The Newest Oldest Story II

Posted by Dale Marlowe on September 01, 2007 · 30 mins read

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II. I do not ♥ Baby Boomers

Aldous Huxley called occult nature worship the “perennial religion,” because it is the default to which man returns when his gods desert him. It makes sense after all to appeal directly to the effects of nature, rather than their causes, when the chips are down.

Our gods have, in fact, deserted us; or, maybe, we have deserted them. The difference is irrelevant. I will not list the evident examples of Christian corruption over the centuries, nor today, as I have chronicled them elsewhere in these pages; only in passing will I submit that the world's other faiths, which have also apparently lost their damn minds, are not acting as though the Forces they serve are almighty, or are unfolding the universe as They should.

Adherents are forcing gods' hands to an extent that it bears consideration there was never a Hand in play at all. This week I heard the phrase, “Buddhist Militants,” among the static of the day. I said a small prayer to Whatever Was Listening that I had misheard the speaker, or that I had heard a satire show on someone's television or radio. The Onion? At any rate, it's bad out there.

At the admitted risk of rewriting a pomo version of Fraziers' Golden Bough, let's look at the essential aspects of disaffected humanity's newest oldest story, which is a revival of some very old notions, albeit notions stoned heavy, on doses of consumerism, Hollywood and LSD, notions which are flourishing, under our noses, at a very precarious time.

Humanity's religions and folk histories hold common themes and elementary forms that tend to repeat themselves in a cross-cultural way without losing their basic integrity. I am telling the Historians nothing they don't already know. Joseph Campbell pumped this well dry. But we (I am an amateur, of course; please excuse the 1P plural. I make no pretense to the profession's privileges) were trained to view this phenomenon in a very kumbaya up-with-people kind of way; i.e., as evidence of our common origins and common humanity. In contrast, many people without the benefit of learning in context, have also noticed these parallels, and have decided--and I don't dismiss the notion out of hand--that our Bibles, Qurans, and Gitas hold a real and secret history more solid than myth and metaphor. I'm speaking of that time of heroes and gods, of miracles and beginnings, of promises and apocalypses.

The Perennial Religion's narrative, as distinct from its foundational myths, is more fluid, but clings like a weed. It is our culture, our human culture. Humanity's home is in the stars--we are made in Imago Dei. We belong somewhere else. There was a time when we could commune with Him or Them who made us, but some hideous fault caused the lines of Communication to break. Now we wait--for what? The Hidden Imam, The Second Coming, 2012, the Age of Aquarius, Gotterdammerung, The Aeon of Horus, The advent of the Superman, Transhuman immortality through technology or the Singularity, The defeat of Xenu a la Battlefield Earth, the return of Menachem Schneerson, etc., etc. And this would happen. Soon. If not for the dreaded Other, who work for the Enemy, and are perhaps colluding with Dark Forces, to retard or prevent the new Golden Age.

Though basic to the revealed faiths, such cyclical clock-watching is passe for many grown-up theologians. They have internalized the struggles and great swings of epochal time, and turned a calendar into a meditational mnemonic; the apocalypse, as taught by many modern Christian theologians, occurs in the human heart, in every generation, to every man and woman on earth. I like this approach, but it has two related drawbacks--people like literalism, and the revision has never really been communicated, at least on the Christian corner of the table, to the laity, in great numbers.

Rewrites occur all the time, keeping the narrative fresh ((DaVinci Code, The Works of H.P. Lovecraft, anything by A. Crowley, anything by David Icke, the included texts as examined tongue-in-cheek by Robert Anton Wilson, as well as Wilson and Shea's Illuminatus, which was only partially a joke, Philip K. Dick's entire oeuvre [esp. the last half], many Christian televangelists when they're being honest, X Files, The Book of Enoch, The works of Giordano Bruno, anything by Elizabeth I's private wizard, John Dee, the speculations of Nicolas of Cusa, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Communist Manifesto, various “Rosicrucian” documents, Daniel, some Masonic tracts, Ezekiel, the Vedas, Revelation, Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Independence Day, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Jung's lectures, traditions surrounding the extraterrestrial contents of the Ka'aba, The Hermetic Kabbalah, Wilhelm Reich's work, anything by Pynchon, the recent Paulo Coehlo phenomenon, the secret doctrines of the Nation of Islam, etc.)). I could fill this zine with examples. The general kernel of the unorthodox version, which is the one that threatens to metastasize before our very eyes, is contained in the exoteric teachings of the global Occult. The characters have different names, but they are constants: at the end of the last Ice Age, a group of the wise, who may or may not have been human, hopped around the globe, giving science to the ancients from pity for our misfortune, what with all the ice and starvation and such. They are, in embarrassing passages of our Holy Writs, variously, djinn, Nephilim, extraterrestrials, a Hindu family that can't seem to get along for anything, survivors from Atlantis, the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth, or the Ascended Masters of some Caucasian or Aryan proto-Civilization, like Mohenjo Daro (of which, coincidentally, Sepoy was an inhabitant).

