Posted by sepoy on September 09, 2005 · 1 min read

I am tired of Movable Type 3.2 already. "Out of memory during large requests" errors galore [I want to choke the sbrk() out of sixapart]. Insane "context missing" messages from various Spamlookup rebuilds. What is up with this piece of software?

The only reason I didn't ditch MT way back at 2.x was WP's insane permalinks. For one reason or the other, I didn't want to change my urls [I just like them, ok?]. Plus, my host didn't have mod_rewrite available for a whlie.

But this is too much. I need to kick MT in the shins and embrace WordPress or TextPattern. I admit that I am not happy, entirely, with a dynamic-only set up since mysql dbs can be flaky but, it is a compromise I am willing to make. Plus, I am starting to feel that all the cool trinkets are on the WordPress and TextPattern side of the aisle. Also, urdu blogging, thy time has come.

ps: WTF! This is the first entry that posted without any errors since I installed 3.2!! Because I threatened to switch?!

pps: Ah. Much better. On trying to save my ps above, I got: "Statement has no result columns to bind (perhaps you need to successfully call execute first) at lib/MT/ObjectDriver/DBI.pm line 52. at lib/MT/Template/ContextHandlers.pm line 2187". Thats more like it, mate.

ppps: Ashes. I am obsessed.


Zack | September 09, 2005

Strange! MT 3.2 is teh first time since the start of comment and ping spam that I can rebuild my weblog and do stuff without running into 500 errors. If you do switch, please have the same URL scheme or put redirects. Don't leave 404's around. Also, I tried TextPattern but found it so very different in concept from MT or WP that it was a steep learning curve.

Zack | September 09, 2005

My comment has been held for moderation since "it's the first time I have commented here", NOT!

opip | September 09, 2005

Congratulations on the jealous thing working better now. I just popped in to say that I think you could get the same permalinks in wordpress if you can use mod_rewrite. Just in case the two of you ever need some time alone, to do some soul searching at some particular stage. (and congratulations on the man made disasters post as well)

Danial | September 09, 2005

I find it easy to work with wordpress.

anonymuis | September 09, 2005

you'd try WP out

sepoy | September 09, 2005

Zack: the URL scheme is the only hurdle. My host doesn't allow Symlinks so, there is that issue. Damn blogs. Whose idea was this anyways? One q: why won't my comment script allow the urls to post with the poster? I only have email set to zero. As to WP, I have been using it in a number of blogs and am a big fan. Just CM is the MT captive.

Zack | September 09, 2005

You don't need symlinks. You should be able to set up exactly the same URLs in WP by using mod_rewrite, redirect and .htaccess. Most of the work should be handled by WP itself, though you might need to tweak it. In a lot of ways I like WP (which I use for the baby blog) better than MT but there are still a few reasons for me to stick to MT for my main blog (inertia, MathML, static pages etc.) why won't my comment script allow the urls to post with the poster? I don't know. I am using the following for commenter identity: <$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email="0" no_redirect="1" encode_ampersands="1"$>