Sunday Reading for Dog Days

Posted by sepoy on August 28, 2005 · 2 mins read

Saw the 40 year old Virgin recently. Best abstinence propoganda ever made [only if the Xtian Right can overlook the nudity, insanely hilarious bad language and winking adoration of gays]. No reviews I read had pointed out the two desi scene-stealers [Shelly Malil and the awesome Gerry Bednob] who were like the anti-matter to Wes Anderson's Kumar Pallana. Incidentally, am I wrong in thinking that Gerry Bednob was Babu's friend on Seinfeld? And, Google proves me right!

  • Had a conversation recently with phdcs about Indian history textbooks - where I used the example of American History 101 textbook as a template. Intriguingly, Boston Globe directed me towards Robert Orill and Linn Shapiro's From Bold Beginnings to an Uncertain Future: The Discipline of History and History Education. The teaching of history is only as dear to my heart as history itself. I look forward to the debate on this at HNN.
  • Kathryn Hughes reviews Lizzie Collingham's Curry: A Biography. Another commodity history. Leave something for me, please.
  • Martha Bayles talks about the Good, Bad and the Ugly Americans. American popular culture is no longer a beacon of freedom to huddled masses in closed societies. Instead, it's a glut on the market and, absent any countervailing cultural diplomacy, our de facto ambassador to the world.
  • This plus this equals some Beckettian snark.
  • Alan Dershowitz, Norman Finklestein and writing the history of Holocaust in the Chicago Reader [pdf].
  • A few blog highlights: Raven at Reality Cafe had a post on Ludo which send me to the archive. So look forward to the history of parcheesi tomorrow. Baraka at Truth & Beauty had a post on her mother that is worth your time. Danial has a great post on Jama'at-i Islami, Madrasas, MQM and Karachi that is a must-read [in Urdu]. There is lots to say about it and I think I will in the coming week.
  • Speaking of Madrasas in Pakistan.
  • Finally, the endgame begins - for better or worse.

Unrelated: Go England!. Did I really just type that? I need therapy, stat.


Umar | September 01, 2005

Go England indeed... never thought we'd ever find ourselves cheering the Poms... Now that Australia are down in the dumps and England have one hand firmly on the urn, maybe we can return to the traditional Pom bashing? Especially since they visit us this winter... Speaking of which, now that they've learnt reverse swing and it is no longer cheating, their visit to the spiritual home of the dark art could be interesting...

sepoy | September 01, 2005

Let us give England a chance to actually win the Ashes, THEN we can go back to pom-bashing. And you are dead-on about the dark art of reverse swing - read a article with a sardonic Waqar Younis made the same point. Frankly, I can't wait for Flintoff to get to Gaddafi.