Before jetting off, digging down, returning to Mars, or returning to Sirius, or retiring to the Himalayas, these fellows (who were either semi-amphibious, semi-reptile, blue-skinned, or white guys with red beards, and rarely cast appropriately to their region's ethnicities, go figure) built pyramids everywhere, explained agriculture, and taught us to brew beer. They also had sexytime with Earth hotties. According to legend, their offspring, the Heroes, survive today as global royal families.

Online, you can find, and I couldn't make this up with a bottle of tequila, earnestly charted family trees linking HRH Prince William, King of Kings Halie Selassie, Emperor Hirohito, Augustus Caesar, the French Merovingians, and POTUS George W. Bush to Jehovah. Those folks, or their descendants, allegedly, are still patched into the Galactic Phone System, even when only “figureheads,” and would like to return to power as soon as possible, if they aren't already running things. They might also occasionally turn into lizards and may need to drink the blood of we who are not god-hybrids to survive.

But wait, there's more!

We got war in Heaven--not all the Nephilim, and not all the Heroes, are playing for the same team. There are Ridley Scott Alien-type creatures zipping about the Universe, or in hibernation under Earth's polar caps, or entombed under the Aussie outback, and these folks, unlike the Nephilim, cannot be reasoned with. They like to eat us, instead of simply milking our aortae. Various humans (read, the enemies or perceived enemies of whomever tells the tale) are doing their best to attract, or wake, the beasties. No one knows why, except the collaborators are depraved, and may expect some reward for the favor, like survival of the global holocaust sure to ensue.

The point is, lots of folks believe somebody's coming back in the near future. And it's not supposed to be pretty.

One might query by what technology these travelers move throughout Space, and I'm glad you asked. Originally, the supposition was they they moved beyond space-time, i.e., as God would move, appearing and disaparrating at will, from “the planes,” to our dimensionality. Later, as technology developed, suppositions centered on advanced spacecraft, i.e., UFO's with “warp” drive, which is geek code for rolling the quadrant at [c*x]. Lately, as we peer under the Universe's hood with M-Theory, speculators have taken to suggesting that these entities move through singularities, wormholes, or, egads, Contact-like stargates, which are really nothing more exotic than lipo on the fat rolls around the universe's tummy.

I suspected the producers and writers of the Stargate franchise made their teleportation devices from scratch, but when the Iraq war began, folks on the, um, more imaginative end of the marketplace of ideas saw a greater work in progress, and it would appear that their speculations in fact predate the movies, and may have been an inspiration. For years, Hussein had been attempting to remake Babylonian grandeur under the guise of Pan-Arabism. According the narrative, one consequence of his extensive archaeological work was to have discovered the true origin of humanity, along with its attendant super-technologies, though he was hampered by a very Oriental inability to get the damn things to work. ((Genesis puts Eden in Iraq, guarded by a being with heavy weapons. Still existent, it needs only be uncovered. Oh, and the Entity guarding it must be disposed. No small matter.))

Hussein's discovery of a galactic teleportation device, including the locations of others around the galaxy, and others, here on Earth, made it important that he not be able to teleport troops, for instance, into Times Square, or wherever another device be hidden, or to Sirius, where the advanced inhabitants might think he represented Earth and declare him our sovereign when they came back through the gate with him. This, more than his invasion of Kuwait, was reason to isolate and depose him.

I know, it's absurd. But logical appeals are wasted in times like ours, and are not helped by the fact that no one will point at these memes and call them dumb, as they are, understandably, viewed by many responsible people as beneath mention, if not contempt. Moreover, our elites have a disturbing tendency to play into these narratives by doing very silly things that don't make any sense at all, and have no good explanations offered for the behaviors, by them, or by our media, or by our traditions.

For instance, obsessions with racial purity and taboos about blood hearken back to the stories about god & hero bloodlines. The Bible has scads of genealogies, all to prove that Jesus, Adam and King David were relatives, and as we have before noted, these genealogies are the excuse the world gives for bringing Dan Brown's hideous prose into my life. Notions of interest to CM readers, like Orientalism, and the silliness it inspires among the Besant's, Blavatsky's, Crowleys and Gurdieff's of history, are directly related to this tangent.

