Sox Win Bush Lose

Posted by sepoy on October 27, 2005 · 1 min read

I won't say that this trumps the '92 World Cup win by Pakistan....but it comes close. The Grand Slam and the el Duque in the 9th were the highlights for me. Seeing Bush Sr. cheering the 'stros was also a moment. Of intense hilarity, of course.

My condolences to my peep, Rajeev, who had the misfortune of rootin' for the 'stros.

Harriet Miers goes back to passing memos to Bush.

Scooter Libby does not pass Go and fails to collect $200. He does succeed in collecting 5 indictments from Patrick Fitzgerald - the modern day Eliot Ness.


Shekhar Krishnan | October 27, 2005

What would top off this week of victories would be an indictment of Karl Rowe, Lewis Libby, and Dick Cheney in the grand jury investigation. We'll see tomorrow.

mj | October 28, 2005

i am happy white sox won thw world series but yankees lost :-s

emullah | October 28, 2005

I wonder why Capitol Hill is so quite about Iran. I think Meirs and Scooter (I like the name though, it reminds me of my Italian Vespa in Pakistan) are the reasons.

elizabeth | October 29, 2005

it's always nice to see a cricket fan who appreciates that baseball is a wonderful thing, too.