Sunday Reading for Super Week

Posted by sepoy on February 03, 2008 · 2 mins read

"The worst uncontrolled reentry in history occurred in July 1979, when Skylab, America's abandoned, 78-ton space station — which had long since run out of maneuvering fuel — came down earlier than planned, raining debris across the Australian outback."

We would be playing out in Doha's deserty fields and my mother, standing in the doorway, would keep an eye on the sky - hoping to pull her children in, if she saw Skylab. Our neighbor, Auntie something-or-the-other, was convinced it was her house that will be crushed by Skylab. They spent hours talking about it.

I convinced my mother that if Auntie something-or-the-other is right, we will be spared.

I have no idea why I suddenly remembered Skylab.

Pleasantries aside. Ayesha Siddiqa visited Chicago this weekend. She spoke at an event and then participated on a panel with two other participants. I will put up word and video of both as it becomes available. It was a delight hosting her and I look forward to her next book.

  • In the WSJ, Rebecca Dana's Reinventing 24, tells us about the "Calcutta Cricket Club" and about Muslim actors denying participating in the 24verse. Crazy. I am willing to sign up.
  • Eric Weiner keeps the Orientalist traditions alive and well. Between him and Somini Sengupta, NYT is just a delight to read.
  • A couple of days ago Selig Harrison made all kinds of funny in the NYT - Drawn and Quartered. It is just terrible history and terrible analysis.
  • In the LRB, Eric Hobsbawn remembers the Weimar. Recently, I acquired Interesting Times and am reading it piecemeal. I just have one question: Why is it that our generation of historians cannot write that pretty?
  • In the WaPo, Nicholas Schmidle remembers Pakistan. Pakistan's history is indeed suffering. As are, the historians.
  • Speaking of suffering historian, this question is just lame.
  • Professional sports is very interesting.

Remember, gentle readers, that on Feb 7th, Lapata will have her show at Bollyhood. I hereby request I-Reports from everyone who belongs to the CM world and goes there. All the I-Reports will be published right here, on CM. Your chance for greatness lies within your grasp.


Jonathan Dresner | February 03, 2008

Could this be what dredged up those Skylab memories? The NYTimes "Ethicist" gives 'shoot from the hip' a bad name, every week: I only read him when someone insists that it's a real trainwreck. A little basic knowledge of history jobs would suggest that the young-earther is likely to end up teaching early history at some point, and teaching potential is almost always something that graduate recommendations want addressed.

sepoy | February 03, 2008

Thats totally it!

Szerelem | February 04, 2008

Btw, have you seen this?

Farangi | February 04, 2008

Harrison said "Punjabi Rump State." Hee.

sepoy | February 04, 2008

Szelerem: Hadn't. Thanks for the head's up. It oughta be ... fun? Farangi: Harrison is all about Wreckx N Effects, yeah.