Summer of '29

Posted by sepoy on July 25, 2008 · 1 min read

Not that I have been burning up the internets lately, but I am officially on a break for the next six or so weeks.

Guest posts, should they arrive, will be a welcome contribution.

If you write, or read, something cool, post it in comments below for all of us.

I wish you all, my gentle readers, a wonderful summer.

Halwa Puri @ Tahoora


Akbar | July 29, 2008\30\story_30-7-2008_pg3_6

maujkar | July 31, 2008

Why r u on a break ? what ya doin? details NOW !

Soma | August 01, 2008

care to shed any light on the rat people of pakistan? ... And then here's the tanzanians killing albinos because it brings them good luck -- oh those crazy natives and their rituals

Akbar | August 04, 2008

Lucky sepoy that he is free!

tabendah | August 05, 2008

The picture is quite mouth watery!

Soma | August 07, 2008

Any thoughts on the state of Pakistani Soccer or other sporting interests? I know cricket dominates the landscape, but is any other REAL sports making inroads in the country? Or is it all just real life call of duty?

Another Damned Medievalist | August 13, 2008

mmmmmm ... yummy! and by the way, you've got an award at my place!