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Posted by sepoy on November 13, 2005 · 2 mins read

I went back to L.A. after more than a decade. The traffic still sucks. There is lots of say - because lots was said - about the present and future of academic blogging. I am hesitant to begin describing my thoughts just yet but I am sure that Ben will put some summary up on the site. It was a pleasure hanging out with PZ Myers, Chris, Danah, Brian C., Jenny D., Brian D., John Holbo, Clifford [he took pics], John Mohr, Larry Pryor, Karen G. Schneider, Bob Stein [our excellent host] and Juan Cole. Since, the old canard is that a kitten dies anytime bloggers talk about blogging; we are responsible for immense feline suffering.


JennyD | November 13, 2005

Hi Manan. I'm still mad that UChic stole our best stat guy. But I'm also still thinking about our meeting. You were among the boldest who said that great minds and great thoughts would survive whatever the ideological onslaught. I think you're right. I'm betting on it. Thank you for for all you said. JD

Academic Blogger Flash Mob | Cosmic Variance | November 14, 2005

[...] PZ Myers has blogged about this meeting. So has Jenny Demonte, here, and Karen Schneider, here. [Update: Christine Boese has done a post here.] [Update: Manan Ahmed has posted here.] [...]

Desultory Writer | November 15, 2005

Lovely blog, and great name! Sounds tongue-in-cheek until you read about the Homi Bhabha thing.