Subaltern Speaks

Posted by sepoy on September 22, 2004 · 1 min read

Well, four out of five readers wanted the subaltern journal.
here it is. This is just the five minute WP install - so expect bells and whistles later. And "folly of trusting newly raised troops" line got to me. hmmmm...this funny thing called history.

From the introduction June 16, 1849:

The following pages have already appeared in the Times newspaper, and are now presented more at large, and in separate form, in compliance with the wishes of some, who had read them with interest.
It is hoped that the importance of leading events recorded, and the fresh renown which these have added to the British arms, will be deemed to justify the publication of even so slight an attempt to illustrate them; while the fact that this was written without any views to the press, and, from the nature of the case, is published without the youthful writer's privity, will secure kind indulgence of the reader.


Zack | September 21, 2004

This is false advertisement. Your previous post promised us the journal of a subaltern in 1857 but the one you have started is from the Anglo-Sikh war. I am just kidding. This should be very interesting as well. BTW, can we have some background of the subaltern himself?

sepoy | September 21, 2004

Zack: This journal comes before the 1857 one. We always have to look further back. The subaltern is anonymous. But I dug some stuff up and will annotate it as we roll along.

Nitin | September 22, 2004

Sepoy, Long awaited stuff ! Its good that you started it.

DuctapeFatwa | September 25, 2004

More, More! Thanks so much for finding and sharing this.

Procrastination | September 24, 2004

Anglo-Sikh War Journal Sepoy of Chapati Mystery has started posting the journal of an anonymous subaltern from the second Anglo-Sikh war in the Punjab in 1848-49. It should be interesting reading. Some historical background is available here. Sepoy promises another journal f...