture and of indian media , which makes mind like this , but one should think about him/her self and all of their respected families , coz this kind of act can make all the family to hide face from the society. Also every person have their own responsibility to stop this kind of culture , this time if we see anyone and ignore then we are not loyal to our Nation ,our Country , our families also . We must act togather and now because all things cannot be controll by local police or goverment

Liaquat Ali | March 11, 2005

All, I read some replies but not all, generaly people commenting seem to be living in what I would call cukoo land or have their heads burried in sand. Most cant seem to remember their own days when they are young. Further to call Pakistan a moral country even, so lies, killings, hidden rapes, forced marriages, selling girls, revenge killings, bribery, fake promises, major ego problms list is long ...all seem okii to all of you cos these have been their since birth of Pakistan. Only shamefull thing you found is some folks having sex.. the rest dont matter or I dont see comments on. As for religion and sex ..solution is not to hold it so to speak solution is marriage..oh no then you have western hat on its too early too young not mature... what the hell do you expect these young people todo.. and before netcafes are you telling me there were no pre-marital affairs. Just having the name muslim makes you moraly correct.. believ me most westerners are far far more moral then you muslims.. they do everything in open with reason... since they dont marry early or not at all they allow premarital sex. You cant delay marriage and not allow natural body needs to exist. I am going to say no shame on people on cd's ..shame on you all for creating a situation for the cd's ..and how all of you innocently have the cd's .. believe me its not that easy to get them unless u goto certain places and ask.. no friend of mine dropped any on my lap. All I can say is to wake up to reality and cut this honour crap .. it only exist as a double standard.. no one from inside believes in it.. before you comment bla bla on me .. just open your eyes and explain to me how over half a million prostitutes make a living in Lahore alone.. who pays them .. As for laws and filtering .. you cant filter porn.. and Pakistan is a lawless country .. I dont see any laws working, making new once wont make a damn difference. Also before net cafe's .. how many of you were inocently watching porn on video!!!

Shan | March 19, 2005

Hi all, I have been reading people saying alot of mis-guided ideas and stories abt what happened in net cafe. No one, believe me NO ONE sold the cds for money, and NO ONE AT ALL blackmailed anybody, its all rubich altogether. the cd just went out of cafe, cpoies and copies and copies and now its over the world. It was started to control the people and tell them dont do this, but they used to fight that they are right and they were not doing anything, then they might have started this as a proov, and later on owner of the cafe didnt know at all what was happening in the club, as he he rarely used to sit in the cafe, the guys working there, could be there deed. but this selling cd for 10 lack, or black mailing is absolutely rubich, actually this was something new for the people of pak, thats y it got so much advertisement. this story chould be closed now, you cannot say anybody wrong here apart from people who were doing sex there, instead of using cafe for information they were using it for their own sake.

Shan | March 19, 2005

I agree with you Liaquat Ali, you are very much right, people are talking about all this because they have come to know about this, dont people think before this cd, those people were doing nothing, they were doing everything, but that was hidden from society, now everyone knows it, so there should not be no difference. All pakistan video shops selling and renting sex movies, not from western countires but those made within Pakistan, why dont people speak about this, because everybody loves this and watches this all. People committing suisided is natural, when anybody comes to know about him/herself that s/he been caught, its natural to comitt suiside, bcus they know they were wrong. This cafe story is just a child, we have finish parents and elders, those are sex movies in music/video centres, MUJRAS, HEERA MANDI SYSTEM, INTERNET SEXY SITES. if these things are not there, this will not happen for sure.

imran | April 14, 2005

Well i am the owner of one internet cafe in Lahore. What ever people are explaining in theirs articles is their imaginations and opinion, but they never through the real conditions as I. I will not blame to any girl or boy for such an accident even net cafes. I have been running my cafÈ since 1999. No couple is allowed in my cafÈ and you people want to know couple fights with us daily. They said. Why? Why can not? You can not stop us we pay for that. What kind of services you are providing. Mostly were girls using those questions. ( I am not against of woman what I got I am explaining). Many times we had talked badly about such condition. Many momís came and leaved their daughters in cafÈ ( for what? where they want to go?) Many girls try to smoke in cabins. Many girls even try to drink (Shrab). If we know it we always stop. But it is not our duty to teach them. About adult sites human is crazy for sex this is my experience. Old young eldest even 60 year old men all do it in my cafÈ and I have been seeing them through my server. Even some do HP (mostly people I hope know it: D) We caught them but they just smile and say sorry . This is not the problem of Pakistan all our world have same problem with different situation. I have many more things. Useless to explain. Better we try to make our self better . I am also not nice as Muslim but I try. This is the evil time. Take care all

Adeel | April 25, 2005

I would just like to comment on the issue of killing those girls (ahem...while letting the guys free). Islam laid down in the quran a strict rule that if you are to accuse a woman then u have to produce 4 adult muslims who have impeachable character who actually saw the act of penetration. and even then stoning to death is only for married adulterers. So may i know where are the four pious ppl. Is the evidence of a blackmailer,a swindler a men of the worst character admissable in any Islamic court!!! thirdly four ppl are supposed to have seen the real act and not merely the captured images which we all know can be made up. fourthly i dont remember the name of the caliph but i believe it was hazrat Ali and during his time a couple was charged by four men that they had committed adultery. Those four people were lashed you know why? because the crime of adultery was done behind closed doors and not in the open and peeping on people (nowadays with a hidden camera) is strictly not allowed. The real person to be punished is that guy and all his cronies who carried out this shameful act of videotaping. yes the couples were wrong to do it, but may i know on what basis did every1 assume that they were not married???? please those couples did wrong but Allah does not like people who ashame others like this. If we are true and real muslims we will stop thinking of the girls as 'bad' bcos I am really sorry to say that we have no iota of islamic evidence to accuse them. If you are real believers accept them as normal girls who MAY have committed some wrong but who has not from among us anyway. One of the sahabi once said that whomsoever looks (ok let us change it to stare,scan,mental rape)at a woman who is a non-mahram commits adultery.why dont all of us give our eyes 40 lashes then! Islam is not about stoning and lashing or owning women it is about humanity. islam has tried to make sure that crimes like adultery dont become something that is openly committed in public, and there is a fine line between reporting a crime and watching secretly through a camera.this was pure and simple blackmail, none of the evidence is permissable as the provider of that evidence is a criminal a lier, a blackmailer, and in any case there are no FOUR witnesses of pious character who can testify that they saw the act of penetration. stop hounding these women now as required by your very own religion

Faisal Aleem | April 28, 2005

ALLAH says PUT the PARDAH on OTHERS SINS HE will Put the Parda On Yours Sins I think Its enough for US I dont think we have to discuss it more ALLAH sab sey Bahtar Janey wala hay Beshak We all are in SINs But HE put the PARDHA on our sins ALLAH ney 100 Murder karney waley koo Maaf kar deya No body knows WOO kiss kiss Koo Kiss baat par maaf kar dey Gaa We have to see ourself No need to discuss and see into other personal matters Faisal Aleem

Austere | May 03, 2005

salam All... Its ben pretty long to this incident but still there is an echo coming across. I would like to laude the comments of Mr. Faisal very much right in his assertion. We are so deeply struck by the modrenisation phenomenon that sounds real difficult to revolt.The frustration is at its peak and we unconsciously exhaust it through some way or the other..and we feel good same in this case just talking and listening and reading about it. Dear All.... i ld like to endorse the views of mr FAISAL and will recoomend to give a deep thinking to our ownself...IF we think in the shoe of those who suffered ...we will never talk abt it agian. So its better to stay quiet and seek their forgivenes from Allah Almighty as "TO err is human"....AND NO ONE KNOWS...who is NEXT! tc

mayberight | May 11, 2005

Just imagine a situation where u are with ur fav. female to whome to love most , and there are no places around you where u can go & have nice time with her (?) . Then anybody will try to locate such place which will give u a privacy of short period. i think cafe's are the solution and that's why rest of the things happens banned on private cafes is not the solution , there must be a place where u can feel private

adil raja | May 11, 2005

Salam everyone Yaar jo bhi hua bohat bura hua iss per mujay balkay ham sab ko behad afsos hai ye sab batain apni jaga jo kuch hua iss per hamari govt. ko koee action lena chaey tha maslan net cafes ko registar kerna uk k leay aik law bnana jiss main net cafes aik had main reh ker apna kaam kerain yani koi movies na chalay net related i mean chatting email or good surfing ho phir porn web sites band block ker dain koee aisa filter lagaein jisss se kisi qisam ki koi porn site open na ho cabins open ho kisi qisam ki koi partitioning na ho cabin main sab open reh ker kaam kerian ettcc. per hamaray govt. ko koi fikar hi nahi hai saray k saray yahoodi hain dosto ye sab yahoodio k chaal hai k ham pakistani ayashio main peray rahay or isi tera berbad hotay rahay ok yaar bas main itna hi kehna chahta tha Allah sab ko apni aman main rakay khuda hafiz

Bilal | May 11, 2005

hi, I know that those couple in the net cafe have done a great sin but was their crime so big that they have to loose their life for it. The people who made the video are the real criminals, first they invaded the privacy and secondly they blackmailed them. I dont know but one thing is for sure our society is going down. The people who made the video deserve death because they are responsible for the chaos in the society.

Asif Ali | May 18, 2005

Okz, I had read almost all the comments.but no one else knows this case better than me.....becoz i was one of them to which this case happend.i know that place that cafe[its no more there],Hundred and Hundreds of thx to GOD that i was not cuaght on video,but whatever they did with us,me n my fieonce, that was enough for both of us.......till our death.......he spoiled us. After 2 years i m even not able to share my tension with anyone else bcoz what we did was wrong.......but what happens with us.....we donot deserves one knows about this problem with me and my fionce but its a night mare. those guys were from Gujrat,Named with Shuakat,Tariq and one of them was cristain i dont remember his name. why i m telling this all on this forum.....may b becoz none of u all people will come to knwo who am i. Nopw thx to Allah we are not doing that bad sin after that accident happend with us.....we did TUABA......and may b becoz of that tauba......we did not cuaght into there hidden cameras.......thx to Allah tala.....otherwise me n my fieonce was ready to get die.

sana | May 18, 2005

oh man, i read so many ppl. espcially Mr Asif Ali. nice bloody story. u know..ppl like u,creat religious diferences. u did something in a net cafe, and then u blame it on Indians and Cristians. bloody hypocrats!! let me tell u something abour U! u stoped doing ur fiance because u found out about the cameras. if there were no cameras,then u would have never stopped feeling up ur lady!! right??? I KNOW IM RIGHT!! the momement somebody statred taping u became a sin!! i cant believe how hypocritical u guys are. blaming other ppl. u know..LOOK INTO UR OUN SELF. Also, i would liike to say tht,Mr. Liaquat Ali was totally correct. it is ver rare to find a good people like him in the muslim community anymore. i want to ask all those ppl who are blaming the ppl doing sexual acts in the net cafe, havent u lloked at a girl and thought of "doing" it with her, or feeling her up!? havent u ever watched a porn..and havent u ever ran to the bathroom the "feel good"?? YES! ALL OF U HAVE. so all u bloody hypocrats..and no life losers...LOOK INTO UR OWN WORLD,AND THEN BLAME THE OTHERS.

drFkhan | May 18, 2005

i dont think there should be any problem if 2 consenting adults want to have intercourse if they are not married to someone else and are using proper contraception. afterall , they are not impringing on someone else's right. This is the 21st century and we should remember that Europe only started developing, after they ditched religon. As for the bloody maulvis who say that it was right to kill these girls, they should go to some Madressah and get themselves sodomized.

Asif Ali | May 19, 2005

Okz i had read what SANA have said about me.........listen.......if u do mistake and u r ashamed of that,it means u r asking for forgivness from GOD.GOD helps this kind of ppl.but the ppl like u are the ppl inside that cafe to record all that scene.i was not blamming anyone,i did a mistake and i got its result. and one more important thing,b4 the news enclosed to me or anyone other about those camera,i already had left those things. so its only ur thinking about others.......or u may have seen ppl like these.i was not blamming any cristians or muslims...but what is fact is fact.what i did was wrong.......but they did with me that was also wrong......for my mistake they cud call my family...but for there mistake to whome we can call.....i was punished bcoz of sex.......but they also did the same thinking plus what punishment they deserves.with SANA comments its seems that SANA have no pain for the ppl who died.

Manisha Dutt | June 29, 2005

Hi buddies i've read all your talk.Let me tell u one thing that Pakistan is not the first place where such an has occured.Infact in Delhi we have a lot of sex of unmarried people.The fact is in India we run open brothels where sex is allowed.Our movies very well depict this.A large number of unmarried hindu gals r involved in backdoor sex with their boyfriends.Nobodies says anything abt it overhere so wats the point of creating all this havoc in Pakistan?

Yasin Janjua | July 04, 2005

I read short and tall stories and Mr. J Ch.'s rant. I have been around the globe and only thing I know is that there is no point in having cabins in netcafes. So far, I have not seen any internet cafe with cabins in USA, CANADA or Euroope. The registration of cafe is not a solution. The solution is in enforcement of only one law that would require net cafes not to have cabins. They can have a computer lab style desks with seperators and that should be enough for privacy purposes. No one would be able to look over someones shoulder to sneak on one's email or something. As far as freedom of information and browsing whatever you want is concerned, go home and do whatever you want in the privacy of your home. You are answerable to your sins to Allah as long as you are in 'chardiwary' if you do it in public then society's laws apply. Remember the concept of chaddar and chardiwary. I am not making a case for doing sins at home but eleborating a point that public domains should be open. If you scream for cabins in the name of privacy then seek privacy in home not in public. For short, there should be no cabins in internet cafes. They were meant for only one purpose and that has become obvious ..... Even if you want to have cabins then the doors should be like the restroom doors in western coutries. One feet cut from bottom and top so that you can see heads and legs, I mean who is inside. You will have enough privacy to information but at the sametime no opportunity to have sex, which means no incentive for netcafe wala (owner) to do voyeurism. The voyeurism has been very common in rest of the world, thanx to camera cell phones and wireless spy cameras. I guess it is not easy to stop but having effective and well defined laws will help. NetCafe registration would be ineffective and only promote more corruption. If you can register and have cabins at the same time you can still do voyeruism by buying out the law enforcement agents. The only solution is having open spaces in net cafes.