Additionally, I point to any behavior at all by England's Royal Family, which has never made sense. The Occult prancings of visitors to San Francisco's Bohemian Grove, or the spooky silence of those who've endured the trials of passage into Yale's Skull and Bones fraternity, and the very exclusive meetings of heavy-hitters like the Bilderberg Group, combined with official media blackouts and killed-stories describing any of the three and the very prestigious memberships of such groups, rightfully inspire a raised eyebrow.

I do not mean to suggest that anything along the lines of interstellar communication, or black magick rites intended to invoke monsters from space, actually occurs at those places; instead, I simply wish to suggest bigwigs do themselves a disservice by dressing in hooded robes, masturbating while lying in coffins, mimicking human sacrifice, and/or allegedly laying out plans for economic development in forums beyond the influence of the citizens they indirectly control, and under almost every circumstance do not represent. Understand, please: I'm all about a good time, I'm not a populist, I love swanky costumes, and have been known to fall prey on occasion to the sin of Onan. But there comes a time when you own your freak, or you put it to bed. Having your Rite and denying it too is a little untoward, and has led to more speculation, and embellishment, than is probably necessary.

Also, there exists the problems of actual conspiracy, secret-keeping, and back-having among the elites in our media and government. To suppose that people stopped working in concert to achieve willed ends of whatever sort in 1945 is absolutely fucking stupid. It was less stupid, I submit, when Walter Cronkite, Ed Murrow & the rest of the CBS ass-kickers made journalism a profession--there was information available, and some of it was even trustworthy; moreover, those delivering it seemed to have a menu of ethics and common cultural values other than the lowest common denominator, to which they appealed.

But I can't imagine, as an amateur student of history, that I live in the only period of human existence where kings, prophets and popes are killed unanimously by crazed, unaffiliated assassins rather than people who actually need them to die for good, admittedly selfish and subjective, reasons.

Moreover, despite our collective faith in “The Market,” and with due caution that Marx has, in some measure, simply done a rewrite of the paranoid narrative I describe above, I'm also very suspicious of suggestions that people and/or organizations with tons of money, and presently with amazing amounts of power in our legislatures, executives and courts, are acting with any appreciable concern for my interests. They may, in fact, be planning on doing things, sometimes to me directly, that benefit themselves at my expense. I know its a stretch, but bear with.

Again, I am not making any claims about Kennedy's assassination, or Enron, Sirhan Sirhan, or Ehmet Ali Khan, or the imminent collapse of the global economy, or the staggering institutional corruption in the insurance and banking sectors, though I will if someone requests, and has a few hours to listen a drunken, slurred rant. What I am doing is refusing to buy, per se and without examination, the Official Sources. And why, damn it? Given that I have in the past been an Official Source, and am at this very moment invested in the American Legal System, and am to several hundred students at any given time, a begrudged Authority?

I don't know. Let's blame the Boomers. I hate them. And with some good reasons, mind you, though the complaints are common and well-known--hypocrisy, obsession with difference and minutiae, their rampant and unapologetic cronyism (since when does being Bill's wife qualify a person to run for the United States Senate then ask for my vote for President, and when does being 43's pal qualify you to be Attorney General, or a nominee to the Supreme Court? And why isn't the bitching about this louder, especially on my side, as it were, the Left, and pointed at our own self-appointed leaders?), their sexual dysfunction and priapic obsessions, their avarice in dotage, as compared with their claims and opportunities in youth, and mostly, completely, wholly, their insane conception that the biggest thing we have to fear is freedom.

Left or right, these gavel-happy idiots seem to have decided that leaving well enough alone is dangerous. Out of power for eight years, the Left has had its ability to damage the country severely curtailed; unfortunately, the rise and fall of Conservatism has been absolutely disastrous.

Consider it: statistically, the terrorist watch list, and our bullshit TSA foils, do nothing to secure airports. The seaports, when not being auctioned off to ostensibly dangerous foreign corporations, are essentially wide open. The southern border is for all purposes non-existent. Billions for this? To inconvenience citizens by pestering them for shampoo, when another plane attack is unlikely, and attention paid to airports is probably a rope-a-dope to draw attention away from other targets? Assholes.

Look at the moves toward the destruction of privacy, and the elimination of the individual, all under their watch: warrantless wiretaps, the Patriot Act, DARPA run amok, ubiquitous sensing, secret evidence, the suspension of habeus corpus, the death of posse comitatus, severe curtailments of the rights to speech and protest when the objects of speech and protest are anywhere near, torture, for Christ's sake, ad nauseum.

