Sunday Reading for Realists

Posted by sepoy on September 26, 2004 · 1 min read

A few things to remind you how precious that sunday sun really is. It is gorgeous outside, so don't read these. Go play frisbee (in my defense, I am sitting in the sun as I type thanks to Airport Extreme).

  • The Guardian brushes off the cobwebs and reveals details about Prescott Bush and Nazis. The main crime seems to be profit-mongering from war. Sounds familiar.
  • In the TLS, Tom Phillips gives us a brief review of a book about Israeli and Palestinian postcards. Totalitarian regimes dig these postcards.
  • The Boston Globe, lays out the controversy surrounding Der Untergang- a new film about Hitler's last days. Hitler tenderly kissing Eva is voyeuristic, the critics accuse. Well, they have more accusations than that.
  • In the New York Press, an examination of our propensity to anticipate doomsday. It appears we like world-ending scenarios because the not-world-ending realities are too disturbing to contemplate.
  • But love is real, too. India Express tells that Pakistan granted citizenship to an Indian woman married to a Pakistani. Seems like The General and Sardar Ji talked about it.
  • Chicago Tribune brings news of Radio Arman. A popular program lets young Afghani teenagers share their heartache with the listeners.