Shahathens | July 10, 2005

Assalam-u-Alaykum Its really interesting to see so many opinions and it is good to have discussion on such impending topics in our modern Islamic society. My opinion is that we educate the people and encourage people to leave this material crap behind us. Parents need to realize that they should marry off their children at an earlier age and do not constrain their children which would force them to do bad things. I mean in the Prophet's (SAW) time it was really easy for people to marry and it was very easy for people to do halal and very difficult to do haram. Nowadays though people find it easier to do haram then the halal way. This change has cost us this terrible dilemma we see today. If only parents would realize that a bank balance, a degree, and a good job are not necessary requirements for marriage, these barriers cause these haram type of things to happen. We need to encourage early marriages and promote a family life. Wassalam Maaz Shah

mobeen | July 16, 2005

While browsing I came across to view the comments of you people. Horriable tale, I imagined what would happend to the people who were trapped there and still living alive in our hypocrat society. For the people who create all the fuss and ruined the life of 50 young peaple(25 couples)I am sure must be freely moving around as I am very well aware of our so called laws. I would like to comment on Mr Imran views who is also running a net cafe. He says that people maturbate in his cafe and he catch them. Well I think that he belongs the same mentality. Obviously you are providing them privacy and then catch them playing with themselves. Bad thing. what the young couples have been doing in privacy was natural thing. we should not relate this act to religion or country. Put a couple from any creed race or religion in a cabin and they would do the same thing. Mr Asif says that he has done toba, but I am sure that same thing would be happened again if he will get any chance. Do not get upset if there would have been me or my young sister result would have been the same. In the end I would request all of you people not to feel yourself better than anybody. What Mr Javaid Choudhry has emphasise in the writing is clear and present danger of coming technology. I have already seen the movies captured by cameras of mobile phone where you dont see the male but only female doing something to boy unaware that boy is capturing her. Be careful all of you

Maanu | August 02, 2005

Now shall we stop talking about all this nonsense?

jahangir soomro | August 03, 2005

HI poeples how r u all i am sorry for those girls who commit suicide for their sin i want to tell u all that this problem was very crucial for every one who were involved in but every body should understand that fathers brothers who killed their daughter they will be very much painfull because they their own daughters caught by camera what they do if the woman is married their husband will leave them but wat about the fathers and brothers they have face all.i am just saying to them patience,this society is very bad this problem should be handled by government but in our country is lawles may god give them knowledge.first we should hang those cafe boys who did this all.create dillema for all. thanx

kamran | August 04, 2005

hi.. my name is kamran and i live just few yards fromt hat pindi netclusb where this happened....and i was too using that particular netclub in past as other area fellows were using ... tell me who teaches such kind of original french kissing to them, not even a single couple was doing love in pakistani style, so my dear fellows , think where real evil lies... so put some kind of filter check on cable channels and also on indian channels and also put filter on net sites as it is arleady working these kind of filters and checks in uae, from kamran, rawalpindi

Tahir | August 07, 2005

God forgive us all, other wise we all commit sins of one nature or other. We all know what is happening all over and in pakistan. this case may be is just tip of iceburg. This is being discussed as it came to light , other wise what is not happening there. We should not compare ourselfs with other countries that this is nothing new. we know what all is happening there is extreemly bad, recently in France child sex abuse case came up, that all is filth but we have our own morals. Lets pray to God to guide and give us the strength to follow the correct path. Individual efforts can make socity collectively better but if we keep discussing who was at fault or what some one else did was more wrong and do not stop committing sins (which we r still committing every day) this will not lead us to any personal or collective good. OH GOD GIVE US ALL FORGIVENESS AND GUIDE US TO CORRECT PATH --- AMEEN

Seema | August 09, 2005

Yes sex is a natural need but having it before marrige is not allowed in our religion and also in our culture. Insaan ko itna bhi nafs ka ghulam nahi hona chahiye k naa to woh juga daikhey or naa hi moqa. phir insan main or janwar main faraq hi kiya reh gaya. I have seen that CD and believe me I was astonished to watch wht all those guys were doing.Bohut saari girls hain jin ki shadi nahi ho paatee, iss main oon k parents ka koi qasoor nahi hota, iss ka yeh mutlub nahi hai k woh apney parents ki izzat ko neelam ker dain. or boys k liye bhi yehi baat hai...plz apney nafs k itney ghulam mut banain.

seema | August 10, 2005

Why those girls committed suicide? jub tuk kisi ko nahi pata tha k woh ghar se nikal ker kiya kerteen hain tub tuk sub thik tha. muger jub dunia ko pata chula to suicide ker means they were guilty. they knew wht they were doing was not right. parents jub apni olad ko ghar se bahar jaaney ki ijazat daitey hain to iss ka mutlub hai k woh oon per aiteemad kertey hain.... or aap ko koi huq nahi hai k aap apney parents ki izzat yoon neelam ker dain.

Anis | August 11, 2005

Try out a web filter (iShield) that blocks pornographic images using image analysis. ScreenShield Enterprise is suitable for net cafes.

Mitch | August 16, 2005

I am amongst those who saw the video.It all happened in an internet club in Commercial Market,Rawalpindi.The girls doing the act were not kidnapped or lured away,they went out with their boyfriends with their full consent and knowing well what they could do inside the cabins so they are equally to be blamed. Premartial sex in Pakistan is on the rise but not as rampant as it seems after watching that sick video.Most of the girls hangout with guys having been fooled that the guy won't ever ditch her and they pay a price to get his loyalty but it all ends up in pain and rejection. Coming back to that video,everyone talks about the disaster coming down on the families involved but little is known about what happened to those assholes who filmed them. Did they flee or are they back in business doing some other sleezy work?They should be shot dead since they spread out the sin to millions of people and made money out of it. Anyway to inform you all,the voyeur filming of sex acts hasn't stopped.More sex videos have come out from the red light areas and motels.Even legally married couples are not being spared in this sleazy business and their intimate moments are being filmed in hotels as well.

Mitch | August 17, 2005

The very structure of the so-called internet 'clubs' in Pakistan are an open invitation for the iblees to play around.Why do they build closed cabins with locks inside?Obviously no one is going to do a research on a chemistry project or browse encarta..nobody. I have seen some internet clubs with icons and shortcuts on the desktops making sure hardcore porn sites are just a click away. Imagine your 12 year old sister or brother or son or daughter going to a netcafe to email but is instead lured to visit a hardcore porn site.A lot of these clubs offer to play hardcore porn movies already saved in the hardisk to make the job easier.This is a very very dangerous trend and must be stopped.If pornography continues to spread like this,no one will be spared. I am all for internet clubs.They are a better way to spend time than hanging around at street corners but they must be restructured and a law should be passed whereby there should be no closed cabins and the PCs should face outwards not inwards as in most other countries. Once the closed cabins are done away with it,I am sure this sleeezy business will come to an end.Good people will stay in the job while sick minds will go away.

Mitch | August 17, 2005

The real culprits in the whole episode are the owners of the internet club who designed the cabins in such way that they look like hotel rooms complete with locks and invited the iblees by offering hardcore porn movies already saved in the hardisks for all to see. The girls have been unduly punished by their families for their acts. Instead they should have been pardoned and allowed to seek forgiveness from Allah but the criminals who were the masterminds of the whole sleazy business have gone spared. Not all internet clubs in Pakistan are like that but quite a lot of them offer hardcore porn movies to the users .I have visited a few centers, which have made shortcuts on their desktops. One only has to click it to be led away intoto a world of sin and sleaze,corrupting innocent minds. I am all for internet clubs actually. More should be opened and encouraged but a strict law must be passed whereby there must be no closed cabins and all PCs must face outwards not inwards. This will ensure people going to these centers will visit clean sites and not do sick acts when alone.Watching porn sites and then doing sinful acts is all the more dangerous in Pakistan where free mixing is looked down upon and this leads to a sick mind.We are losing a whole generation because of this dangerous trend.

Imran | August 18, 2005

Hmmmmmmm ....... ya dat was a nightmare 4 us ven i saw dat cd i shocked!!!!!!! .. wot da hell iz goin' on in our country. den instantly i ask a question to my self....r v muzlim da ans is not ...... but question iz arises who is responsible ov dat (1)da honuor of dat cafe (Most stupid person who sold dat damn thingz into international market)? (2)da boyz who r frustrated ? (3)N da galz who givin' him chance ? I think diz iz all due to da gap b/w us n our religion... da story is not ended here after diz lot ov other moviez(ov any hotel cam caught,park cam caught,university camcaught picz etc etc ) rapidly cummin' in da market due to demand n all r pakiez .... N somthin' 4 u SEEMA jee ya u r right but v r not angelz n v r clean until v did't get any chance n u wrote there u saw dat cd did u ask ur parents to allow me to see dat damn cd did they permit u ??? GUNAH gunah hota hai har Baray gunah ki start chotay say hoti hai.... so v cant blame them n i thing i m right n v should analyze our self b4 belamin' to otherz

Shan | August 18, 2005

Its in response to imran. It has been said here before as well that the talks about selling the cds outside is totally rubish. No one sold'em. Movies just made to control and then copies got out for no reason. Rest story all know about our paki society, copies and copies and copies - whoever came to know about it wanted it, and likewise it spreaded internationally. I know the story behind this, It is not what it appears. Owner did not even used to come there regularly, he didnt know what was happening until it was in news. this was all spoiled by our spoiled media. i accept it was not good for people who are in movie but believe me it has stopped hundred of thousands from doing anything like this forever. It was a lesson for all and in that sense it is better than anything else.

seema | August 23, 2005

For u Imran... Iam married for 5 years. And I think i dont need any permission from my parents. I was a student myself I studied in Co-Education all my life. Or jahan tuk chance avail kerney ki baat u think every girl & guy in Pakistan is waiting for her/his chance to avail?Thats disgusting.It is inside u which tells u wht is wrong and wht is right. I dont blame guys....but yes girls.....they have to think before every step they take. Izzat bohut nazook cheez hoti hai.Eik dafah chuli jaaye to wapis nahi aatee.OOn girls ki wajah se kitni larkiyun per se oon k parents ka aiteemad khutam ho gaya ho gaa.....yeh kabhi soch hai aap ne. Parent apni daughters ko school or college bhaijtey huye yeh hi sochtey hon gay k pata nahi wahan se woh aagey kahan kahan jaati ho gee or kiya kuch nahi kertee ho gee. Kabhi yeh socha k iss eik incident ki waja se kitni hi larkiyun ki studies rok dee gayeen hon gee. Kisi ki zara see dair ki lust(I might say whtever was in that CD, it was not love it was simply lust) ki waja se kitni hi larkiyun k future berbaad ho gaye hon gay.

Manzour | August 25, 2005

Dear all, Nice to hear your nice comments regarding what happened in the net cafes. But I am thinking about Manisha Dutt, if I say she is more hot than the ones in the net cafe, so I think I will be right. She is comparing India and Pakistan; Pakistan is a Muslim country and have a nice and proper culture. India which now adays is acting the same like East, could not be ever compared with Pakistan. So Dear Ms. Manisha, please avoide this kind of writings in future. Regarding what happened, I would like to say; it is very shame, specially for a Muslim Society. I have one question from those parent; ARE THEIR ANY SUCH KIND OF PARENTS THAT STILL THEY GIVE PERMISSION TO THIER DAUGHTERS TO GO TO THE INTERNET CAFES? Still that I am not from Pakistan, but I am a muslim and there is no boundary in Islam. So it is a very big shame for us, the people of other religions will blame on us, that see there are also muslim like that. It is a big shy for all muslims around the world. All should be very very very very very very very very very very care full. Thanks for paying your attention, it is appeciatable. Thanks once again and bye, take care

Ki||Bi|| | August 29, 2005

Hi Every1 I jus wanted to say tht no 1 iz so innocent not even me...But da thing matters iz k uu have to tthink about ur family...Yara kaisay larkiyaan ya larkay apne parents ko cheat kartay hain,Saf see aik baat hai k when a gal gives a chance to a guy toh larkay toh hotay he isi intizaar main hain & tht iz a fact...Larkon ka kya hai uun ko koi fark nahi parta agar woh kuuch karain b lakin larkiyoon ko sochna chahiyeh k 1 day they have 2 get married....Larkon k pass sab say asaan formula I LUV U aur larke haan ab sab kuch tmhara hai sorry to say tht bt tht,s true....ALLAH he koi hidayat day aisoon ko... :P Take Care all of u BYEZZ

Schozab Hussain (London) | September 02, 2005

Salaam to all ! well i have read so many comments and almost everyone was right as far as defending his own point of view. all what happened 2 years back ! i can say is '' Result of Frustration'' in our society. Frustration means , when we know everything is going around in our society ( like xxx movies , sites, dates by girls and boys in shape of universities lunches and dinners etc ), so we dont let any chance go from our hands. when we know publical declaration of such things are bad in our society. all we need to do is first to look into our selves what we are, what we could have done , if we were at place of those boys and girls. first we have to look into our zameer, then we have right to decide whats right and wrong. Those who did these acts got the reward, but we should make sure, what we say or discuss in the forums , we are like same when we get some real opertunity. thanks

Jamila | September 04, 2005

Dear O Dear whatz happening in country like this. I have to say something about this topic that should it be publicized or not. The thing done by the respective Net Café owner is bad that he was taping without telling the general public about it. The fact I know about it is that the person initially has not planned this sin but after boyz n galz coming together he got the idea and he start taping it for his personal use then he and his society went to sale the tapped material. Immediately after the news were in air that this kind of thing is sold in all around the world the person left the country and the people living here in PAKISTAN some enjoyed some confused and some gone for suicide (hope u understand who went for suicide). Now what you say how Islam controls these kinds of things you take that. Now don’t publicize that this happens and people committed suicide change your style and publicize it like that people committed suicide due to bad sins they have so beware. What is the matter people will internally discuss it and finally the vigilant culture will be developed. Now come to a point one has posed in starting that if you are a man would your wife or sister kill you. I think when you look at this thing the only death through other person reported is father killed her daughter. The person who introduce you to this world has ended the story. You know the respective girl could never live if she would have alive but due to she died so she died may be she can reach to Paradise through this way. Think that if these people in this age are doing these lovely things what their future is. If you are trying to do something bad and caught napping certainly you are saved. If you have done it you have done it. That means a stamp is printed on you heart now there is no way to come back. It is pure form of ZANAH and need nothing to say more on this. Cameras in Net Café & Change Rooms: Change Rooms does not need cams so that is straight away a crime in net café I tell you what in our city there are two net café ‘s who have cabins and from last four years they are running these Ncafé s they have clearly printed on reception as well as in cabins that they are monitored both inside computer and outside the computer through cams so people go there and use net for last so many years we have not seen any bad report coming out even galz go there use net freely. Its just your inside which matters other things are second. Thanks

MZ | September 05, 2005

Well,the internet cafe sex scandal has come and gone like a nightmare falling on our society.Lets say it was a rude awakening and installing the hidden cameras was in a way a blessing in disguise since had there been no cameras and no taped movies,the sinful acts would have continued even now and dozens of girls more would have lost their innocence and this would have gone on and gone. Thanks to those criminals who planted the hidden cameras,not only has their business come to an end for good but it has sent a wave of awareness all over the country and thats good. Having said that I have previously argued that internet cafes are a good place to spend time and more should be established but by obeying laws like no cabins and no closed doors etc etc. As i said this hurricane has already passed by.I doubt if anyone of you still remember what happened in UK in March 1992.A couple of British-Pakistani girls living in Manchester,UK did a few strip shows in UK raising money.What they used to do was invite a select gathering of mostly Pakistanis in a rented house and did strip shows for them which usually ended in mild lesbian acts. Movies of their shows did a roaring business in Pakistan so much so that newspapers in Pakistan published front-page reports about the Pakistani girls belonging to well-off families in Punjab.Their parents later disowned them and cursed their daughters but the daughters went on doing their acts for a few more months untill it all subsided and no one knows what happened to them. So one hopes the storm has subsided and whenever one goses around that notrious neighbourhodd which played host to the sinful acts it reminds us of the days it happened.

