Posted by sepoy on February 03, 2005 · 2 mins read

TV is on and volume set low. I am bustling for beds and bedtimestories. The Chosen One drones in and out. Ovations. Boos? Did I overhear grumbles? The dems have balls now? "...fill jobs Americans will not take" - go Brown Revolution. Personal Accounts. 2018. 2027. 2033. If he says 2046, I will take a shot, I promise myself. He doesn't. "...ownership" - hey! I vote yes for that! "...culture of Life" -uh oh. Amendment! James Dobson in da hizzy! "...force of human freedom" - sounds sinister, if you put it that way. Saudi Arabia, Egypt: Lady Liberty is on the phone for you. " the Iranian people"? put on the coffee pot on 'cause we coming over. "...freedom from fear".

Serendipitously, the bedtime poem is by S·ndor Weˆres:


Oh for far-off monkeyland,
ripe monkeybread on baobabs,
and the wind strums out monkeytunes,
from monkeywindow monkeybars.
Monkeyheroes rise and fight
in monkeyfield and monkeysquare,
And monkeysanatoriums
have monkeypatients crying there.
Monkeygirl monkeytaught
masters monkeyalphabet,
evil monkey pounds his thrawn
feet in monkeyprison yet.
Monkeymill is nearly made,
mills of monkeymayonnaise,
winningly unwinnable
winning monkeymind wins praise.
Monkeyking on monkeypole
harangues the crowd in monkeytongue,
monkeyheaven comes to some,
monkeyhell for those undone.
Macaque, gorilla, chimpanzee,
baboon, orangutan, each beast
reads his monkeynewssheet at
the end of each twilight repast.
With monkeysupper memories
the monkeyouthouse rumbles, hums,
monkeyswaddies start to march,
right turn, left turn, shoulder arms ---
monkeymilitary fright
reflected in each monkeyface,
with monkeygun in monkeyfist
the monkeys' world the world we face.


wanderer | February 03, 2005

funny i watch the sotu in mute as well. much better that way.

sven | February 03, 2005

i think that was the funnies political post you have ever written. BRAVO DARK ONE!

Jonathan Dresner | February 03, 2005

The poem disturbs me. It's probably supposed to. But I can't figure out why, which is also disturbing. There's something about the rhythm, in addition to the imagery... man, that's neat poetry.

fadereu | February 04, 2005

What a freaky poem. Like Planet Of Apes...

elck | February 06, 2005

Dobson in the hizzy... Yo, Sepoy, you crack me up.