Sunday Reading for the Terrorized

Posted by sepoy on September 12, 2004 · 2 mins read

Just wanted to highlight a few things to ruin a nice Sunday. It happened to me. It could happen to you:

  • From Chicago Tribune [r.r], comes the profile of Muhammad Atta. It is a chilling piece and one that shows the risk we run by de-humanizing those murderers.
  • The Independent says that the risk is there because we have 70,000 al-Qaeda operatives at large. Did they get a hold of the al-Qaeda pledge drive records? no. Some twit just made up that number.
  • Juan Cole, no twit, does have a sobering report card for the War on Terror. He says that al-Qaeda achieved in Iraq what it was hoping to achieve in Afghanistan - a guerilla war.
  • Dawn quotes the Opposition Leader in Pakistan threatening to import that brilliant Iraqi-style guerilla war. That's very appropriate of Mr. Fazl ur-Rahman. Who, furthermore, claims that the US investigations has "cleared" Usama b. Laden of involvement in 9/11. This guy is insane. Thank god we have a military dictator. Hey, Field-Marshall-to-be, do something dictatorial, will you? Send Mr. Fazl ur-Rahman gift subscriptions to a few decent newspapers and a "honorary" press-attachÈ.
  • In the Guardian, V.S. Naipul does his own impression of a nut-case. Forget guerilla wars, he wants to destroy Saudi Arabia and Iran. Among the Believers, Indeed.
  • In the Washington Post, a Muslim congregation in Virginia endures FBI scrutiny from the outside and questions about the role of Islam post 9/11 from the inside.
  • And the Reuters tells us to re-set our personal doomsday clocks, please.
  • And finally, BBC-Cricket says the Aussies are "chomping at the bit" to play the US. Hmmm...Superman v an ant-hill would be more competitive. Heck, NZ beat the US by ONLY 210 runs.


Umar | September 13, 2004

I wouldn't worry about Maulana Fazlu and the MMA (Urdu/Punjabi slang for .... ;) ...)... they have, and always will be, the Army's B Team...

sepoy | September 13, 2004

Umar: My worry is not Hazrat-ji but the foreign press who can take these asinine quotes and make hay of it in the international media.

Umar | September 13, 2004

My thoughts exactly... If you were to rely entirely on the foreign press, you'd be forgiven for believing that our Great Leader and Field-Marshall-in-waiting is waging a lone struggle for "Enlightened Moderation", building institutions, supporting democracy, free speech and the rights of women, while the remaining 149.99 million of us will explode into spontaneous applause when he finally falls to a fundo assassin's bullet (or bomb)...