MZ | September 06, 2005

With the proliferation of cheap,aoffordable mini cameras,no one's privacy is safe.I have heard some criminals have videotaped activities of newlyweds in hotel rooms and distributed them.New cameras come with night vision so you can still see them in the dark.This is getting more and more sickening and now even legally married couples are not safe. This would take us back to the practice of spending the wedding night in the safe and comfortable confines of our own home where you have to fear none. After all this is our culture and spending the nights in hotels is a western practice.

aamir | September 07, 2005

i am very worried about those people which can doing these bad kinds of work but by this their original faces came very clear in all world and i think that their are many people in pakistan which can doing these type of works behind their home members or behind their husbands but this not is good here i can advise to all that if any one can like to do like these type of works then its better for them that they can tell to all their family members because if any one can know about your this type of work after your your this type ofv doing then really they can be doing something worse for you

jamshed | October 07, 2005

I had read an artical recently which was in a bold headline Many Rights Make Wrong that totally matches what happned in Pakistan. I know some of these girls are paid to do so but most of them are doing for sexual fantasy. This act brings a bad name for all Muslims introducing them as nation not able to carry out their traditions and custom. I m not a Pakistani but much concerned about what happnd. I advise all Muslims to be more careful while using internet and etc stuff.

arfeenkhan | November 04, 2005

hi buddies , first of all i come to my point. i.e there is no place in the world where sin is not spread except few places.the matter is that peoples lost thier faiths to thier Gods.they want to enjoy thier life that is why that incident occurs.and only solution is to worship thier Gods with heart and soul. byeeeee

Jalal-ud-din Sabir (Kaif) | November 05, 2005

Hi fellows, Each & every body in this universe is being watched or observed by the God. There is no such place which is hidden from God,however if some one is going to commit sin then he should find a place where God is not present! (One can never find such place.)

nuzhat | November 28, 2005

hey! I've read most replys, what baggers me is everyone seems to be talking religious and pride to families...bla bla bla. ok your right it was wrong watching prono and acting prono,BUT whose fault is it? FOR GOD SAKE,before blaming youngesters blame your elders,who are suppose to give you guide lines of your growing year.What live is,what it brings and most important SEX!!!!! Thats where we go wrong.Our parents think we are born with guidelines,and when something foolish happens,they blame you. please dont blame those who were the victims.Think how white blooded and cold hearted those cafe oweners are.They should be jailed atleast if no law is passed against them. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!! you make me disgusted with sickness on you!!!!

stealthmaster | November 29, 2005


FHMalik | December 02, 2005

The stuff described in these events is appalling and at the same time disheartening to me. Whenever we are faced with a story of extortion and morality I feel that there are a vast number of people who immediately appeal for government controls, while others appeal for condemnation of the people who were caught. This is in effect irresponsible and indicative of our lost faith in our own abilities to effect change. Bad things happen not because there isn't a law against it, but because, many times, people believe that what they are doing is righteous and morally justified. Just take the case of the people who beat their sister/daughter in public. Is this because of the actions that she did? or is it mostly because the ones doing the beating felt they had the authority and right to punish? I fail to understand how we can believe in God and all his power and at the same time not hesitate at all to take judgement into our own hands and decide what is right and wrong, several times without complete information. Now I am not sure what happened to the people that did the extortion or those that compiled and sold the tapes, but these people are the true culprits. To want to profit from others by holding them hostage is completely immoral. You are ineffect a traitor to your fellow man. Is there a difference between a man who steals or extorts and a man who looks at "naughty" websites? I don't want to preach here but at the same time I feel that we all miss the point at times when we listen and speak about this kind of stuff. The obvious victims are those who's families are exploited and those poor people who took their own lives or were punished through force, but they aren't the only victims of society. The people that feel it is correct to exploit and blackmail are also victims. Our own society has trapped many people in situations where their only outlets to self expression are through areas considered to be immoral or criminal. The way in which education is only valued if it is certain fields is completely ignorant. Without education we are killing the ambition and dreams of people. We are creating a situation that only compounds the problems. The problem isn't that there is not enough regulation of cafes it is that people don't know better. All 90% of the people do is look with disapproval, no one steps forward and offers alternatives or advocates for a fresh start. I feel that our society is becoming more and more grounded in hypocrisy. There are people that say it is wrong to do drink or have affairs but then engage in these activities behind closed doors. Are we saying that it is wrong to sin, but only if you get outed in the media? This mentality is incompatible with societal maturation and the personal development of our people.

RABEL_ALI | December 14, 2005

are bhai log hum sab to yahaan iss cafes bhaut bhala bura keh rahe hain or wo sab jinho ne aisa wesa kia hai sab ko bhi bura keh rahe hain lekin haqeeqat baat ye hai agar humein bhi aisa moqa milega mujhye poora yaqeen hum bhi aisi harkat se baaz nahi aayenge. or haan bahut log iss liye bhi rok tok karte hain ke na to un ke paas koi larki dost nahi hoti iss liye wo doosron se jalaa karte hain or doosri baat to ye ke bahut logon ke paas paise bhi nahi hote ke wo market se nayee lekar cafes par jain or apna moon kala karein to iss liye bhi wo doosron se jal kartai hain. ok

Rahat ali | December 14, 2005

i just want to add my comment that we as a muslim and so far proud pakistani feeling so shamed after geting these results infact we are following badly the the ugly culture of west why not take this as a lesson and start believing that how these kind of sins make our self and our nation so shame full

Nhaid | December 24, 2005

The government should follow Saudi Arabia where they have the strictest law about internet. 99% of porn sites are filtered. The ISPs in Pakistan should block porn sites. And turn should open their eyes before its too late.

Abdullah-London,UK | December 29, 2005

Assalam o alaikum Paki Puppet Govt wishes to promote western (Satanic) culture e.g Free mixing of male&female is one of the example. To keep public busy in numerous problems so that they get no time to think about their main aim of Life ie to Worship Allah and spread His message to Humanity. Once our ummah will stop calling for Maroof(good) & forbid ( stop) from munkar, Allah will not even answer our prayers( dua). The only solution to all our problem is Full submission to Allah's command ie Islam. May Allah be happy with us ameen. From ABDULLAH, London , UK

Azhar | December 31, 2005

Funy thing is that all of you People are behaving like its something new , Come on People . Our Society is as good as any other in the world and as bad as any other in the world . For GOd sake , We have Red light areas in every city in Pakistan , who goes there? Chinese ! try to go to any park in ur city and you will finds couples do everything possible with cloths on . Its so sad, but its true. I think mothers have to teach the girls that no man will marry them if he can have there bodies with out mariege . Trust me, it realy matters . all this girls are there with a false notion that the man touching there body will be there future husband .

SHOAIB, MIAMI, FL, USA | January 23, 2006

payaray paksitan kay payaray logo! yeh topic itna lamba hay kay is pay poora saaaal bheee likhaa ja saktaa hay, phir bhee yeh khtum nahee ho gaaa, magar in short kuch kahna ho to sub say pahlay yeh kahoon ga kay in acts ke responsibilty pakistani government pay hay, jo vulgarity ko promote kar rahee hay. hamaree country ka naam pakistan hay but haqeeqat main yeh kitnay paaak saaf logoon kee surzameen hay hum sub jantay hain, tum sub loag( including me) apnay app ko judge karo, kitnay naik hain hum sub? i mean hamaree kitnee batain aisee hain jo sirf hamain pata hain and i swear kay agar in batoon ka hamaree family ko pata chul jaye to kia anjaaam ho sakta hay , we cant even think. Anyways agar pakistan main islamic rule of law, like saudi arabia jaisa ho ore logon ko on kay kiye kee sazaa sray aaamm public main dee jaye to tub daikhta hoon kaisay yeh burayaan khatum nahee hoteee. badshahooo ! sub line pay aa jayen gay, magar jub government he jews kee ghulam ho ore aisee burayoon ko khud promote kray to is say kia expect kia ja sakta hay. dosree baat atee hay aaj kul kee media kee. janab! media main print media, like magzines, digests etc atay hain, then TV ata hay phir DVDz players ya VCR atay hain, phir cables atee hay ore phir last but not least INTERNET atta hay. agar daikh ajaye to pakistan main fashion bhee day by day barhtaa ja rahaa hay, ore is fashion kee peechay females ko parday say door kia ja raha hay. agar media ko sirf ore sirf islam ko promote karnay kayliye use kiya jaye ore internet pay porn or chating ya dating sites ko control yanee block kia jaye to mujhay yaqeen hay kay 90% tuk society theek ho saktee hay, magar hum loag khud apnay hathoon say yeh shetaaan apnay gharoon main latay hain ore expect kartay hain kay hum loag ya hamaray anay walay bachay achay musalman banain gay. aik baaat islam say doreee hay, hum loag kitnay din apnay bachoon ko 5 times namaaz parhwatay hain ore khud parhatay hain ore khud quran e pak ko tarjmah ore tafseer say parhnay ko kahtay hain, hum loag suntoon pay kitna amul kartay hain ore apnay bachoon ko os pay amul karnay ko kahtay hain do paisay aa jayen to society kee race main dakhl ho kay apni existance ko bhool jatay hain ore yeh bhe bhool jatay haain kay aik din ho gaa jub hamain kisee kay agay jawab dey hona paray gaa, yeh soch agar har lamhay hamaray dumagh main ho ore death ka khial hamaray dumagh main ho to yaqeenun hum loag bohot see burayoon say asaane say buch saktay hain. BAHAR HAAL ALL IN ALL AT THIS VERY MOMENT PAKISTAN TUBAHI KEE TARAF JA RAHA HAY, or eisay tubaah honay say koi nahe bacha saktaa isay set karnay kayliye islamic based governmet ore khoneee inqlaab kee zaroorat hay FEE AMAAN ALLAH!

Raheel | January 25, 2006

All the girls n boys shud think about their families n parents, before doing such things in Net Clubs,,,,Shame very shame to those boys and girls especially!!!!

Shoaib (USA) | January 26, 2006

AOA...I have read most of the comments....I just came to USA when al this happenend..and i live very near to that cafe.....However i felt sorry for the families of all the couples.....whatever they did whether that was right or wrong it was between them and Allah..nobody has any right to give them punishment or talk about them...all of us have seen this moie and nobody took permission from there parents to watch it and to watch it is itself a we all do crimes.....however the person who was behind the taping should be punished..he had no right o do this...its ot only the couples who faced the pain but what baout there families and parents....So i feel bad for the couples too..they did wrong but they never deserved whatever happened....thats what i think...i don't know what happene dto that person involved with the taping.but i hope some guy killed him.....

mona | February 16, 2006

cant judge them

mona | February 16, 2006

Allah bachai sab ko

mona | February 17, 2006

hey shaib ur absulutly right about this we have o rite to judge and punish them, it was was discusting for poeple who recorded this after this incidenet i dont know if you peple know some wer killed sum killed themseves they couldve had a chance to became gud muslim bcas pple do change i know a person she was alcoholic and did bad this i se her now sheis in hijab and veery religous i use t think im better then her now i think she is better then me i hope u popele understand wat im trying to say Allah hafiz

!!!@!!! | February 23, 2006

aoa well judging from the above topic i can simply say that it had to happen one time or the other, it involves many ppl, many aspects which helped this were spawned here many yrs ago. no one cld have thwarted this nor now one can bcz of our sluggish judicial system and our own lust. The moral shld not be to blame the culprits and demanding a law or whatsoever as this isn't the solution to the problem. Here so many have commented mostly had sense but some just want to tell that they r beter than others. The thing is as a comment showed that our parents don't guide us in these things. In our society talks abt these acts are rare between the parents and their Children. They hesitate, but they must tell them what is good and what is bad, when to do it and when not to do it etc, because of the lack of such education by them these phenomenon occur. Infact i am also feel very much hesitant abt discussing such, its IN our society. Its a common phenomena that a man seeks attraction in a thing which attracts and especially when we he doesn't have info abt it. Our conscience is also very much weak abt this matter as we are actually provoked by our environment abt committing such things. especially by our rich freinds(having a taste of luxury), media and sometimes even by our brothers. My brother has a taste for having flirts and doing blaspherour acts. Its natural in our late teen and twenteen years tht we are attarcted to the oppsite gender, But its ur conscience(nafs,zameer) which makes u keep away. As for the culprits both sides are equally guilty. And the commitment of suicide and murders aren't the solutions but proper consultation and forgiveness. in the end i just say keep urself away from such ideas and try to know abt it by consultation with ur parents as it will help u alot, don't consult freinds or others as they can give u the wrong perspective. I have experienced it all my life, my freinds common topic is this, they talk abt it all the time, getting a gf is an art they try to learn it... My conscience made me keep away, urs too can!

