Sunday Reading for the Jihadist

Posted by sepoy on October 03, 2004 · 2 mins read

It is a tad on the chilly side here in Chicago and, for some unknown reason, I woke up around 9:30. Sunday is the day I sleep in. If I don't hit noon, I feel shortchanged. Oh well. I guess, I can have breakfast, no? It is all doom and gloom in the news as usual. One sunday, I will post only happy news.

  • Chicago Tribune continues its excellent Sunday series in Killing in the Name of God. It is a profile of Ismail Maasawabi, a suicide-bomber which dwells into the social fabric of Gaza City.
  • From Jang Daily comes a reply from a religious scholar on the question of suicide bombings, jihad and insurrections. I won't translate it for my non-Urdu readers because it is sunday and I am lazy. The gist is that the maulana is tired of being the scapegoat and says why don't you look to the state instead of religion to understand jihadists? A valid point, in my humble opinion.
  • In the LRB, Adam Shatz profiles the French-Algerian author Yasmina Khadra - a pseudonym for Mohammed Moulessehoul, a former Algerian military officer. I read In the Name of God - his novel about a jihadist in a small village in Algeria - and didn't know what to make of it. This essay contextualizes the author in the forever widening ripples from the Algerian civil war. Things to ponder here.
  • Max Rodenbeck in NY Review of Books takes on the House of Saud. Faith and state have provided the deadly molotov cocktail in the Arabian peninsula. But, hey! they have oil. This is a good one-stop-shop on the Saudis. Though, I must say that these exposÈs are getting oh-so-early 90s.
  • Frank Rich in the NYT, is trying his damndest to give O'Reilly an aneurysm.
  • Lastly, here is our latest portent of doom.
  • PS: Stating the obvious, but everyone must read this.