Sunday Reading for Nationalists

Posted by sepoy on March 27, 2005 · 3 mins read

I am back, gentle readers. While the image of me running naked down the streets of Ohio gave glee to some, I must defend my honor by declaring that farangi's orientalist fantasies are terribly out of date. He forgot to put a writhing python around my neck. Still, I want to thank him for taking time away from the NASCAR de-caling of his Ford F10 pickup truck to post on CM. Also, banjos. Also, pigs squealing. See, when you know someone as long as I have known farangi, insults are much easier to imagine and convey.

A week without the internets was quite nice, I must say. But, it has left a horrible backlog of things to read, write and respond to. Which is why God made Sundays.

  • Every child in Pakistan knows Pressler - the maligned author of the amendment banning aid and sale to Pakistan. Especially, of those sexy F16s. Every child in Pakistan also has a poster of those F16s on their cabinet drawers. The pride of the nation. The bounced check. Ok, maybe not anymore but 15 years ago they did. Still, I was quite taken aback by what the bushites did. They stoked the arms race between India and Pakistan. I guess it is good news for some. Rice says it is all "to solidify and extend relations with both India and Pakistan at a time when we have good relations with both of them". Word Life.
  • I do not know why no one excepts the NYT seems to care about the prisoner abuse/death stories. They are just not as compelling as whatever happens in Florida. Paging Karen Hughes.
  • I am seriously thinking of applying for some jobs in UK next year. Keep meaning to email the great Sharon Howard. This Observer report on hate crimes is kinda, um, worrisome: "Jews, Muslims and Gypsies tell the CRE that they are under siege in Britain".
  • Staying across the pond. If the Left thinks we have problems here, the LRB asks: What happened?. David Blunkett comes in for some examination ["The Home Office is the great Heart of Darkness in British government"]. The article also has the best. footnote. ever.
  • Not to be left behind, the TLS tackles American Nationalism - a review of Anton Lieven's America Right or Wrong. Doesn't seem anything fresh but worth a peek.
  • In the Boston Globe they profile a new entry into the Middle East Centers: Brandeis University. Shai Feldman, the new director of the new center, likes to talk smack.
  • Two literary notes: Margaret Atwood, who knows a bit about utopias and dystopias, reviews Bryher's Visa for Avalon in the NY Review of Books. It is a great read. And in the NYT, on translated fiction and histories contained within them.
  • Finally, I have fond memories of "their bari eid" Easter in Pakistan. Happy Easter to all readers.


Ms. World | March 28, 2005

welcome back! how's the job hunt?

rob | March 28, 2005

Joooiiinn uuussss. Joooiiinn uuussss. We've got free TV cricket for at least one summer, and erm, wonderful overenthusiastic students like me to enlighten. Forget the CRE, we all get along just fine. Honest. OK, other than my grandparents. And everyone who reads the Daily Mail. But other than that...

sepoy | March 28, 2005

Ms World: Job hunt is over for the summer. Regroup and relaunch come Sep. Rob: I am applying, no worries. TV Cricket needs me.

e staines | March 28, 2005

I'd forgotten TV cricket is soon to become a thing of the past. Bah, test matches were such a good excuse to lose 5 beer-soaked summer days. *remembers flatmate has had sky installed* Mwahaha.