Fawad | February 23, 2006

Most of us have seen the movie... WOW to masla kya hai??? yaar simple see baat hai Islam aik aisay software application ka naam hai jo agar poori tarhaan install na kero to results proper nahi atay, jab islam kehta hai shadi jaldi ker do to shadi jaldi ker do ,, Simple Today girls and boys though educated, cant be married for financial contraints but body doesnt care for that, body has its need like u have money or not u need to have your tummy filled when body requires it.Either Screw the law do what ever or Follow Islam, As A Complete System, Having Sex with one's own body or with some body else both are wrong ,,, we all need sex partners thats what islam says get them partners ASAP!!,,, haan rahi baat Cafe kee to i think this has been a lesson for all of us may be we could have thought of it cause Jaga muft kee kaun chorta hai:) let us be honest.!! yeh cabins nahi honay chahain magar us say kya ho ga sex nahi ho ga haan Net Cafe main nahi hoga... !

rashid | March 02, 2006

It is simply a MAKAFAT-E-AMAL of the relevent persons of the boys and girls.Anyway Allah ham ko mehfooz rakhay,AAMEEN

KTM | March 17, 2006

There is not a single immoral activity taking place anywhere in the world and not in Pakistan i.e.: Lesbianism; Gayest; Premarital Sex; Extramarital Affairs; Group Sex; Wife/G.Friend Swiping ..................... and you just name it and its happening. We basically are hypocrites. If you read "RAJA GIDH" you would agree that the money earned through corruption has started to show its consequences and the simplest motto fits here “What you sow, so shall you reap."

Shahid Hameed | March 29, 2006

I would like to say only that when things wrong we need to identify the area of problem. At this point i can only say that reasons for such stories is cable, indian channel, newspapers (JANG GROUP ITSELF) play prominent role to encourage. What type of ZANNA these SOURCES are spreading can we think over it. no we are not bcoz what we need is spicy material in the paper. thats all. Sorry if i dishearted anybody.

Waseem | April 14, 2006

Hi everyone,the reasons for all these obsanities in our society is due to our week understandig and relation with our religion.God created two kinds of hungers for the mankind one is the real hunger for food and the second is the hunger for sex. Allah has also given the solution for the sex hunger to get the kids married when they get juvenile means (Baligh).But as we are following the western culture to wait for them to complete their education and then start thinking for their marriage. This is totally wrong.They can live together during their education period after getting married. So please think about this. If you wanna furhter talk to me send me a reply at my email address

Talha Abdul Wahab | April 19, 2006

Salam All my friends here! Example of our case is when the ceiling fan doesnot work, we try all other ways to fix it but we dont switch on the buttons. But when we switch on, fan will work. Therefore we should see our solution in DEEN. Now we hav forgotten our Deen which our Beloved Prophet had brought. Secondly, deen never allows women or girls to give so much freedom, that she can go alone outside the house. Iam also one from you, and we all r passengers of one ship. So we all have to unite and follow the commandments of Allah in the ways shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). How we can bring Goodness in our and our family lives? Only by the right effort, the effort of PROPHETS, TABLIGH. Anyone against this sacred mission, 1st examine the effort by going in 3 days. Jazak Allah Khair! May Allah guide us all to Right path and guide Pakistan and accept it for the means of Hidayat not means of Disobediance! Ameen!

SILENCER | April 24, 2006


A Khan | May 02, 2006

The pplz who involved examplay punishment should be given , all the netcafe should be banned , abolish all the cabin even i heard in pakistan some juice corner offering such cabin, its my humble request to Govt plz also take action against it before an new issue come on scence.

hammad aamir & imran | May 20, 2006

slaam i heard a lot about netcafe scandal that was realy pathetic and it was a big tragedy for the families who sufferd or pay price for there own children . Eventually i hav,nt got proper idea about that scandal all information which i read is form that particular side in the end i must say thank,s to all people who share there idea,s and feeling for this pain ful event

Ali | May 22, 2006

I wish if we all could come together as a nation against this evil... Whats done is done.... the valuable youth of Pakistan must not be wasted at the hands of the blackmailers.....We must all stand up against the corrupt system where money is becoming the basis of all the status....Lets have the courage to reject the evil n immorality, lets reject the Indian culture and encourage the core values of Islam so that our heads are not bent in shame.....I feel sorry for the poor kids because they were innocent n victims of an overall corrupt system. May Allah forgive them and give their families peace... Aik Musalman k Zubaan , Haath aur kaam se dusre Musalmaan ko nuqsaan nahi pohanchna chahiyaeee....

imran khan | May 25, 2006

I think now itz time to stop giving blame to other onez.Our religion, norms, culture r demandin sumthin else.we shud go on for izlam wid all itz requirements. i suggest that all of us shud get rid of so called family values n financial prospective n every young person shud be given a chance to get married as soon as possible. Cuz thatz da only we've got n that evil can be rooted out frm our society. may Allah bless alll of us..

Amer Q. (USA) | May 31, 2006

Ok I have read most of these comments; some suggested to put provisions on Cyber Cafes others suggested lock-up your daughters but what's shameful is no one suggested to liberate the society. Free and open minds do not do such things. Educate the young generation, make them aware.... knowledge is the most powerful tool. How can you tell an 18 year old that sex is bad...its not. If you try to stop people from going against nature it's not going to work. God made human being and expects them to have Sex so basically what we need is to teach our kids how to make decisions based on education and information and not out of fear. Educate your kids, make them aware and give them freedom and lastly trust them and they will never let you down. Furthermore, the owner of the Internet café where these acts took place should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law. He should have disclosed that there are closed circuit cameras in the booths and that people are being recorded. The adults in the booths are consenting adults so they did nothing wrong…bad choice of place maybe. The families who have lost their kids to this despicable act should make sure that their kid's lives are not wasted. Stand up for them and fight for a better society.

Ali | June 03, 2006

Absolutely thats what we should do have a more open debate on this issue and let people know that Islam is not a backward religion which locks ppl up....let the ppl know the right things n the rights of ppl must be honored, Islam is the most modern religion we dont need to follow other, we shall de4monstrate the true spirit so that Islam can lead others... i wish i could get my hands on that blackmailer, i wish if i could paint his face with black color and make him wander around the streets n roads of the country so ppl can remember him as a figure of evil n darkness. But!!!!! we must teach our youth the right values for that matter.

Khanzada Ruman | June 03, 2006

AOA I m resident of rawalpindi i studied the comments of everyone.u all people missing few thing which is criminal mentality which is arising in our childrens and other thing is lacking of values.late marriages could also reason of this the thing is people outside from pakistan cnt understand the problem coz society is going to collapse due to continuously reduction of values. Here i also pick the point that in pakistan now a days most favourite hobby is to download dirty real sex.the movies the boyz made of there girl friends while on dates through there mobile cameras.i have lots of research work on this type of issue but first i want comments.

sabish khan | June 04, 2006


MOHSIN M.YASEEN | June 06, 2006

Asslam-u-Alaikum yeh sb nishanian hain QYAMAT ki,.... k.... BayHyai uruj per hay. Har Dour piclay dour say bura hoga. Is liyay jo in chezon say bachay hain unhain apni magfrat k liyay DUA'A karni chahiyay.

saini | September 10, 2006

Hi, I saw that CD today, and then I started looking for some forum to have some extra info about that scandel. Though i (sikh) am not muslim but I do salute islam. Its the PERFECT code of conduct of life. Regarding that scandel, why we all bring religon in this scandel?. Its about one's own act. I feel so sad about those youth who suffered from that scandel. Just for one sec, think wat if you are there with your love one and some camera is catching you. No one says here how to find that person who did all this. Or no one want to find them out? Wat we can only do is, watch that CD, have some fun, after that when we are relaxed then feel sad about people who are there in the CD and then put some comments on this forum. just one question, any one knows where those culprits are?

silent | October 14, 2006

AOA first solution is to bad porn sites is .... filters the web from gateway of pakistan in karachi and islamabad. its not a difficult job.... secondly parents need to educate their children about sex.... so that they wont go out and ask them to their friends ( remember its in islam). thirdly ... there is no solution to video CD's available in markets .... or hidden camera's untill we hv a islamic law .... like theif should be handcut... believe me this kinda law could change lives as whole and no one will be able to do such a thing ... i know its difficult to implement islamic law... coz of our bloody politicians ... believe me police wont do any thing to the persons who provide porn CD's untill they pay(jagga tax). Believe me islamic law is perfect solution ... tell me if ur hand cut on theft .... do you or any other near u had the power to theft again? No shold be your ans" for girls is the advice that donot fall in love ... untill married ... otherwise u will get used, fucked and thrown out by boys ... i am boy i know the psyhcy of boys well. and know some thing about last person comment " he is right that we should find the bloddy person who did all this via interpol or what ever " .... but who have to find them ... Govt... i don,t think they have their interest in this matter ... and one more thing that media is not used correctly in these days ... for example ... on GEO TV the mother fucker, the bloddy Aamir liaquat is promoting these kind of cases on GEO letting those people know who donot knew it.... now some one tell me what is this ... Coz Allah said (hide the bad habbits the worse of others from others and i will hide yous on the day of judgement".... some one tell me what Aamir liaquat is dong on Geo is right or wrong.

silent | October 14, 2006

education, education and education .... especially regarding religion is a perfect choice.

MundaUS | October 18, 2006

What a sad story and my heart go to the victims. Granted, pre marital sex is prohibited in Islam and is considered as a major sin but people do make mistakes and paying such a heavy price does not make any sense. Does any one know if the owner of the net cafe was prosecuted and put in jail for such a devilish act? I do agree with some of the readers that Government must regulate the Internet by blocking all the porno sites.

ahamed | October 26, 2006

our country should have educated person handling any buz... not in these kind of cheap way... sex is personal ... that should not be shown in the public. we shold cancel all the licence of these barbarians

Furheen | October 29, 2006

First of all i wud like to appreciate a man, a Pakistani man( I assume yr paki) for getting into something like this and presenting an unbiased content for us to read. And "NO" i repeat, no i wudnt kill my sis or any other woman in my family for going the wrong way. wat they did was wrong, no doubt... but wat was dun to them was even more wrong, just to satisfy the financial greed of some scum bags many ppl were expoited... wat they did was adutery killing them wud make us even more sinfull than them, even Islamic Shari'ah law does not allow u to slay someone for comitting adultery. i havent had time to go thru all the posts.. but i came across one stating something along the lines which seemed to state that we need to shun the "betraying" women this either came from a male chavinist or a woman who was raised by one, who taught her never to speak for wat she thot was right, never to use something called brains which Allah has bestowed upon her, cuz god forbid if she does, she shall be killed for being a BAD woman.... BETRAYING maybe... news flash to the author of that comment there were men involved too..taali do haathoon sey bajti hai... and it defnitey takes 2 to tango!! ne ideas wat to do with the betraying men ??? Further more this other dude goes on to ask women not to fall in luv... muffin i pity ur offsprings who r going to be females... used and fucked by men .. and he says he knows how men think, cuz he is one of them... well sweety wat goes up comes down... and thats a definite, its abt time we changed the fuck n chuck mentality our men have and teach THEM how to respect women... wats next.. gonna ask us to quit breathing. OWWW my bad ... i think thats already dun.. on an average of 10 ....7 women wont even talk to u if their hubbies din allow them to ... and ofcouse to the bane of our pakistani existance... the black mailling industry... i hope they a get a tatse of their own medicine, 10 times stronger n harsher i must add. finally i must add .. TO ERR IS HUMAN.. we need to STOP being all high n mighty cuz none of us is... in case we were we wont be here posting out comments on this forum on panet earth, we wud be angel in heaven.:) and once again the author did a gud job, we do need an awakening and its abt time we got one!!

Aman Khawaja | November 06, 2006

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Na English boloon na Pashtoo damagh khol kar sunain ap sab log...May 4th 2004 say yeh topic start hua hay aur abi tak chal raha hay...2 saal pehlay jo hua ho giya kiss k damagh main hay ab yeh baat...Net cafe chal rahay hain usi taran Kya hua kisi nay band karwa diyee...Webcams camera's sab kuch mojoood hay tu phir kya hua Fark nazar aya ...kuch bhi nahi hoa...Bohat hee ghair ikhlaakana harkat kee un logon nay Cabins main Accept it... aur us say kahi ghunnah ziada ghalat harkat ki Owner of net cafe nay... but the Main thing is that k yahan hum log kya kar rahay hain... agar unhi larkon larkioon ka koi bhai relative net par aye aur site surfing karay aur yahan aa kar jabh yeh kuch parhay tu tell me us Bay ghunnah ka kya kasoor aur us par kya guzray gee jabh aik apni baat kahay ga dusra apni kehnay par laga ho ga... and i dont know woh larkiyan larkay kon they aik kisssa sunay main aya baat chali aur thap say finish ...tu please why are u ppl reminds that case through net... i have a request to the owner of this page that Kindly Close this Topic Thanx. Aman Khawaja

Khalid Ali Khan | November 26, 2006

Assalam o Alikum, I watchedall the materials of which made by that man. Every body have a freedom , every one have there own mind, The person who tapped all that videos is a really bad act. We need to respect the privacy of otehrs peoples. i say only one thing here" ALLAH who is full of kindness he hide our daily sinss what ever not to make u unrespectable in eyes of the Society. Foe us it is not right we blame otehrs. Becuase there is a reason on back side of every thing. A simple question ,Why they did it? think openly about this. It was intentialy or unintentialy? The people who did sucide or killed by parents is bad act. You did a bad act so need to face the world. Kill him/her or by other is not a way of solving a proble. I really sorry with the parents. It is every where and every one is doing it. so request u please hide the errors of others and give them a suggestion there face. Kisee ki izzat ko uchaal kar deykhana na mardangee hai or na islam. our islamic history is full of such a acts. But please think 1000 times before to open the privacy of others.Our country need a law for a personal privacy. Thank you , Khalid Ali Khan . ALLAH HAFIZ

umar | December 05, 2006

hi im fully agreed that this topic should be closed now.........

no one | December 07, 2006

It should be closed. no one have any right to say any thing. apny graiban main jhnako phir bolo. specialy mr Ki||Bi|| from Aug 29th 2005 at 9:31 am..... how can he saye its OK for boys but not for gals? as he said "Larkon ka kya hai uun ko koi fark nahi parta agar woh kuuch karain b lakin larkiyoon ko sochna chahiyeh k 1 day they have 2 get married" . BUT kia larkon ki nahin honi shadi???????? voh apni wif ko kia monh dikhain gay. NO ONE CAN JUDGE WHATS RIGHT WHATS WRONG. JUST STOP TALKING AOBUT IT.