The worst of it, and the nut of our concern in this section, is the full-on drive toward secrecy: apparently, it is the will of our leaders to prevent anyone from knowing anything they're doing. In the Bush regime's case, this is probably because if they didn't they'd need to be arrested, and some of them would have to go to jail or be hanged. The President, at least, should be tarred and feathered. I have enough evidence, all from the public domain. These people are wiping their asses with my Bill of Rights. They have every reason to lie, obfuscate and hide.

Yet I am not a dove, as much as I'd like to be. I understand that sometimes good people have to do bad things under cover of darkness. And not just when cocaine and double-jointed prostitutes are involved. Time comes, you gotta whack Fredo. There are also, in my opinion, times when people need beaten within inches of their lives, whether or not it leads to actionable intelligence. It is my sincere wish to see UBL slowly, painfully, and lubelessly sodomized by an extremely well-hung Rabbi before a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden. I get it. But when you try to make barbarism part OF THE STANDING LEGAL PRECEDENT OF MY GODDAMNED COUNTRY, rather than a black-ops exception to the rule, I'm going to have a problem with that. The operative words are bad, and under cover of darkness.

On what date, exactly, did Berliners look around their city with unscaled eyes, like an opium eater waking after a dream, and see hundreds on hundreds of flapping Nazi gonfalons, and, realizing that the point-of-no-return was long past, whisper to themselves, O Shit. We're fucked?

Hillary, our Stepford Candidate, is nearly as bad. She apparently hides truth from herself, or is so uncomfortable with the concept, that she has lost any workable definition. Will someone explain to me, if it has actually happened, why Wellesley removed her senior thesis from its library, and has sealed its contents pending the 2008 Election? At whose behest? To what end?

I'm not sure there's anything in an undergraduate white paper that would shock me--I've digested her public statements, and can read between the lines. I know when she's spouting the programmed baloney, and when we're getting a peak behind the robot at the real person, as it were. She seems more Machiavellian than anything, and a committed lefty, and we seem to have the same bugbears; I would like to like her, despite being very disappointed in the Clinton micro-presidency. Why, also, does she give speeches in a voice that sounds like she's shouting over cheers, when nobody cheering? I am perplexed.

But, back to the point--what's with the Boomer penchant for hiding shit?

It's a generational pathology. They know what they got up to when no one was looking, as teenagers with rampaging hormones and eager hands, as college students with access to amphetamines and impending exams, as activists with dialectical epiphanies, dreams of revolution and acid-spiked utopian illusions, as swinging coke sniffing intelligentsia, as fresh-out of rehab proselytizers. They've done it, and suspect we're doing it as well.

Like the good parents they wrongly imagine themselves to be, they'd like to keep us safe, whether or not we need it, as penance for three decades of personal treason. They'll make us safe from ourselves, from the world and its teeming brown billions, from transfats, from bad information, from pesky manufacturing jobs, from the truth of their own misdeeds, from UBL, and ultimately from a good, old-fashioned come-to-Jesus reckoning, where the good and bad is lain out before all, stock is taken, losses are cut, and duly unburdened, we can progress beyond the petty concerns they have turned to bricks in a prison wall.

Boomer pathological secrecy, paired with Boomer self-indulgence, topped with Boomer self-righteousness, leaves us stranded at an existential crossroads. They infest the media, the academy, the government; they are psychologically and morally--and perhaps genetically--unable to delay gratification, or brook embarrassment, or say no to a “friend.” They cannot turn down a line of blow, at least metaphorically. They are authoritarian, and perhaps fascist, and prefer lies to truth. They are not pigs that have learned to walk on hind legs, they are people who have learned to wallow.

We do, I believe, face many challenges--Jihadis, corporate malfeasance, a population in spiritual and intellectual malaise, among dozens of others; yet many Boomers would rather cover causes than redress effects. Simply put, they're depraved and mentally ill, and we should put them in bad retirement homes as quickly as we can.

Until then, however, we must mind the gap they have cut. The aquifer of the “Official Source” replenishes as quick as ever, but the water has soured. They listened, and can mouth, the words of philosophical post-modernity, but have not heard its spirit. “The Market,” nor globalization, nor GWOT, suffice as a narrative sufficiently motivating to stir the passions. And, like the pop of air rushing to fill a vacuum, the Perennial Religion, wearing a veneer of science fiction, has begun, in many quarters, to fill the empty space left behind. The gods want to return. People want something new. And the world's oldest story, pretending at being its newest, already has a set stage.

Ah, I hear you. Farangi makes too much of it. Perhaps. I concede I can be a bit of a Cassandra at times.

