Sunday Reading for Pater Familias

Posted by sepoy on June 19, 2005 · 2 mins read

Love, hugs and kisses to abba gee on this Father's Day. the weather is nice today but it is supposed to REALLY heat up this week. Ugh. Next weekend, the iowocity crew is coming to town [hopefully], so I am psyching up for it. Anyways, off to the links, eh?

  • Prithvi called to attention an op-ed by Ashis Nandy in thursday's TOI called Shifting Sand of History on the Advani/Jinnah controversy. Here is the best summary/background of the whole incident that I can find. As always, Nandy is provocative and thought-provoking. Though, when he wants us, " to move beyond history, indeed, ..., to defy history", I think he means "historical narratives" - which aren't as monolithic as he gives them credit. Anyways, there is tons to think over and mull in a simple op-ed.
  • When Pankaj Mishra writes, I read. In the The 'People's War', LRB, he points out that, "Histories of South Asia rarely describe Nepal, except as a recipient of religions and ideologies ñ Buddhism, Hinduism, Communism ñ from India; even today, the countryís 60 ethnic and caste communities are regarded as little more than a picturesque backdrop to some of the worldís highest mountains. This is partly because Western imperialists overlooked Nepal when they radically remade Asia in the 19th and 20th centuries." A must read.
  • In The Independent, is the Second Coming of Sartre. "Hell is other people." Yeah.
  • In the NYT is news of MTV-Desi. MTV [and hybrids] are so 90s. If MTV really wants to get the edge, how about Real World: Lahore? A Jama'ti straight from a madrasa, a KC party-girl, a LUMS over-achiever, a closeted NCA, the daughter of commissioner, a punjabi zamindar, a sindhi vadeera. When things get real, indeed.
  • 1421: Singapore's 600th Anniversary Celebration of Zheng He's "discovery of the world". Special discounts for sceptics.
  • Finally, from Boston Globe, what drums did you beat?
  • Also finally, go see the perfect father's day movie.
  • Also, also finally, THIS is unbelievable. Someone cast the movie.

update:I couldn't find the link yesterday to Peter Bergen's review of The Power of Nightmares.


Abdul-Walid | June 20, 2005

Thanks for the link to Mishra's new article. He writes, I read. And warm congrats to East Bengal. Now they know how we Liverpool fans feel. Cheers.