IQBAL | December 08, 2006


Siraj | December 08, 2006

i 100% agree with you Iqbal Sahib. those children made mistake. but they were not supposed to be punished like this after all they are human beings and future builders of our nation. the punishment was supposed to be given to those who have black mailed them. why nobody is black mailing those land lord or those power ful poloticians, who are sleeping with a new lady every night. because they are powerful and could easily hide their sins. dear all i thing we should learn from this and i think its better to finish this 2 .5 years old topic . Siraj from CANADA

from USA | December 11, 2006

I am very upset to read Mitch's comments. "More sex videos have come out from the red light areas and motels. Even legally married couples are not being spared in this sleazy business and their intimate moments are being filmed in hotels as well." Aman Khawaja sahib you are right .. nothing has changed.. so why talk about it.....hamrye mulk main kabhi kuch sanvra ya kam hoa ha........ nope never... zaida hi hoa ha........

beauti_smat | January 08, 2007

hi all . i read all this . i dont agree who say leave this topic .any body tellme this is a this is not a topic. this is our punishment .bcz we leave islam way we are far away islamrighr path .we feel shame to say we are muslim .why?i am proud muslim and pakistani.if we follow islamno body harm us .no incident happen muslim life. but sorry to say we feel very proud to accept westren calcutre.allah great gave muslim a very special gift muhmmadpeace be upon him .if we follow his sunnah our all problem solve.we have best religion in the world if we follow islam i am sure our boys and girls are safe.west media afraid our muslim women bcz they know muslim values are very strong so they try to destroy our young youth

Mushy | January 27, 2007

If the ISP start filtering today, the poor may not be able to watch porn, but lawmakers, politicians and high up officials public and private ones will and in anycase WATCH IT as they are ADDICTED to it. Besides that, ISP business will go down by atleast 50%. there is no sulution when lawmakers themselves are into drinking, prosts and porn. You dont believe me? go ask any peon or gatekeeper of these people what they do while people think they are busy doing work. Even Mushy is a drinker and Phucker

Affiue | February 02, 2007

aray yyar abb hum kya boly q k jub tak larki khud nahi chay koi un ko touch bhi nahi ke sakta or larko ka kya hai un ko tou FREE main mill rahay hai mazar LAGAY DUM TOU MITAY GUMMMMMMMM

alom | March 20, 2007

well didn't think this thing is up and pretty much alive till now coz i have forgotten it a long time ago but people like us always keep it alive ... things do go wrong people do make mistakes and who are we to punish them why don't we leave it to Allah who are we to suggest what should be done to those ignorants... even i myself have watched those videos of net cafe and that i watched em with interest so infact i think we all are develish n double standards.... yes that's what we really are infact ignorants... big time ...but we need to mend our ways the way we live on one hand we enjoy what we have seen on the other we comend it criticize it and try to tell others that we are saints.... my brother and sisters infact we have gone so far that we have forgotten every thing that we have been told in our book... sad isn't even most of you seem to be sensible and literate but couldn't we atleast try at our individual level to change our society couldn't we take care of our sisters daughters brothers ... instead of wasting our energies in criticizing for Gods sake we need to wake up now coz i believe its not too late as we think we still have got some time left... and yes we are a bit influenced by western society but all we are gonna end up is nothing a big nothing some of you might b thinking i m trying to b a big mouth or something if that's what you think so be it .... we need to b consistent in what we think what we do and what we pretend to be.... so brothers and sisters we believe in family system... we respect our sisters, mothers we have strong moral values.....why not learn from this experience it could b a bit difficult but that's not impossible... all we need to do is to THINK POSITIVE and believe in what we have.... God bless you all...... allah hafiz

Nasir Mehmood | March 23, 2007

Hi, My suggesion for goveroment that add a filter software on the internet gateway of pakistan to protect these type of materials.

sunny | March 26, 2007

aitte u been tlkin alot ov crap n stuff...1st ov all who the hell has sex in a public place...dat is the most dumbest things 2 do..some desparados's...n the ppl who recording r perverts big time....n the blackmailers r probably some jobless idiots wit nuttin better 2 do.....all this blame goes 2 governemnt...the gov hav been fooling ppl fo years this is no different...pakistani wake up time is changin u either be a muslim or a white boy wanna b...pakistani is da biggest confused nation in the world...thnk god i wasnt 1...the whole pakistani system needs changin.

zeeshan | March 26, 2007

ya the abov person is right like in UAE government do block all adult sites.

Waqass Ahmad | April 07, 2007

Hi, I hope that you all will be fine! I also watched that movie of net cafe and it was discusting. after watching that movie i was ashamed on my self that i live in Pakistan. For these all views which everybody is giving do they know that every person in the world can access these information, so what they will expect from Muslims specially from Pakistanies. So, we are reqpersenting ourselves. yes its true there is only sex in our mind and nobody miss chance whenever they got it. Same time people running net cafe in a sence to provide a safer place to do sex with anyone mate, moreover; they are catching them also instead of showing them right direction they are going to get a reason of encash them. In short a man can make mistake, he may be wrong, Is there any one to show him right path. (SORRY NO ONE). I think we have Information Technology in our country but sorry to say we dont know the meaning of I.T. It should be banned if we dont know want to use it. or Govt should take some serious steps to educate people through media also otherwise our young generation will be destriod and we will smatch our hands. Thank you very much...

Sarah Anayat | April 09, 2007

All i want to say is that it is sad to know that sooo many people who are commenting here have actually watched those vidoes! Each of those people are promoting this market themselves. That's the reason this video was made in the first palce..because it wanted to satisfy that common market of all those who want to view it! Can you stop watching this? If you can do that then give your comments to the public. Secondly, EVERYONE makes mistakes but these few kids got unlucky because they did a mistake and got caught in a country where every single person blame and punish you even though they might have done the same thing over and over again...But they will raise their finger against you.

Amer | April 29, 2007

Please.. Please.. Please.. !!! Lets STOP our Generations from being Destroyed. It is not their fault since they are not fully matured in their approach to life, some may be unlucky and may be deprived of better parents and teachers, some might be caught by the black sheep of our society, some might be ruined by the environment the live in,.... " Oh Brothers/Sisters !!! Lets realize this and Help our younger ones " Lets struggle with our own abilities possible. Lets raise this issue to the loudest possible. In Newspapers, Articles, newsposts, Threads, Television, Talkshows, Magazines, motivational moves in our society, realize the govt. to whatever extent possible, ask political parties to include this in their agenda and assure enforcement,...etc. THAT IT !!! THIS IS THE MOMENT !!! The need is adopt any of the possible means and put our due share. AGENDA: 1- Application of Filters on Gateways that Mr. Awais Leghari (Minister) had promised. 2- Proper control on Television channel content that is broadcasted. 3- Print media content control. 4- Laws against camera use. 5- Registration of Internet Cafes. 6- Laws against the film industry(whether local or foreign). Laws Specific to the content made and sold. 7- Laws against the Film shops that operate. 8- Laws against Cinemas that are destroying the nation to a greater extent. 9- Law against selling and production of Alcohol for it contributes to nothing. No excuses shall stop from banning it. 10- Banning Smoking because what do we get out of it! 11- Fight against all Filth and Rubbish in the Society (in whatever form they exist) that destructs us. Neither of Our Religion, Our Constitution, Our Masses, Our Culture, Our Familiy values allow this. I Suppose this a Thread that is initiated in our Hearts-n-Souls. This can be our lifes noble objective and whatever we contribute would be repayed would be everlasting. Contribute !!! For it our Country and Nation. Brothers!!! and Sisters!!! " ALWAYS BE AN OPTIMIST, AND STRUGGLE STRUGGLE STRUGGLE BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCESS"

Talha | May 05, 2007

I am extremely saddened by the events that have unfolded in Pakistan after this 'net cafe scandal', and really disappointed by some of the posts above. I personally believe that there is no reason to bring religion into this. It is said that knowledge is power, and the internet is a virtually unlimited source of information and knowledge. The internet is the future, and plays an important role in the development of our public; it will be extremely stupid on the government's part to deprive the citizens of Pakistan of the internet in any form. The internet cafes are designed around the world for those people who either can not afford to have internet access at home, or are restricted from accessing it at the time. I believe that internet cafes should be encouraged in Pakistan. I agree with the author with his view of having stricter laws regarding privacy, but in addition to that, the internet cafe business should be regulated. If someone is setting up an internet cafe with 'private cabins' in it, one can immediately deduce the intention behind it. If there was a law prohibiting the set up of these 'private cabins', and instead have the common layout (that is shared by internet cafes around the world), things like this will be prevented in the future InshAllah, and the internet will be used for what it was made for, information and knowledge. In reply to the religion based comments passed above, I personally believe that every person has the ability, and thus the right to choose between what is right and what is wrong. You can not force a person to do something and hide behind the cover of religion. If a person wants to commit a sin, it is his choice and his beliefs, and he will be accountable for it. Who are you or anyone else to interfere and enforce what YOU think is right? The Almighty has given us all the ability to choose between right and wrong, and only He reserves the right to judge us, no one else. Do not force religion on others; only be concerned about your own deeds and affairs. With regards to the fourth post from the top (Mr. Fateh), I'm sorry if this comes out a bit offensive, but that was an extremely childish and ignorant statement you made. If your wife or sister was in that cafe, then it was THEIR choice (that is what you call freedom). Dont blame the internet cafes, the pornographic websites, or the sex drive. Who are YOU to stop the entire population of the country from doing whatever they want to? I believe that if a person is brought up properly and taught the correct religious values, then he/she will abstain from such things on his/her own, regardless of such establishments being there in the open, or not existing at all. And lastly, who are YOU to judge who lives and who dies?.. This is the problem with our public. Everyone thinks he/she has been given birth rights to enforce their beliefs and their point of views on others. Leave law in the hands of the law-makers, and leave enforcing it in the hands of the law-enforcers. Stay out of other peoples business and refrain from giving out judgements to others. None of us are any better or any worse. As the famous idiom goes, “live and let live”. Talha, Pakistan

Aqeel | May 08, 2007

I'm really very sad to read the details of this net cafe scandal. "Three of the girls in the scandal committed suicide. One was killed by her father. Two were divorced ." So sad, I'm depressed, can someone tell what happen to net cafe owner? He escaped? If he escaped after doing all this what a shame! Where is this mother fucking FIA & intelligence of Pakistan?

al-Maturidi | May 09, 2007

I don't understand why the commentators here are so surprised. Godlessness is rampant in Pakistan. People who live without regard for God, His will, His plan, are likely to indulge the cravings of their lower nature in the most disgusting manner. I believe that the only solution is to enforce the Islamic code of conduct and to publicly flog those scoundrels who spread immorality. I do realise that this is not the right thing to say in these days of "enlightened moderation", but what the hell do I care about the halfbaked ideologies of the brown sahibs of Pakistan :)

Qalandar | May 09, 2007

The enduring ability of this thread to rise up, resurrected, everytime I think it has been put to rest, is one of the more amazing things about this already awesome blog. :-)

Shaukat Hussain | May 21, 2007


Desi Italiana | May 22, 2007

Sigh... why does religion have to be brought into the discussion of this episode? "The owners of the establishment recorded these activities and would later show the movies to the couples and blackmail them for dirty deeds. This carried on until around 25 couples were ensared. A CD was compiled and send to Dubai where it sold for 10 lakh (about $100,000). " What I want to know is what happened to these owners that recorded this stuff and then sold it. I'm suprised by some of the comments which take issue with how people are being "amoral" or blasphemous and should be put on/follow the "right" path. I'd take more issue with the owners. "The government should also pass laws against cameras in changing rooms. Places where cameras are installed should notify the customers via a public sign board" Out of all of the proposals that the writer makes in the piece you quoted, this one seems the most feasible and sensical. "young men and women started to patronize the establishment. They came alone or as couples, went into the cabins and viewed “dirty” websites on the computers. " "Three of the girls in the scandal committed suicide. One was killed by her father. Two were divorced . While the boys ran away from their houses. Some of the young men on the CD belonged to very prominent families of Rawalpindi. These houses fell prey to blankmailing from the gang." In regards to this specific event, I wonder: could it be that the very repressive nature of social, political, religious and legal norms which dictate social life and interactions produce and/or provide an occassion for people to secretly engage in so called "forbidden" pursuits? And then take drastic measures such as running away or worse, committing suicide? I'm asking this because I've seen how overriding social norms in India have influenced to varying extents incidents such as this. "as the discourse seems to be in a downward spiral of righteous religiosity and morally-sanctioned retribution. To be frank, I am quite disturbed by some of these comments and almost deleted them. However, I will let them stand to testify to the shamelessly premodern conceptions of an individual human still prevalent" Boy, tell me about it. I've been tempted more than once to delete comments of this kind. But I say, keep them up, if only to illustrate that views of this kind exist out there.

sheraz meer gujranwala | June 20, 2007

salam readers this is a very horrible situation now a days in our media tecnology like net cafes where every day a lof of people suffered in sins do unathical motions which is not according to the islamic rules .if we see our country makes on the base of islam but the construction of our society not going to the easten society we are adopting the western culture like dirty habbits sex, and showing the bad culture in all over the world so pls pls pls just took pity on ourself and makes some different ..and different is act upon the islamic rules and create the islam in our socitey and give proof to all world pakistan just make for islam and for muslims society

samina | June 20, 2007

hi all, i think that wat happend is wrong...but why the hell u all are sayin g pakistan is every nation they are pplz like that...just because of that 25 couples it doesnt mean all pakistanis are like that...and after all we all are pakistani its all abt the breeding (parwarish) of the parents...i wrote someone said he came to pakistan after a long time or something like that and he feel shamed to say hes pakistani...then tell me one thing tum ne kia proud hona tha kehte huwe ke im 4 example German...or british...or turkish??...they are 100% badder then we...soo this sex videos are bad...and the youth today is mad abt sex....i think the parents should care more abt their children...from ALLAH HAFIF n ALLAH PAKISTANION ko hadait de ...ameen....

Sin | June 21, 2007

Sepoy, I know you were--at one point--borderline ready to delete some of these comments. I don't suppose I could write something that might push you over that edge? It's just tragic to read and see these, as well as the rubbish approach of "don't talk about it, it's shameful, the West is to blame, keep men and women separated"...2 years' worth of comments, if acted upon, would apparently relegate us to somewhere in the days of Beowulf.

KA | June 27, 2007

WOW, i just found out about all this in 2007 here in US. I am sure ppl knew about this before but hey i dont go to the porn sites that often. i know the fix to this problem. Catch the real SOB's who videotaped these ppl. I wen't to pakistan and my friend owns a shop. When he saw a couple he just told them to go to another shop, i didn't know at that time why he said that. When i asked why he said, yaar harkatain kartay hain yeh log. well what he did is what other's shud do. Stop the thing from happening to begin with instead of taping and blackmailing them. Listen, if ppl want to have sex, they will do it regardless of what checks u put in place. All of the people up in the blog who blamed the girls are typical example of extremists. Its ok for them to go watch porn but are scared shit about what might happen behind their back in their own home and thus are paranoid as hell about these videos. so who do they blame the girls. Yes i have seen guys charm their way in a girls pant. yaar, paki girls are used to living at home. most of them dont know whats happening outside or how guys are, the ones who do know how guys are also know how to hide it. i am not defending any one, but yes I DO blame the one's who made the video, if it were up to me i would shoot them myself. but one thing what i know is, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Allah will show them. those guys and girls got their punishment here in this world, now its time for those perverts (cafe owners). It will happen, watch. watch as their own izzat will be out for sale. God takes care of things his own way.

