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Posted by sepoy on June 17, 2007 · 4 mins read

It is really hot out there; the White Sox are in a really bad shape; there is too much test cricket; Lahore is literally melting in 110 degree heat; after an initial good batch, the Marathon mangos are letting me down; my friends are intent on rubbing it in my face; I would like to buy a new digital camera, even though my current one is working fine; I have decided not to get the iPhone, largely because AT&T is evil incarnate; & sundry; & c.

  • Apparently, the Obama campaign ain't all that above making quasi-racist jokes about secret interests groups and their associations with the Clinton campaign. No, it isn't the AIPAC memo, it's the Macaca memo [pdf]. So, what got the Obama campaign all riled up? Was it that the Clintons invested in an Indian company? Bill spoke at Cisco? Had an Indian fundraiser? The horrors never seize, no? Since Feb, I have watched Obama declare to be a different kind of politician, assert to practice a different kind of politics, but his campaign has been anything but different - rigid, aggressive and willing to demonize whomever, when it pleases them. I do not know of any outreach made by the Obama campaign in Chicago to the Muslim, Arab American or South Asian communities - which are large segments of the populations here, and around the country. Maybe they don't need anyone besides Geffen to win the election. Or maybe the Obama campaign, to please Lou Dobbs, can get behind the Bill Clinton as India's President campaign. Needless to say, I am hereby switching my non-vote to Mike Gravel and the only way I am switching back is if Obama learns Hindoostani. update: Obama admits campaign's fault. Good on him.
  • Dana Priest and Anne Hull broke the Walter Reed "scandal". Prepare for more outrage as they tell us about the psychological care afforded to Iraq War vets. If you want melancholy to go along with your anger, I remind you that there is no PTSD diagnosis for the inhabitants of Iraq, as of yet.
  • I realize now that my insistence on buying Chile Shiraz [$7 or less] was hurting French terrorists.
  • Do note the passing away of two seminal philosophers for their nations: Ramchandra Gandhi - grandson of Mohandas Gandhi - and Richard Rorty.
  • Ahmed Rashid examines the General and his best friends, noting that "for the first time in U.S. history, nobody with serious Pakistan experience is working in the South Asia bureau of the State Department, on State's policy planning staff, on the National Security Council staff or even in Vice President Cheney's office." Gee. That is so uncharacteristic of this administration. But, hey, why worry all that when our experts aren't even convinced that Pakistan can be democratic. Yessiree! I propose, as a certified Pakistan Expert (regional qualification extends from 8th century through the 21st! Fluent in three local languages!!), that the United States immediately appoint a Democracy Czar to Pakistan.
  • Sy Hersh continues to bring embarrassing stuff up. Antonio Taguba, please. Let's move on, nation. Look over there, Clinton hugged a Sikh!
  • All snark aside, I do recommend reading James Baldwin's letters to Istanbul.


N | June 18, 2007

Check out Ron Paul Manan. He's a bit far out on economic matters but when it comes to foreign policy he can't be beat. I think you might like him.

ptr Democracy Isn’t Really For Pakistan* | June 19, 2007

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Anil | June 20, 2007

N - don't miss this tidbit about Ron Paul 1.0:

N | June 26, 2007

Have you ever actually looked at what Ron Paul himself has said, as opposed to what others say about him and what they claim he said? Ron Paul is one of the most transparent people in our government. Google "Ron Paul" and any issue and you will most likely find the exact text of a speech he made in Congress on that topic-free of spin. I think a lot of Muslims are going to start jumping on his bandwagon-his views on foreign policy, personal privacy, abortion...all are very convergent with the views that are important to American Muslims.

Anil | June 28, 2007

N - yes, i have heard and read plenty that ron paul has said himself. in fact, the article i linked to actually quotes a lot of his own words, but i've seen him speak on other occasions as well. what does that establish? are you claiming that the reports in that article are all fabricated? on what basis? it's a pretty well-documented article.