Sunday Readings for L. Cohen

Posted by sepoy on November 01, 2009 · 1 min read

I been sending the usual links I would hoard for this occasional post over to twitter. But, it has been too long, yes? Some links to tide over the long Sunday:[play Cohen's Avalanche, Famous Blue Raincoat as you read]

  • Jacqueline Rose, A Piece of White Silk, LRB is absolutely must-read - for such careful examination of anything, let alone honor killing, is rare in our times.
  • Tracy McVeigh, Ending the silence on 'honour killing'.
  • Julian Barnes, On we sail on Guy de Maupassant.
  • Robert Irwin reviews Eugene Rogan's The Arabs: A History. I need to grab me a copy.
  • Jonathan Raban, American Pastoral, NYRB, looks at Dorothea Lange's life and work.
  • Gore Vidal is opinionated in The Atlantic.
  • Ron Artest, Afghan Women. Yeah, I cannot explain it, either.
  • Simon Schama knows Martin Scorcese.
  • Hari Kunzru, Nowhere to hide looks at the movies of Michael Haneke. Very much recommended.
  • Finally, the Big Picture on Conflict in Pakistan.

    Add:John McWhorter, The Cosmopolitan Tongue: The Universality of English, World Affairs, ships the culture cart and the language horse on the QE2 to the new world.


    Qalandar | November 01, 2009

    Thanks for the recs -- I heartily second those of the Kunzru and Rose pieces, hadn't encountered any of the others...

    desiknitter | November 01, 2009

    Finally! These real links are so much better - I cannot tell you how much I detest

    Qalandar | November 01, 2009

    LOL, yeah, got on Twitter myself, but of course, now realize that in doing so, I had forgotten the cardinal rule: if I'm on it, it can't be cool.

    Qalandar | November 01, 2009

    Speaking of recommended links, I think our Pakistani friends (who have likely mostly seen this anyway) will get an especial kick out of this: And for those who get their kicks hearing Sheikh Rasheed get abused: (funny but sad too; I don't follow Punjabi well but nevertheless) And, so Karachiites don't feel left out:

    Qalandar | November 01, 2009

    Sorry, meant to add this link to the comment above, in honor of my first love (desi cinema), and sepoy's (Lahore, I think):

    Nikolai | November 01, 2009

    Thanks for the recs - will check out Eugene Rogan's book.

    Szerelem | November 01, 2009

    Eugene's book is being launched here next wed - want me to get you an autographed copy? :P

    sepoy | November 02, 2009

    Szerelem: How is Oxford treating yoU?

    Szerelem | November 02, 2009

    It's been really rather fantastic so far - I am very happy with the MEC and St. Antony's in particular and also some of the South Asia courses, which I am sitting in for. Eugene is actually my academic supervisor here - he's wonderful. Let me know if you're heading here at any point!

    sepoy | November 02, 2009

    That's great. I hope to visit Oxford sooner rather than later. Just drop my name around the watercooler and maybe I will magically get an invitation. What SA courses are you sitting in?

    Szerelem | November 02, 2009

    Well just a couple actually - the main S Asia Seminar series which runs for two terms and is chaired by Polly O'Hanlon. We did Mughal successor states today! It's been rather fun so far - better than the ME Seminar series, which is sad, since that is my core course. And literary Urdu - reading Manto (Mehmooda and Toba Tek Singh once we finish that) and Umrao Jaan.

    lapata | November 03, 2009

    I thought you meant Lawrence Cohen