KA | June 27, 2007

oh by the way i forgot to put one last thing down,,, Treat your woman like a human being. If u are talking about islam then also know that islam has given rights to women. You extremists leave them in ur home thinking they are your property. you Sob's are a shame to our religion. you wanna see real muslims? look at the newly converts, they know more about islam then you monkey's. I salute Dr Zakir Naik and ppl like him who actually know what the hell they are talking about. Rest of the Maulvi's have their hidden agenda. Here is the funny part, I talked to another friend from pakistan and he was like, oh acha hoa, on larkiyon kay saath yehi hona chahiyay tha. I was like Whaaa, i mean some men back home are soooo biased that he didnt even say" larkay larkiyon kay saath" he said Larkiyon kay saath. dude. I slapped him on his head to open up his mind. is our society really that bad? Trust me this is not islam,, NOT at all. This has to do more with Culture. Treating women like herd or property. I am married. Trust me there is nothing better then respecting each other every day instead of owning the other person.

akram | June 29, 2007

i hate the person who made the net cafe scandel these persons are criminal of people the no place for these person in islam and pakistan

Kamalesh | June 29, 2007

hi, Nice to read comments from my Pakistani brothers.I feel Pakistan is a nation that still preserves the culture of preindependence era.. Hats off... and God bless ! An Indian... Love you all..

Qalandar | June 29, 2007

Sin: delete???!! are you kidding?! Bloggers like me can only dream of getting so many comments on one post (I think 10-12 was my record, and that too only because Mukul Kesavan showed up to comment)... :-) btw sepoy: under the old format the link to one's web page would be stored in the comment form, but now it isn't-- any way to fix that?

Ahamed | July 26, 2007

Salam, Dear brothers and sister, Today internet has become a big communication media. every thing is done through internet today. Internet was designed to advertise, and usa used it for military purpose and today it is a commercial item which is needed by everyone. Muslim girls were always shy to talk with another man nad they never do. and muslim boys never talk with girls. this is the true islamic culture. Because of this internet today muslim youngsters are chatting with eachother. is there a different between talking face to face and chatting on net ? when it comes to webcam, mic and services like YAHOO. i dont think so. and boys and girls are today being dragged in to sex. At a young age it feels kind of thrilling. but truly is will only give nothing but danger and lost of our culture and islamic life style. so every person should protect them selves until they are married. Today parents dont have time to look after there children dont know what they are doing on computer and internet. so please be careful. Does internet and this all media technology is so much important ?, just make sure no muslim girl is using internet, then muslim boys will stop using too. and things will change step by step. this chatting and online love and all will stop, Salam

unknown | September 10, 2007

Today when I read your comments, I understand that Pakistani people are not as misguided as it seemed on the videos. Most of you said that those couples did a terrible mistake but suffered a far worse fate. And true the real criminals were the people who videotapped them. Allah will bring justice to all. I hope oneday the more literate people like you will stand up and come to power unlike those lunatics that have been controlling pakistan.

Desi Italiana | September 12, 2007

If I were Allah and I was reading this blog, I'd be really irritated that people kept bringing me into every single damn comment. Do you think He cares about internet cafes and couples exchanging kisses when He's got so many more important and pressing issues to think about? Wouldn't you get annoyed if someone kept bothering you and invoking your name while discussing trivial matters like, say, which plastic bag to use to put your sandwich in, and you were busy trying to stop a massive humanitarian disaster or something? Surely He did not want His Children to be so clingy and weak minded as to keep referring to Him, but rather stand on Their own two feet and come up with smart and rational logic? He wanted His Children to be smart, so He gave Them brains.

Neanderthal | September 16, 2007

What happened to those girls was unfortunate... but then again not entirely unexpected. They grew up in the same society as the rest of us. They should have known better. The real question, why are the mofo yellow belly whelp boyfriends getting away so easy? Are the girl's families going to let them off? And even more importantly, are these 'respectable' families going to to do anything about the eff-ing SOBs who made and marketed the cds? Respectability doesnt come with an address or bank balance... it has more to do with how dangerous it is to offend or harm those dear to you... Or maybe you can leave the tedious task of doing justice to the Government. Indeed our boozer dupatta chasing leader inspires much confidence. Of course none of what I say has anything to do with our religion. We have frankly lost the right to invoke religion in mundane matters a long time ago. Our religion preaches the dignity of man, the dominion of God, social justice, equality and brotherhood, the value of knowledge and wisdom and abhorrence of ignorance, arrogance and rashness. Do we follow any of this? (Don't answer.. it was a rhetorical question)

Ali Sheir | September 23, 2007

Hi guys... in my opinion the people like those who'll do those type of nasty things in net cafe's...and the people who'll shoot those type of nasty things(i mean to say about frustrated people)via hidden or open cameras....just beat themall beat them till death or kill atsight.....................and please people just stopthat nonsence.

aziz ur rehman | October 05, 2007

sex is good . try it if you dont have done it.take care and bye

GM | October 09, 2007

Salam to all I think this is very shame full for all of the world. that's why islam is saing that marray your childran when thay (balig) able to marry first

HASSAN' | October 20, 2007

The only thing that needs to do is to (forcefully) change the designs of internet cafes thats the only solution i can give.

Desi Italiana | October 21, 2007

This thread is amazing. It's like it sleeps for a while, but periodically rises from its slumber. And for the past three years! Sepoy, you seemed to have hit some tender spot :)

Thinker :) | October 26, 2007

I have read quite a few of the above comments. I have mixed reactions about this whole affair, really. We are not the ones to decide who is morally sound and who isn't. Especially since the majority is corrupt in one way or another. I know some of you'll say "speak for yourself" but come on... who are we fooling? Just look at what you do and you will see. What those couples did is not allowed in Islam. But Islam also doesn't allow you to watch TV or listen to music. There you go. STUMPED. Nobody is perfect, apart from God i suppose. We must not judge others unless we are perfect ourselves. There is so much i can say here, but i won't. It will only be a waste of time. Those couples should have been more careful. If you are committing a sin, you should atleast hide it from the world, even if you can't hide it from God. Well... I have so much to say... But i wont. Regards.

shoaib azam | November 17, 2007

its not good to all of the families but bad habits results is also bad so avoid these things and take a lesson from these couples and donot do like this coz all of us thinking is same ok all of u good luck and bye

Naveed | November 20, 2007

Modernization, Westernization, calling ourselves broad minded and what so ever are the causes of all these things. Even the cafe owner did wrong but parents must think about their responsibilities in the light of Islam. Whatever we say the conclusion is that we need to follow quran and hadeeth in every aspect of life.

Asad from Ireland | November 21, 2007

yeh jo khuch hua wo tu ho chuka na ab band bajanay ka itna time nahi hai i think jin jin ne love ko lust banaya unhain islamic laws k mutabiq pori saza milni chaheeya n i m totally agree with the comments of seema. or jo yeh keh rahi thi larki k jisay chance nahi milta tu wo boltay hain jaltay hain or agar usay chance milay ga tu wo bhi karay gi , tu baita tum jaisee larkion ki wajah se hi yeh gull khilain hian jo aisa sochti hain or kerti hain. gov or pata nahi loag kaha kaha ki history nikaal rahay hain , mai yeh samjhta ho k jab tak larki na chahy khcuh nahi ho sakta , larka khcuh bhi nahi ker sakta larki k sath bagir larki k razamandi k or agar larki hi apnay ghar walo ki ezzat ka khyal ker lai kio k usay apni ezzat ki tu koi care hoti nahi tu agar wo ghar walo ka hi khayaal ker lai tu hum yaha essay na likh rahay hoon 550 words pr(yeh mai nay un larkio ka kaha hai jo abhi yahi pr jalacy wali batain ker rahi thi or keh rahi thi k agar usay chance milay ga tu wo waste nahi karay gi) or hamain past se zyada apnay future pr nazar rakhni chaheeya hum past ki baatoon k peechay paray hain or dunya future se future ka soch rahi hai, larkay ko pori saza do or larki ko 1000 hunters lagao, sub sahi ho jae ga inshallah, aik ko paray gi sub line pr ajain gay.

adeel | November 23, 2007

well, its the best time for our givernment to take some initiative, firstly to take some broader steps regards our education system and then to internet browsing, should only be use for eductional purpose not for dis bluddy entertainin side, which lead to dark, HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

sajjad | January 03, 2008

i want to see sexy scandle of pakistan,s net cafes

3362 | January 25, 2008

Total Blame goes to both sides. Alot of comments have been passed. But reality is that the couple and as well as net cafe authority. But most responsibility goes to net cafe admin. Its a fact that if someone provide such envoirement to "You and me" or to other one like cabens in net cafe or something like this, so we can get an advantage of this. And things like this can happen even by us. We are not angels. But if envoirement will strict than these things cannot happen. Its because of free society that is glooming in Pakistan. Please start it to stop, even by stoping yourself and make this envoirement tight. So that our society can avoide such disasters.

awais | February 22, 2008

salam . well i jus wanna say every one passes his solution of banning internet cafes or things lyke dis . but i dont think dis is solution . every one knows that these girls n guys r not porn stars n they did nt done it 4 money . they were only frustrated 4 sex n dats the basisc need of humans n i considered them innocent . islam shows us the right way of marrying .so ma advise iz 4 parents not think jus about thir childten education but also have to think about there marriages when ur children grows aduld . plz parents dont close ur eyes jus by saying ma son or daughter iz nt lyke dis . anyway take care of ur selves .bye

Naeem Ashraf | February 28, 2008

Please.. Please.. Please.. !!! Lets STOP our Generations from being Destroyed. It is not their fault since they are not fully matured in their approach to life, some may be unlucky and may be deprived of better parents and teachers, some might be caught by the black sheep of our society, some might be ruined by the environment the live in,…. ” Oh Brothers/Sisters !!! Lets realize this and Help our younger ones ” Lets struggle with our own abilities possible. Lets raise this issue to the loudest possible. In Newspapers, Articles, newsposts, Threads, Television, Talkshows, Magazines, motivational moves in our society, realize the govt. to whatever extent possible, ask political parties to include this in their agenda and assure enforcement,…etc. THAT IT !!! THIS IS THE MOMENT !!! The need is adopt any of the possible means and put our due share. AGENDA: 1- Application of Filters on Gateways that Mr. Awais Leghari (Minister) had promised. 2- Proper control on Television channel content that is broadcasted. 3- Print media content control. 4- Laws against camera use. 5- Registration of Internet Cafes. 6- Laws against the film industry(whether local or foreign). Laws Specific to the content made and sold. 7- Laws against the Film shops that operate. 8- Laws against Cinemas that are destroying the nation to a greater extent. 9- Law against selling and production of Alcohol for it contributes to nothing. No excuses shall stop from banning it. 10- Banning Smoking because what do we get out of it! 11- Fight against all Filth and Rubbish in the Society (in whatever form they exist) that destructs us. Neither of Our Religion, Our Constitution, Our Masses, Our Culture, Our Familiy values allow this. I Suppose this a Thread that is initiated in our Hearts-n-Souls. This can be our lifes noble objective and whatever we contribute would be repayed would be everlasting. Contribute !!! For it our Country and Nation. Brothers!!! and Sisters!!! ” ALWAYS BE AN OPTIMIST, AND STRUGGLE STRUGGLE STRUGGLE BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCESS”

Desi Italiana | February 28, 2008

Naeem: "ALWAYS BE AN OPTIMIST" Well, you'd have to be pretty optimistic to keep on living in the face of your 11 point plan :)

drSamara | March 27, 2008

I was searching for 'child labour + prostitution+ Child abuse' information when I come across some clips of internet cafe scandal. First response was 'shocked' and then followed 'the tears' and 'shame'. Never in my wildest imagination I expected anything like that happening in Pakistan. May be I have lived abroad for too long isliye didn't realize Pakistan has advanced so much. I feel so sorry for all the girls who were used by those men. WHat I gathered from the clips is that those girls didn't know what a shameful act they were doing. They were just an object of pleasure for those guys, who were using them for their aiyashi. Abuse of female is very common in Pakistan. Everyday, you'll see the news about rap,domestic abuse, honour killing etc. How come females are victimized brutally in a so called muslim country and men manage to get away with anything. Go to and search for child labour, protitution, women abuse and you will find uncountable no of vidoes of documentaries based on true stories (narrated by the victims themselves). I think the most popular programme is 'Taboo' of Geo TV. Its extremely shocking and heartbreaking. Makes me wonder if there is any law in Pakistan. No wonder Pakistan is facing one crisis after another.

drSamara | March 27, 2008

Link to the documentary is as follows:-

Shamail | April 11, 2008

All of us has described the problems & their ugly faces,, now the question is how we can solve these problems? when these issue are very deep in our socity.

M Khan | May 14, 2008

Seen one of those net cafe videos, where to me the girl seems very reluctant to be engaged in such infamous activity. Anyway at the end she does get engaged and VERY WELL engaged. Sorry for the description. Here some questions arise: 1) What does she want to prove by acting reluctant? Is it that she is innocent and she could use her then-reluctancy afterwards as her mental comfort that the whole thing that happened was not in her hands? 2) Did these Cyber Cafe owners do an evil thing by making these videos? Sexual urges are sort of injected in every human being and animal by our Almighty while He was creating us. But the ability to control them is what separates us from other animals. Getting involved in sexual activities before marriage is a great Sin and is called Zina, of what we all know. I do bother to speak up here just for ONE reason. - This thing is distracting and completely ruining our young generation, who are now spending most of their time going after gals - A study says guys haven't changed at all since the last thousands of years, regarding these sexual matters, as they have always had more desire for sex. But at then times they were sex starved or would get married as soon as they hit puberty. As a result no such activities were done. But now they are apparently having better times since the Female generation have changed a lot. Their mentality, their stature, personality characters have changed. Maybe an influence of the media or what ever. Girls now give them more chances. They just provoke a guy's sexual desire and compel the guy to 'compel' themselves into all these. Well there is not much to say. Both of them do have fault. But the thing is why not a single guy commited suicide on the release of those tapes but several girls did? - If she realises it's a Sin why did she commit it at the first place? I think, it proves that they will do any evil deeds as long as other people are not aware of it. For a conclusion it can be said that They are doing nothing but destroying our youth. Distracting our youth. Drawing them away from there should-be point of focus. Our nation will be destroyed. Although the cyber cafe owners had evil intentions but at this point I would like to say that their evil deed could be used as a strong weapon against the young generation and their notorious activities. We need punishment. Not comments. Seeing all these today i wish we had all those yestercenturies punishment established in our nation- 100 slashes , or stoned to death. Because These are what CAN REALLY HELP US NOW!!

