The Pearl Project

Posted by sepoy on July 23, 2007 · 1 min read

I just found out about it, though it had been announced back in March. In Fall 2007, Georgetown's School of Continuing Education will begin a seminar, The Pearl Project, to "investigate motive and attempt to determine who really killed Pearl. They will also examine the wider relationship between the Muslim world and the press and profile others who have died in the frontlines of journalism." It will be led by Asra Q. Nomani and Barbara Feinman Todd. More here.

I wish this was a congressional inquiry rather than a journalism class but every little bit helps.


Desi Italiana | July 22, 2007

Thanks for bringing this to attention. I also wonder if press freedom and safety for journalists unknown in the Western world but who are operating in the "Muslim world" [I have serious issues with that description, but I won't go into it here:)] will figure in in this seminar. For example, over 100 journalists who have attempted to cover Balochistan, who dig for information and follow stories have been either detained, harrassed, threatened, and/or killed by the Pakistani military. These journalists might not have high profile deaths and glamorous names in the Western media (here I mean Western European and American), but these are journalists who are on the ground and courageously reporting the military's abuses and flagrant violation of human rights- they're not "hotel journalists" or "telephone journalists." The journalists who cover FATA and the NWF are in the same predicament. Hope they get some attention at this seminar...

Jonathan Dresner | July 23, 2007

I thought the question of who killed Daniel Pearl was reasonably well established: have I not been paying attention? Or are there wheels within wheels that have to be uncovered?

dk | July 23, 2007

Arre, I was hoping this would be a post about the movie, and about Irrfan Khan.

Umar | July 23, 2007

Anyone remember Shaheen Sehbai? He could help on this one...

sepoy | July 23, 2007

Jonathan: Check this by Nomani for wheels within wheels theory.

Sin | July 23, 2007

Barbara's an old friend, and an excellent teacher. I hope the course lives up to its promise.