The 4 Man Show

Posted by sepoy on December 13, 2006 · 1 min read

Jon Stewart has changed television around the world. Witness, the 4 Man Show at the AAJ channel in Pakistan. It stars 4 correspondents - three are named Khalid Butt - who are also the writers. You can view clips from a best to get a taste: part 2, and part 3 - freakin' brilliant, esp. the ubl/musharraf and nawaz sharif/motorway segments.


sehrish | March 23, 2008

an excellent show....i never miss it...n if i miss it i watch its clips on internet ....very mature n really excellent show....the only thing which need 2 be improved is tht plzzzzz upload ur new episodes on very next day when its on aired....coz i wait 4 it n tht service of u ppl is quite slow otherwise all is superb...

Out for a bit : Saira’s Web Tools | August 11, 2009

[...] The 4 Man Show [Chapati Mystery]: Havent had a chance to watch it yet but am betting its funny and possibily in Urdu. [...]

Syed | September 09, 2010

You guys are stupid fools and all of your shows dont make any sense and are pathetic. We need educational shows in this current time not your bullshit on the tv to corrupt our minds. You guys are the biggest looser and I mean it. This is not from any political, media or any other anger this is my personal opinion about you guys. Looser ! Try to do something better in life.