Basit | June 01, 2008

Most of the times girls are responsible more than boys. About committing suicide,they did bcoz they were unable to face others. Well leavin it. The actual solution is what islam told us. Just implement all the SO CRUEL PUNISHMENTS of islam n it all will b over. I bet u. But again another problem n that is inequality. Why to punish lower class people and no punishment for people who have power, status and many other same things. Humans are equal. This will happen. Already there lives are miserable n these punishments will make no difference.

Basit | June 01, 2008

SO the only solution that can create a big difference is someone from us has to get up, gather people around him, n punish the sinners no matter who is he or what his or her family is. There will be no gang rapes, no child abuse, no murders, no red lights. We can not leave things around us like this we have to think n we have to do something now.

friendly fellow | June 12, 2008

the sex is basic need for human and all other creatures but there is a right path provided by our religion.a person who is on a right path will be honoured by his society my opinion sorry to say as some of u may not agree wd d fact that the persons doing such activities should be kill scarcely along wd their fellows.all such activities are due to our implicit behaviour toward religion.goverment is responsible mainly for such problems.if HERE r rules laws and regulations according to ISLAM such scandals will be ended so rapidly as flour from a poor person,s home.good bye.

Ravik | June 13, 2008

I really feel sorry about these families who are going through this tragedies. Honestly, I think there is a lack of education in our society and system. First of all, every parents must inform their children about being recorded in Netcafe. This will give awareness in children and adults what might be the consequences if cough on camera. Also, it will at least force in youngster to think twice before doing an y inappropriate behavior. Sexual desire is a natural act started at very early age, most of our TV, Dramas,movies and internet made it easier and must thing which appeals every teens and youngester to do something out of families value. Regardless, how much you protect your kids from being spoiled you would not be success unless you straighten yourself first. Look at around you what are you giving to your children and what output you expect you will see crystal clear. 'GOD DOES NOT PUT HARM TO YOU, BUT YOU DO YOURSELF' Pakistani people tend to be the most aggresive in all, that might be in favor or harm if it is being used wrongly. Please take your time and talk to your families on regular basis with enough time so they understand. "Time to spend for others not for desire"

Zaina | June 27, 2008

Cool @ comments...

Fakhar Zaman | August 26, 2008

I think this is just because of missuse of internet and opertunities, If we Fallow The Islam then we dont have any problem like this, Roshan Khayale(Boroad Mind) this is not broad mind i think this is sick mind. If we are Real Muslim then we dont face any problem like this.

ali | September 15, 2008

i want to give one suggastion mostly to galz........taht they must caer of there father and brothers........

Kanooz Ashraf | October 20, 2008

It's really a pity. But what can a sex starved, jobless, poor, uneducated, denied, cornered nation with Punjabi's do.

Muhammad Usman | October 27, 2008

Ok boy and Girl i have not read all of you people,s comments about this incidents . but still i will say there are lots of people out there who are talking about this but not thinking about the reasons which has caused this . now you got to think for a minute what was the reason caused this and how is this wrong how it could have been prevented and what are the mistakes people made in the socity and culture which lead these young men and women to this act Now lots of people believe and say oh My God this against Islam Allah said punish these people who do this kind of things But let me tell you why did this Happen Allah says that punish these people who do this kind of thing but before all that Allah said you should get your kids merried at the age of 17 and 18 What is the reason of that brothers and sisters there is big reason of this because of what Allah mian told us to do this the reason At the age of 17 and 18 a child has the desire to have Sex boy wants a girl and girl wants a boy but we people have become so matiralistic that we care about Dunyavii things and forgot about the great teachings of islam now what do we want when we are arrainging our sons wedding we want girl,s father to give 2500000 rupees Jahiaz now that takes time some people can not afoard it and that takes more time and then what happens that girl get older and now she is 22 and she has a huge desire of having sex because that is a requiremant of life if you do not do it you are breaking a rule of islam just like haveing sex with a man who is not the girls husband is bad not havning sex when you are supose to is bad also now she has a desire now her nafas is trying to make her think bad same thing with the boy for the boys it is even harder to control them selve people want boys to make money so they can feed their wives but like i said it takes time and now during that process of making money for his future wife and kids he get older now his nafs is trying to make him think bad also and this is the time when lots of bad things are created lots of bad thoughts are born this is the reason lots and lots of boys and girl masterbate this is the reason lots of people watch blue (XXX) films For some people this is enough to amuse them for some this is not now when a boy and girl do not get merried until they are 25 yrs old and now they so much desparate to have sex and they like each other but can not get merried because of stupid man made rules that is the time when Devil takes the control of their brains and make then so some thing wrong like this now we all know this that in islam it is not right to do any thing like this but as i said In Islam it is not right to stay un merried after the age of 17 to 20 and the reason Allah told us to this is the one what i just told you Allah made this rule to keep us away from the bad things like XXX movies and prostitution Zinaa when you break one rule there is very very very great chance that the rules which are related and depending of the rule which u have broken will be broken also we know this is wrong people who did it knew that was wrong but still it happened i am sure lots of people said oh God this is against islam this is that they should be killed brothers and sisters so can not solve this problem by killing any one to solve a problem you got to go to the roots of problem and find out what is causing that problem and cut the root because if you will not cut the roots the tree of sins will grown again it will take some time but yeah it will grow agian and thats what we do not want to do so what i want you people to do is calm down dont be angry and try to find the solution try to think that how can we avoid this to happen in future

Muhammad Usman | October 27, 2008

yeah what i wanted to say and i forgot i am not very smart man and do not have much knoledge i am only 26 years old and i have commited lot of sins my self so if i have said some thing please forgive me and if there is any girl ot guy wants to send me an e mail to let me know what does he or she thinks about what i said you can send me an email at or at thank you very much

Sandtiger | March 12, 2009

Whatever was committed by those girls was obviously wrong but someone tried to find the owner of net café and killed him. He was the one who should have been tortured to his death and should had been made an example out. And his stories should have been discussed on this forum

soulslayer | April 22, 2009

i m here to ask only 1 thing?all the ppl who have seen that cd and start blaming the owner,guys and girls.r they doing the right thing? by insulting them while doing the same thing by themselves that they r watching these movies and cds crap." think before u speak" secondly hwy every one is blaming those girls? guys r performing the equal parts no one talks abt them. just pray to ALLAH and try to protect urself

karachikhatmal | April 23, 2009


sepoy | April 23, 2009

One day, I will write a book on this thread.

USMAN SHEIKH | April 25, 2009


faceless | May 29, 2009

You cant just lash a bunch of people for these things. The blackmailers are the ones to be punished, what two people do is their own business. I know its disgusting engaging in sexual acts in public but some of these girls apparentley ended up commiting suicide, they didnt deserve to die over this.

LION KING | May 29, 2009


hell | July 31, 2009

my questions are the same .. those girls who commits suicides..what were they doing in cafe on the very first place? the problem with our nation is that its way much emotional If a truck driver killed a baby the people kill that driver on the spot without even thinking for a second that whose responsible for such thing..the mothers who let there small children run away and play on the roads. I have seen many times that they are walking on roads with there children like its some sort of fuckin amusement part :/ And once someone get killed then its the driver fault always... SO to all the people who are saying that those blackmailers were the bad ones or the cafe owner is responsible.. please review your opinion regarding it... IF YOU GIVE SOMEONE CHANCE TO MAKE A VIDEO OF YOU >>>WHY DONT THEY USE THAT CHANCE .... IF YOU ARE DOING SUCH THINGS THEN READY FOR THE WORST OUTCOME OF THESE THINGS...

Khan | August 23, 2009

Is there any technology which has not been misused ? Technology has always been misused but it is the government, who control the misuse. A gun can be good and evil at the same time. The same is with the net cafe. It is good and evil at the same time. If the owners use it to earn and spread computer education, it is a good thing but if they are using as it was, then it is of course evil. I did not see the morale of the Jang story. That what happened to the owner of the net cafe. Instead of these guys and girls, who commit suicide or run away from homes, it was more logical to punish the net cafe owner. So that nobody dare to do the same in future.

IMRAN FROM RAWALPINDI | September 22, 2009


ahsan | September 26, 2009

i think its a really very cheap act from the internet cafe.bcz acording to islam if god do not open any one secreate than we human being should be carefull abt this. we have no right to c any 1 private life may god blesss the families has been destroyed by thease kind of stupid things and give them peace and calm

afghan bacha | September 28, 2009

it is not smthing to discuss and make it as large, dosnt matter, they were enjoying their life with their lover, so pak is an islamic country that is Y the make this issue so big, if the allow the cuoples so the will not do this in net club, it means that if the strict more and more but the pple do their enjoyment if it is in net club or along the street..lolzzzz im complety fine with this issue, they did well as the did. THANKS

Wakas Mir | September 30, 2009

This is so sad. I guess the person who was responsible including everyone in the "team" should have been made a national issue and put on the electric chair and then hung a 100 times. This is so sick, what the girls n guys did is a result of the "amazing wonderful western culture" that we Pakistanis welcome via the silly old cables and dishes on each street in Pakistan. First thing that has to be done is to tell children from the start what they should NEVER do and that is to trust anyone who claims to "love them" and makes them do something like this... kids to bache hote hi hein lekin bade to bade banein!

anuj | October 03, 2009

the videos should have never been recorded What people do in their private lives is their business not for anyone else to judge. Let god do the judging... and in any case all the people who have commented here arent angels themselves.... every1 has done something in their lives which if recorded and put up on youtube wud embarass the hell out of please refrain from judging others One advice for all the super moralistic people here RELAX.... u don't have to play god and judge others... just be human and relax.

Jamil Ahmed Farooqi | October 09, 2009


Muhammad Iftikhar Mirza | October 24, 2009

I have seen most of the material avaiable. I do not blame the couples involved in such act(s) coz all of us are not so MOMIN. It is God who know how bad and how ugly we are. No one is perfect so Allah never encouraged to make such acts public. The men / gang involved in such game much be punished. His criminal adventure took many lives. Such things cannot be prevented, these have been done in the past which is continued today and will in future. These will occure and can we say that these are not being done today. No dear these acts are being done every where around us, every day and every minute and moraly and ethically we should not advertise these things. Every one has its private life and no body has any right whatsoever to ruin it. Try to love humabeing and human values and hate sins. Bye and take care.

Muhammad Iftikhar Mirza | October 24, 2009

I 200% agree with Mr. Liaquat Ali and Ms. Sana. Beauifully shown us what we are. Atleast i own it.

shahana | December 21, 2009

i am feeling guilty .death is not the solution of all problm.

Flaba | January 14, 2010

Listen up and listen up good because I read all of your damn comments on this page(plus the article)...and needless to say over 90% are biased, wrong, blind (religion, culture, not being educated,ect), and a great example of how ignorant both America AND everyone else (the world) can be. All told it isn't about race the majority of America is stupid and the majority of every other country is stupid. No exceptions, no racism, just fact. Now lets get down to business. Simply put it isn't the persons who video taped its fault. It is all of your own damned fault. For creating a taboo that is irrational and contradictory to the NATURAL human experience, of course I am speaking of the natural curiosity of sexuality. If you as a people did not become so damn conservative and think this is "sin" or wrong or not supposed to happen due to your culture let me tell you now you will NEVER accomplish this task and you WILL be defeated in due time. If you as a people accepted sexuality as a necessary part of humanity you wouldn't be so outraged and ashamed, there would be no scandal, and life would continue on. So all this talk of getting rid of cameras and setting up internet site blockers won't get rid of the problem. LOL you know WHAT? It won't even slow it down, not even a bit. You know what it WILL do? Haha you'll love it. It WILL only encourage people to look for those "dirty sites". Like an adult who never got to eat his favorite candy as a child because his mom said he eats it everyday. Oh and Ahamed? You say it is your culture for boys and girls not to chat and stay shy? Yet the internet lets them chat. So the internet is bad now? No sir indeed you were the problem all along. The internet just gave them the opportunity to you denied them for so long. Culture and religion should not interfere with human rights and if they do they are void. Guess what? Yours is void for violating freedom of speech, pursuit of happiness, many others.. Iqbal you say we shouldn't comment anymore? Keeping the thread alive is also seen as bad custom on internet forums. Why? No reason really other than to move on to the next thing. But the situation doesn't move on...the problem does not move on. Should you forget this happened it will only happen again. You are held responsible now to remember and do whatever is in your power to stop it from happening again. Three of the girls in the scandal committed suicide. One was killed by her father. Two were divorced. The suicidal ones are your fault. The flawed rules and ideals you make them accept at birth skewed their sense of what is right or wrong from their very birth. The father was a conservative idiot who can only think of honor and whats right for "the greater good", the ones that got divorced prove their relationships weren't real to begin with since their marriage couldn't last the most minuscule and laughable of obstacles. Yes laughable, they make videos of people catching their friends (male or female) watching "dirty sites" in America, Britain, and all the sane countries. They call it a joke. You call it sin. Sin you must pay for with your life, respect, honor,...ect. Ridiculous really. Grow up and become civilized. Then you won't have these problems. You'll have OUR problems. Then maybe just can advance on to the best plate. My problems, as an intellectual who views and comments on all this nonsense yet can have no hand in stopping it. Perhaps I should make my own nation. No crazy people allowed.

aqeel | January 15, 2010

i am very upset for all of this . every have a past and there giltyes but you can not appologise like this.pnishment not for that peoples in the cafe.we punished that black melers.and that cafe owners.they made of those peoples life getting die...

Khan | January 30, 2010

Mr Bilour a prominent Politician of Peshawar earned billions from porn films that were shown in his cinemas in Peshawar. They also sell condoms so that people may relieve themselves during the shows. What do you expect from the government ? PORN!