Yet, David Icke, a quite amiable and reasonable fellow I'm told, aside from being the globe's main modern proponent of the Elizabeth-II-is-a-lizard-shape-shifter narrative, has, since, 9/11, been speaking to audiences in the thousands. As I noted in the Religion in America series, 60 million Americans expect monsters to erupt from the ocean, for dead people to leap into the air, and for Great Beasts to battle a bare remnant of nearly extinct Jews in the Valley of Megiddo. Soon. Iran's president is, many believe, actually waiting for the 12th Imam to un-occlude and destroy Zionism. Lyndon Larouche, to whose credit goes the distinction of being unabashed about his belief in the grand narrative herein described, has actually gained credibility in non-U.S./British circles since the '92 Mexican Peso crisis, and has been taken seriously by some leaders in the South Sea archipelago, most notably the deceased Mahathir Mohammed of Malaysia. Most distressingly, the old goat actually looks healthier than when he went to prison. ((Ah, YouTube.)) He may yet survive his alleged enemies. As the Main Street economy diverges from the Wall Street economy, and the disparity between rich and poor goes absolutely ape-shit in the U.S., more and more once unfashionable and always revolutionary notions begin to percolate: Talk of “They” is rampant in political conversations at local pubs here in the Midwest; when I ask who “They,” are, I'm often treated with a sardonic chuckle that says, if you don't know, I can't help you.

We have reached the point where a significant number of people who are not insane enough to be institutionalized believe 43, whom most of us consider the President of the United States, invaded Iraq under a staged-attack pretense to secure extraterrestrial technology; this excuse is considered by otherwise apparently responsible people, who can write with decipherable syntax, have jobs that enable them to afford web-hosting, who have leisure time, and by all evidence have a passing acquaintance with the scientific method, if not classical rhetoric, to be an excuse that makes more sense than the reasons offered by our Baby Boomer president, and shoveled out by his yes-massa media, like so much shit from a stall.

I will leave it to this audience, rife with historians, to compare our current situation with other eras where decadence prevailed and confidence in good-will between the managers of a society and the society itself had so eroded, and a previously discounted method of making sense of the Universe snapped up to grip history's throttle. Romanov Russia? Weimar Germany? Republican Britain? Late Imperial Rome?

Reductive. Presentist. As I warned you, I'm an amateur.

But did I mention trust and good-will have so degraded in our society that a lapse into magical narrative is, for a notable group of likely sane people, preferable to accepting the rot and pabulum offered by incompetent official sources?

When they ask, I'll tell them it was late August 2007 when, at Sepoy's behest, I looked around and whispered, O Shit. We're Fucked.


Ahistoricality | August 31, 2007


akbar | September 01, 2007

moving commentry, Are we back in dark ages? . "Re- O Shit. We're ****ed" Ever since Adam and Eve looked at enraged GOD And said to each other "we are done!"(for creationists) Or Ever since the pack of Apes looked at the passions of the newly evolved human(for evolutionists) and siad "O Shit. We're ****ed' this phrase has been a recurring theme in human affairs. Let us hope this civilisation's loss is some other's gain.

leon | September 01, 2007

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j | September 01, 2007

not to worry farangi, we 75.8 million boomers are finished for one simple reason, most of us are not the "many Boomers [who] would rather cover causes than redress effects. Simply put, they're depraved and mentally ill, and we should put them in bad retirement homes as quickly as we can." Most of Us are struggling to survive every day. Count on this... our sheer numbers of elderly, poverty stricken, ill and lacking in medical insurance, befuddled age related unemployed selves will quite overwhelm the system. We'll be living out our homeless final days in cardboard boxes, under bridges, in holes in the ground, in the millions. You'll be stepping over the sleeping bodies on the sidewalks everywhere. Gangs of smelly starving oldies will attack bagle delivery trucks, hospital ERs will be under seige, and cries of despair will fill the air. It will not be a pretty sight and it will last at least a decade or two. The Great Myth of the Baby Boomer$ is an enormous dirigible waiting to be pricked with the pin of reality. Most of us will not be retiring to condos in south carolina, most of us won't even be able to afford badly run retirement homes. Most of Us are as disgusted and as frightened of the present state of the world as the rest of you are. And its our bloody taxes, a lifetime's worth, that have underwritten this tragic scenario. meanwhile, i really enjoyed your brilliant rant, thanks, j

Eris | September 16, 2007

I love you and want to treat you to some absinthe.

Farangi | September 17, 2007

Hail, Goddess of Discord, I love you too. BTW, Sepoy and I became pals after someone threw a golden date into Matthew Gordon's Intro to Islam class at Miami. It was inscribed, "To the Biggest Ego."