Summer movies

Posted by sepoy on April 25, 2004 · 2 mins read

Saw The Company friday night. It was ok. I was hoping for more back-stabbing, anorexia and mis-shappen toes. The music was good and there were some funny moments. Over all, it was good p.r. for the joffret ballet. And for a movie set in Chitown, it showed us scant of this beautiful city.
While in the car, we were talking about whether anything besides Spiderman 2 was worth waiting for and ... came up empty. Well, EW came on Saturday and it is the Summer Movie Preview issue. Here is what I am psyched about:
- SpiderMan 2: Sam Raimi is god. No doubt. and the preview shows that the studio is finally letting him be.
- Super Size Me: The guy managed to kill off supersize option at McD. If that is not a triumph of humanity, I don't know what is.
- Beat Takishi's Zaitoichi: The man is cooler than whip cream. And this is no sword lite · la Kill Bill. Can't Wait.
- Bourne Supremacy: Bourne Identity was a great little movie. This one has a different director - Doug Liman ran away - so, my enthusiasm is moderated.
- The Garden State: The writer/director, Zach Braff, is funny on The Scrubs. The preview looks good as well.
- List of Movies that Will Suck: I, Robot (Will "I-have-a-song-for-the-credits" Smith"), Before Sunset (Richard Linklater goes navel gazing. again), The Village (M. Night Boring), Troy (DUDE, it's like GREEKS!)

Ok. I have to go write a lecture on Maududi now.