Arch.Asad | February 19, 2010

Asalam alakoum My name is Asad Ullah Khan i am the student of Architecture. My suggestion is that every parent should be very frank with there child otherwise this will happen again in future and Islamic Law should be impose in Pakistan rather then English Law of 1905. A gang was involve in this activity because i was done at large scale. One day i sit in the park a man come to me and told me that "i have girls of school,college and uni do you want any". That kind of group is involved not boy or girl is targeted to say that they are wrong may be they belong to good family be rouin there life by that broker(DALAL).ake.

sami afridi | February 22, 2010

why the people diong lick this things they should be know the ALLAH is watching every thing

unknown | March 05, 2010

I read the comments of some men here that say , that unless the girl doesnt want nothing happens.. Its very unfortunate that the men in our society think they can do what ever and get away with it. Who gave men the permission to do what ever they want. Does Islam give it? Does the government give it?.. its just so lame for men to think that its ok for them to do what ever and it doesnt matter .. For those men who think it doesnt matter .. well heres an eye opener .. U WILL DIE ONE DAY AND WHO WILL SAVE U THEN. ITS NOT PERMITTED IN OUR RELIGION SO THERE IS NO REASON TO JUDGE GIRLS AND GIVE UR LAME COMMENTS. and for the guys and girls who did make this mistake, no one has the right to judge them , every person makes mistake and there is no reason to exploit ppl like that.. May Allah forgive Them and Give those mindless idiots who exploit ppl a little humanity

M.Arslan | March 17, 2010

Hello, I want to say that all the brothers and ladies that pakistan is our country.yeh hamara country hai aur hum ny ese theak krna hai

a common man | March 29, 2010

Apart from this I am worried about the same type of exercise which is more dangerous because the same is done privately " guys record the moment of love making with their girl friend, fiance,even wife,etc and upload them for free avialability through net". Where is self respect and privacy. It is very bad with our beloved nation's sisters.What will be the consequences of this,while netcafe's one already has ruined the life of 25+25 families for the sack of 10 lac only .MAY ALLAH BLESS OUR NATION AND OUR COUNTRY.AAMEEN.

Imran. H | April 06, 2010

Hah... May Allah bless all of us, and keep away from devil. All the problems related to SEX DRIVE will INSHALLAH start getting solved. If we start implementing islamic teachings in our day to day lives.

BB | April 18, 2010

Everyone is talking about the so called poor people who committed suicide or whose lives were destroyed by the blackmailers. No one is asking them about what they were doing in the net cafes..... Shame on them!!!!

shmir14 | April 28, 2010

shame for pakistini girls and boy doing tese things in netcafe.

haider | May 12, 2010

Unfortunatley when rule of the law does't exit some place everything went wrong. Its fairly simple to put filters for these website many islamic countries have done already. Our leaders infact had sold youth, if you just open any browser in these net cafe without doing anything everything will open. Its everyone responsibility our media barely talk on this, they need judges judges judges...*ss *hole

Qaisar Farooq | May 14, 2010

Asslam-o-alikum to all, the incident took place in our sick socity was devastating, which compel to commit sucide innocent girls, many families were shatterd and still facing aftershocks. we certainly dnt have any right to commint, becoz being a nation we are sick, our structure of brain is being turnd towards rotton and nasty stuff, we are gettng from this socity. v have forgotton our norms, our customs and traditions, Rizk-e- Haram have been added in our lives. words can never encompas unfathomable grief of those parents, lost their child. this unflinching diseas is burning the brains of our upcoming genration. seems insurmountable to hold it by our "good GOVERNEMENT". " khud he kuch krna pare ga. May Allah bless u all Profound regards,

vunday | May 24, 2010

salam to all , i m a indian and i think the cause for such things in pakistan is unemployment, lack of government policies, lack of islamic guidance to the young, and parents nowadays r least concerned about children when compared to the older generation, and mobility is also an important factor. ppl go to differnt provinces and take advantage of there annonymity in the new province or in the new city. i think govt policies, islamic teachings and family values can stop these things.

Jeddy | June 04, 2010

Sex is a very natural and very real need. It is simply unnatural to suppress it. It does not matter in which country one is in or to which religion one belongs to. We are fighting against nature when suppress sex or wipe it off our minds. The country which has laws against obscenity (which is a very broad term). Laws which strictly prohibit publication of porn, there are public decency laws, so no one can be seen kissing in public. laws against homosexuality - rather a public display of it, it will exist in the privacy of homes. A homosexual will remain homosexual. Because of these laws information about the use of condoms is never clear, to prevent pregnancy and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases the most incurable one AIDS. Many young people have died because of this ignorance. Birth control pills should be available to all females with no questions asked. There are a several young lucky people who have understanding parents. Who do not associate sexual needs as something shameful and dishonourable. These young people have healthy sex life because they are informed and educated about it. They can choose to marry or not to marry not being forced into marriage. Once all these laws are abolished, first of all the sense of frustration and disappointment will end. Many people will be freed from guilt associated with it. The porn industry thrives on guilty pleasure. But if people are free to decide what kind of person they would like to be, will change the attitude of society. All the people who have posted here sound afraid. Because society has repressed them so much that they can only express themselves in only one way. Although what they feel and really like are completely contradict their views. It is as if they have been castrated since birth and have no sexual desires at all for women or men. Pakistanis are just as sexually active as people in any part of the world, if that was not the case our population would not be 170 million today. Sex and birth are linked sadly to say. Your father screwed your mother to give birth to you and you will have sex with some woman she possibly may be bearing your child or some other man's and you will none the wiser. Your sister will get married and she will have sex with some man (if she is more adventurous, some men). Perhaps you are gay but are too afraid to admit it and you would have childless marriage because you only to have sex with men not women. These are the facts. No one can say they never masturbated and did not have some weird fantasy in their mind. Both men and women masturbate and it is natural. In public we deny it but privately admit it is true. What if your father dies and your mother decides to remarry, would think less of her if she does so. Before anything she is person and sex is an integral part of her.

levi | June 28, 2010

its not a matter of FIA or anyother. cafe owner did very nice. bcoz he shows that how there kids doing when they go out. so its mistake of parents not of netcafe owner.

SIRAJ | July 01, 2010

This is not shame ful for pakistanis becaus blonde womens (Tawaif & kanjriaaaan) are living in the whole world.If some people are right then some are also wrong. Five fingers on hand and all people in the world are not equal.I proud my country pakistan and my religion Islam. ok

Faisal Khan | July 09, 2010

We are an extremist society. We look towards religion to find any answer and end up finding a twisted answer concocted by our own mental shallowness. I don't care what people think or what people don't think. Before we are muslims, christians or jews, we are humans first. Nobody should forget that. God created us, our bodies. He made sexual organ that go active at the age of 13 at most. Our religion say, get your youth married when they are sexually ripe. In Pakistan, youth are being crushed in the society and they get married well in their thirties. Some people say even Masturbation is "Haram" in our relgion. Somebody just tell me what would you do between the ages of 16 to 30. What would you do for 14 years god damn it. Sex is a human need and it is a healthy activity. If it was in my power, i would have shot that cafe owner and the mastermind a million times.

Imran | July 14, 2010

i will discuss the last entry. He is very right. We should follow the path of Islam and law should be made for marraige of youth with in the age of 16 to 21.

vicky | July 22, 2010

Hi, I watched those movies and followed the tragedy. I have come from england after living theire some years. I do not think those movies are strange. I bet any person, boy or girl, you and me, will do exactly the same if we were at there place. It is human nature folks. In pakistan we people are MUNAFIQS. we are MUNAFEQEENS because our actions and our belifs are totally opposite.Those in net cafes did a minor sin. Infact it is their love, or action they did because thery are human beings. Do you kill a male cat fucking a female cat in your house infront of your family just becuase male cat fucked and raped the cat. Do you kill the same male cat fucking another femal cat. No you do not because you say these are animals. Then why the fuck you kill human beings, poor women, in name of KAROO KARI, or honour killing where she did the act in private and with consent. While the male fucker gets away. This is MUNAFQAT. The blackmailers and hidden cameras are the real culpurits. Please every one stop saying ISLAM ISLAM ISLAM. Before becoming a Muslim, we should become a human being not an animal. If a boy and girl does something with consent it should not b a big deal. Girls living in pakistan are mostly exploited by blackmailers. The problem is that we , pakistanis are cauught up in a paradox of old text book Islamic thoughts we received by the MULLAS and reality. Islam is till day of judjment. Even in ISLAM is the concept of IJTEHAD. ISLAM is for every time which means the most intellectual , charactered and edjucated persons with knowledge of ISLAM should do IJTEHAD. Which means moulding or using the same ISLAMIC tool in a different way. Means common sense says all over the world Muslims are getting beaten up just because of our MUNAFIQ Judiacial systems in our own countries. Women gets more respect in non sulim countries then in Muslim countries. There should b a respectable laws for women. There should be an independent welfare centers for women all over the country. Where the women from any family, rich or poor tak shelter. Then there should b a HARDCORE STRICT LAW SYSTEM as in u.k. Where some one can not DARE to stare a women even if she is walking naked on London roads. Because if that woman complaint and call cops and tell them that man staring at me. the man will be put in jail. This is JUSTICE. Justice is the right of every human being whether, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh etc. Unfortunately Pakistanis are the world most highest hypocrates where men fuck girls and call girsl outside their houses and kill their own daughters for KAARO KARI, if she develops a relationship. WHY? PLZ PLZ PLZ, we should first develop a society based on justice then gradually bring the society towards REAL ISLAM. Hazrat Ali said, ITS MAFHOOM IS, a fair judicial system of KUFR will survive while an unfair judiacial system of Truthfulness will fail. My deep deep condolences for the poor victims, girls who were murderded by this MUNAFIQ SOCIETY of PAKISTAN. IN SEARCH OF JUSTICE FOR A NEW PAKISTAN,

mohammed ilyas | August 04, 2010

all this is due to the poor insight of sex. teach ur children about sex very clearly, 90% of children want to try out everything in this world. they want to learn everything in this world. when sex becomes a mystery they want to try/find it out. sex is a natural instinct. and the parents do those filthy things or not their youngs want to do it. u can lock all the girls in the community inside ur home,still some one will elope or have incest inside the home ,as it is a body instinct. better learn obout ur body instincts and learn to control it as human beings should do and then teach about sex to ur siblings. just by killing a child the parent shows he is not a literate human being. u can never imply anything for long in this world by tyranny. through love and education the so called islamic countries can win their childs heart and then the world.

khalid mehmood | August 17, 2010

Asalami-e-alikam friends. I read the comments given here. All persons have different view and argument. But according to my point of view following are the responsible of this incident ,First of all parents, Media and Social evils. My question is that why parents do not check regularly that what his or her child do. what kind of its interest , and how they spent there free time. My request to all of parents that must make strong attachness with their childrens, and convey to the childrens that you are not lonely, and regulary asked their studies. According to my observation presently of youth feel lonelyness that nobody is interested in his affairs, Every one becomes selfish today, Everyone talk about their issu just and don't think that another expect what from it. Second thing is media espacielly electronic media.Because they have a number channels promoting Vulgarity in the society and unfortunately educated people take , much interest in these channels programs and dramas. Everyone knows about it. Even our news channels are alos playing importent part in this vulgarity by advertising naked body commersials numbers of time in 24 hours. In these what kind youth you can expect from this society will produced. One Most importent thing i want to add in my disscussion. I request to all of parents plz plz pay huge attention to the Religious Education of their childrens to make him/her a great muslim and feed of good sociel society. Remember all these points when someone Become parents. I think it would be helpfull for them.

waseem abbas from khanewal near multan | November 17, 2010

bismilah hir rehman nir rahim we are atomic power we are world champions in cricket we are in every where plz don,t say that u don,t like pakistan bcoz may be pakistan don,t like us if we do some bad things then why should we blame pakistan we never give credit to ur country when we do good things but we insult our country when something happen bad to us shame on us

waseem abbas from khanewal near multan | November 17, 2010

can any one tell me in whic year this incident was happened? and from which area of rawalpindi it hapened

SABA | November 27, 2010


Asad ullah khan | December 20, 2010

i am totally agree about the education but in fact that acts are conduct by mafia i remember when i was sitting in the park and a man came nearby and tell me that you want any girl then tell me i denied b/c i know latter on he start to black mail me

TariqMehmood | January 20, 2011

Assalam.u.Aliakum ! one day i go for internet cafe for scanning my some files.When i enter in internet cafe i didn't believe on my eyes intercafe cabin is full of young boys ages between 13 to 16.I gave my document for scanning purpose and i decide why not i check the program that other watch.I go to cabin and open the server their are so many files .I see a file name cartoon i open the file.File contains sex movies with collection of 75 movies.I immediately close the file receive my scanning file, give payment and come out.I think these young are future,the time spend on internet bad movies,this time spend on your books to success in your education proud to be your parents.

RIZWAN HUSSAIN DURRANI | February 02, 2011


majid kamal | March 18, 2011

I think the owner of the net cafe is fully responsible for this incident. Why had he created an opportunity for the visitors of the net cafe by providing them with the doors which could be locked from inside? I would say that it was his intention to make some situation of this kind. If the young boys n girls of our country r given any chance of this kind , they would certainly pounce upon that. I stand him responsible for that n he should b punished in such a way that none other may ever think of committing such act.

Wasim from rawalpindi | April 14, 2011

I just want to say that we should just focus on Islam it will solve all the problelms

muhammed adil | August 11, 2011

we love pakistan jesa b hy yaaar apna mulk to hy na apni sarzameen hy mjhe pakistani hony p fakhar hy load sheeding , dearness,brutality,crisis,democrecy, nothing nothing could stop us from loving pakistan love you pakistan uuuuuuuummmmmmaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Muhammad kashif khan | October 14, 2012

shame on such dirty peoples , who live like wild animals and do not love and do not obey Islamic disciplined life , B.F and G.f relation is fake and legal way for act in our society , parents and teacher should make aware the childeren about the teachings of Islam and Muslims should keep them away from such dirty life like wild animals that is difference between the Musslims and Non muslims. plzz teach the childeren and make aware the childrene with teaschings of Islam

Muhammad kashif khan | October 14, 2012

kasur lrku ka ha ku jati ha tanhai ma boys k sth akhr wo loose chracter hti ha to phr he jati hana maza lna ar phr bad ma us vedio bchna wla ko blame vedio bnana wla ko koi blame nhi jo Islamic rule ar parents ki izzat nikalna boys k sth chup chup kar milti ha us vedio wala to sab ko alirt kr dia k bcho ap b apni bhno ar btu par nzr rkho ku k inka kmina pan ka kch pta nhi lagta

Salim | October 19, 2012

I guess nobody is listening to your caveat about keeping moralizing to a minimum :D. The internet cafe owner layout cabins was clearly the spider laying out his web for the 'flies'. There is no real solution other than being vigilant. Every individual will be called upon to make a moral choice times and again. And one will falter now and then. Having seen so many people of different faiths, I can say that no one can claim to be better than the other. It all boils down to what basic character you have. And I feel there is the same percentage of good, middling, bad in all communities. The creation of Pakistan - bunching together of people of one community - is itself faulty. Does not the Quran says that if God willed all humans to be of one community he would have made them one? Which means we have to live with different communities inharmony and not strife.