The Perfect Candidate II

Posted by sepoy on November 30, 2004 · 1 min read

So, there it goes. The job apps have been mailed. Yeah, did you notice the plural? Me too. Last we talked on this subject, I was only going to be applying at UofMyDreams. However, once my advisor came back from his summer sojourn, he suddenly had some newfound interest in my career and proceeded to harangue me (almost daily) on my lackadaisical approach to academics [can you tell from this post that I have been writing letters of applications?]. So, I ended up sending applications to half a dozen places. That, there even exist half a dozen positions for South Asian Islamic historians is mind boggling. I, actually, kept out of the Billings, Montana race. Nothing against Montana, I swear, I am just a city guy.

Over the past month, I have been busting my ass trying to get these things out of the door. It is HARD to sell yourself. At least, it is for me - maybe, that is why I blog pseudonymously. I have to tell the dour search-wallas that I am brilliant and exciting and all that. But, I just like reading really old books and wondering what they meant to their intended audience, and what they mean now. That ain't sexy. An editor proof reading my letter pointed out that I did not use one catch phrase (postcolonial, subaltern etc.) and wondered if that is a good thing. I really, honestly, do not know.

Let's see what happens. I will, uh, keep you all posted.


Brian Ulrich | November 30, 2004

I'll be watching intently hoping to pick up tips for a couple of years from now.

Chan'ad | November 30, 2004

Best of luck!

sepoy | November 30, 2004

Brian: Here is something to keep in mind, DON'T USE MICROSOFT WORD, EVER. FOR ANYTHING. Thanks, Chan'ad.

s¯nee | December 01, 2004

what to use then? LATEX/PDF's "" and ALL THE BEST !

Ajju | December 01, 2004

Good luck Sepoy! And here I was hoping that if I got a job in Chicago next year I would come study South Asian history with the chapatiman. But I am still to interview for any Chicago job, so talk about counting your chickens :P

Jonathan Dresner | December 02, 2004

The lack of catch phrases is probably a really good thing, though sometimes not letting your (relatively out of field) readers pigeonhole you appropriately isn't a bad thing, either.

sepoy | December 02, 2004

Jonathan: That is the issue, isn't it? They should know me appropriately. So, I stuck with things that actually do interest me and fields that I actually think my scholarship will contribute to. I put the buzz words in my teaching statement's "can also give courses on:" sect